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Lee Van Zyl - London PsychicBREAKING NEWS
Lee’s contact landline number has changed to
01406 258 041
The mobile number remains the same
+ 44 (0) 7946 632231

As of April Lee has de-camped to her country home BUT is still seeing clients in her London office based in Twickenham, close to public transport and with parking.

Urgent telephone and Skype readings are always available so please do call Lee on either of the above contact telephone numbers.

Email communications

Lee Van Zyl – Offering Accurate Psychic Readings In London, UK, For Over 26 Years

Hello, I want to wish you a very warm welcome to my website and thank-you for visiting. I am a professional psychic life advisor, relationship expert and teacher  and I am here to help you.

You are NOT alone….

How Can A Psychic Reading Help?

  • You can find specific answers to your questions concerning any area of your life.
  • Receive clarity and understanding about what’s going on around you and others.
  • Gain insight and understanding concerning other people’s feelings and attitudes toward you.
  • Receive accurate and reliable predictions and timings as to what you can expect in the future.
  • A psychic reading is personal, specific and unique to you.

I’ve had the privilege to help thousands of people with my psychic gift, including many celebrities who have graciously given their feedback… perhaps you’re next?

A Psychic Reading Gives You A Unique Opportunity…

…to prepare for the future and gain insights as to what the future holds for you. A reading empowers you to feel more confident about your own actions and choices, especially when you know what to expect. A psychic reading lights the way for you.

The future is comprised of all the different areas of your life. So when you ask about your future in a psychic reading, the answer is not only limited to one area or one relationship. Each area of your life can affect another, so during your reading your psychic will show you how each of these areas link together.

Are You Ready To Start?

Here’s How To Get The Most Out Of Your Psychic Reading

It is wise to prepare for your psychic reading by writing down your questions, so that you don’t forget anything. Here are some of the areas that are fully covered during a psychic reading. You can decide which areas are of utmost importance to you and those you need the most pressing answers for.

Find Love And Grow True Friendships

This is not just limited to romantic partnerships, but to friendships as well. You can ask about the future of any current relationship during a psychic reading. Ask about a reconciliation, how your partner or lover feels about you, when you can expect any communication or get to see them again or ask if your relationship is fully on-track. Know what bumps in the road are likely to be encountered. Learn of any new connections that may grow through time.

Discover Your Home Life Relationships… The Deeper Connections

Learn about your relationship with your family and how each member can affect your life. Find out who might need your help the most. Know which family member is the best person to talk to at specific times or which one needs your support.

Discover Which Possessions You Need To Protect And The Dangerous Attachments You Need To Let Go Of

This relates to the things you own, including those which may be holding you back. Find out through a psychic reading if there is anything you need to let go of, to free up some energy in another aspect of your life. Be aware too, of which possession you should take extra care of so as not to risk losing it.

Do You Need Special Protection Now?

Find out from your reading in which areas of your life you are likely to deal with challenges and what you might need protection from. Knowing what you need to face helps you prepare for your own protection.

Wealth And Financial Security: See What’s In Your Personal Roadmap

Guarantee your security in terms of your career and finances. Seek guidance from a psychic reading on how to best handle financial matters and work concerns. Having an idea of your future’s financial status and career path can be very useful in making decisions today.

Have You Discovered Your Special Gifts From Birth?

These gifts are the ones you are born with. They can refer to your psychic ability, ability to sing, ability to learn quickly, any gift you possess. A psychic can also identify your hidden talents and advise you on how best to develop them and maximize your benefits from them. Ask about any difficulties you might encounter and how to deal with them.

Your Spiritual And Energetic Well-Being Is Visible

Receive a psychic overview of your aura and chakra system (energy points in the body that channel the Life Force through the body’s meridians). A psychic can see the colours of the aura and determine how strong or weak the Life Force is in a particular area of the aura. Advice concerning strengthening the aura can be given relating to colours to wear or what crystals to work with, but psychics are NOT doctors, so medical diagnosis is not undertaken. Any medical conditions or concerns must be treated by a qualified medical practitioner.

Are You Experiencing An Ending… Or New Beginning?

An ending is always the beginning of something new. Find out about possible endings in your future – the end of a long-standing issue, of a dark phase, or the end of an old habit or way of thinking. A psychic reading can tell you when to watch out for a likely new beginning and what precisely it can bring into your life.

