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Hello Lee Van Zyl here, I am the proprietor of &

My company was formed in 1992 and in the years since I have enjoyed tremendous success providing accurate readings for my private and corporate clients.

Lee Van Zyl

Lee at Chartered Accountant Halls Moorgate London

In 2004, I was nominated as the very first Distant Reader to the prestigious College of Psychic Studies in London and from 2005 I have been appearing on live television firstly for the Sky TV’s Destiny Channel and from 2007 for Psychic Today Sky Channel 886.

My specialities are Numerology, Colour Aura Drawings, Psychometry (readings using a piece of jewelry), Clairvoyance, Lipstick and Face Readings, Graphology (hand-writing analysis) and the Tarot cards.

For the past twenty years I have worked successfully within the private and corporate sectors and have been associated to some of the most prestigious event organising companies in the UK.

See Press Releases and References.

In the last fifteen years, Lee van Zyl’s team has expanded to include other very experienced readers who also offer accurate and in-depth readings using a variety of psychic tools, such as Palmistry, Crystal Ball Gazing, Ribbon Readings, Tumble Stone Readings, Angel Readings, Tea Leaf /Coffee Cup Readings, Sand Reading and Astrology.

We have been associated with events catering for numbers ranging from 20 to 1200 people. Be that in the intimate atmosphere of a restaurant or private venue to a large marquee or conference suite. No event is too small or too large.

I have personally been associated with the following companies.

Hewlett Packard, Bloomberg, O2, Newline, Diagiao, Bright Station PLC, Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Virgin,, Energis, DDS Ltd, The Daily Mail, Morgan Stanley, Barclays Bank, to name but a few.

lee van zyl

Lee at Woburn Abbey

I am also well known within the aristocratic and celebrity circles, but due to confidentiality agreements I am unable to name these individually except those with whom I have been associated in the media such as Natalie Imbruglia, Danni Minogue, and Joseph Fiennes, Melanie Blatt and the Hon Mrs Waley-Cohen.

I have provided my services at Madonna’s film premier party for “The Next Best Thing” at Home House, 20 Portman Square London, as well as the Brit Awards where we enjoyed reading the celebrities and guests alike, among them, Robbie, Gerri, Destiny’s Child and Atomic Kitten.

I also work very closely with the charities Children First and K.I.W.E.E (Kids with Eosinophilic Enteritis) having attended their yearly fundraisers at the Runnymede Hotel and Lancaster Gate Hotel respectively. Very worthy causes both!

lee van zyl

Lee at The Hilton

My team and I continue to enjoy repeat bookings and have gained a reputation for executing our work with the highest standards of professional conduct and application. I would be happy to supply any references you may require verifying this position. Listed below are some of the services and features offered by my team, but should you have an unusual inquiry or require themed dress, please do not hesitate to contact me as I may have someone on my books who can help.

Fees are competitive and the team is willing to travel for single or multiple performances.

By way of reassurance, the readers do not involve the clients with readings that are in any way disturbing or upsetting. We work within a strict code of ethical conduct and the services promote accurate and informative insights that are designed to uplift, entertain, amuse and amaze the recipients. It is also my policy that when working, neither myself or any of my team, partake in alcoholic beverages and maintain strict standards of punctuality and presentation.

Here are some of the services that we can supply


Good feature for “Meet & Greet” drinks receptions and table-side at luncheons/dinners.

Numerology – Good feature for the ” fun” casino entertainment
Aura Drawings with numerology
Psychometry (reading the client from a personal item such as a watch or ring),
Clairvoyance – Psychic fortune-telling
Who, What, Where, When – 3 Card Tarot readings for specific questions
Palmistry – Reading and interpreting the lines of the hand


Table required with chairs, preferably away from any music entertainment. Readers provide all necessary equipment. Extra lighting may be required for handwriting analysis and palmistry, but readers provide this, so access to power points is necessary.

Aura Drawing
Psychometry (using a watch or ring),
Tarot Cards
Graphology (Hand writing analysis)
Crystal Ball Gazing
Tea-Leaf/Coffee Cup Readings
Sand Reading
Ribbon Reading
Colour Reading
Lipstick Reading (Kiss ‘n’ Tell)
Psychic Artist
Face Reading (Let’s Face It)

If you would like to discuss any of the details or wish us to provide a quote please be so kind as to contact my office either by telephone or e-mail. Both are listed below. I look forward to working with you in the future as and when the opportunity arises.

Lee Van Zyl

Please contact:
Mabel Villas
24 Seagate Road
Long Sutton

Tel: 01406 258 041
mobile: 07946 632231

Celebrity Testimonials

Natalie Imbruglia"Lee is amazing as all of her predictions came true at a time when I really needed it"
Natalie Imbruglia


Dannii Minogue"Lee was referred to me when I was at a cross-roads in my life. Her insights were so profound and her predictions guided me straight into the West End and beyond. Thank-you Lee"
Dannii Minogue


Chelsey Baker"My own personal readings with Lee are always met with sudden amazement at the accuracy of her psychic ability and every reading proved beneficial to my personal and corporate life, leaving me with a great sense of satisfaction. Lee not only saw into my future but her inspirational advice and ideas were always spot on."
Chelsey Baker
One of Britain’s leading female Entrepreneurs
Sarah Tucker"I've known Lee for nearly seven years now. I was interested but sceptical about tarot and all things clairvoyant until I met her, and I've always found her readings to be spot on. Her comments are intelligent, accessible and illuminating. She’s made me trust in my instincts and listen to them. They're never wrong, and neither in my experience is Lee."
Sarah Tucker
Award winning travel journalist
Arezoo Kaviani"I can honestly say that without Lee I would not have had the courage to set up my business on my own or achieve the success that has come from this decision. Lee empowered my choices and actions over the years by her uncannily accurate and specific insights that time and time again have proved to be precise and spot on. And when the "going" gets tough, I call Lee and I recommend you do the same."
Arezoo Kaviani
One of the UK's leading beauty therapists