Please use these suggestions to guide you concerning what questions you can ask and to organize your thoughts so you get the very best out of your personal reading.

Also, bear in mind that your future is not fixed. What you hear in a psychic reading tells you where your current path is leading you and how it will manifest in your future; Remember that you have free-will and are at liberty to pursue it or change it.

Psychics do not make decisions for you; they merely channel the information from the Spirit Realm, qualify and validate this information with their chosen psychic tools only for your highest good.

So, now you have a simple checklist to prepare you for your psychic reading. I hope this provides you with a clearer idea of what needs your utmost attention.My psychic answers to your questions will then be the light that guides you into your future.

So Why Should You Listen To Me?

It has been my privilege to consistently meet my clients needs by communicating accurate and specific psychic insight and guidance to overcome the immediate challenges and problems whereby transforming their lives. I provide accurate, validated and clear answers to questions concerning all relationships, career matters, financial trends, well-being and home and family-life.

  • I am accessible to every-one – you can contact me right now!
  • I have over 26 years experience working as a professional psychic in London.
  • I am the very first accredited distant reader to be appointed to the prestigious London College of Psychic Studies in their 120 year history.
  • I consistently offer no-nonsense, honest readings, specific timings and accurate predictions.
  • I am a known and trusted advisor to countless people from all walks of life, who return time and time again for my service.
  • I have written extensive Psychic Development training courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels and offer my training via the London College of Psychic Studies and in private circle.
  • I have taught and trained developing psychics to a professional standard and many of my graduates work alongside me in the corporate sector.
  • I also specialise in working with other professional psychics to increase and improve their private practices.
  • I am a well-known celebrity psychic currently broadcasting on Sky Channel 886 with many television, radio and media credits to my name.
  • For your convenience, I work via the telephone and by e-mail with equal accuracy as an accredited distant reader.
  • I also offer one-to-one private consultation.

My Personal Invitation To You!

Knowing where to turn to for help when you are dealing with Life’s difficulties and challenges can be very confusing, especially when there are so many psychics to choose from.

The best advice I can offer is to have a browse around my website, take a look at my bio, video clips and testimonials.

My U-Tube Channel – LeeVanZylOnline contains archive footage going right back to 1992 showing my healing and psychic centre Crystal Oracle, together with recent appearances on Destiny TV and Psychic Interactive Sky 886 as well as my work with Russell Grant.
My testimonials page contains written feedback from my celebrity clients as well as people from every walk of life as well as some audio and video clips too!

People just like you have reached out to me for help and have returned time and time again. It’s their personal testimonials that I am so proud of, as they represent proof and validation of my commitment to each and every one of my clients, by consistently working at the very highest level of my ability.

So, give me a call or email me and let’s find the answers together, I am here to help you.

With Love,
Lee xxx

PS Remember, you are not alone…..
Phone – 01406 258041
Mobile – 07946632231

Celebrity Testimonials

Natalie Imbruglia"Lee is amazing as all of her predictions came true at a time when I really needed it"
Natalie Imbruglia


Dannii Minogue"Lee was referred to me when I was at a cross-roads in my life. Her insights were so profound and her predictions guided me straight into the West End and beyond. Thank-you Lee"
Dannii Minogue


Chelsey Baker"My own personal readings with Lee are always met with sudden amazement at the accuracy of her psychic ability and every reading proved beneficial to my personal and corporate life, leaving me with a great sense of satisfaction. Lee not only saw into my future but her inspirational advice and ideas were always spot on."
Chelsey Baker
One of Britain’s leading female Entrepreneurs
Sarah Tucker"I've known Lee for nearly seven years now. I was interested but sceptical about tarot and all things clairvoyant until I met her, and I've always found her readings to be spot on. Her comments are intelligent, accessible and illuminating. She’s made me trust in my instincts and listen to them. They're never wrong, and neither in my experience is Lee."
Sarah Tucker
Award winning travel journalist
Arezoo Kaviani"I can honestly say that without Lee I would not have had the courage to set up my business on my own or achieve the success that has come from this decision. Lee empowered my choices and actions over the years by her uncannily accurate and specific insights that time and time again have proved to be precise and spot on. And when the "going" gets tough, I call Lee and I recommend you do the same."
Arezoo Kaviani
One of the UK's leading beauty therapists