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Oceana – Autumn 1999 Caribbean & International Culture & Lifestyle Magazine

oceana_coverBorn in Chingola, Zambia in 1961. Lee spent her formative years in Central Africa. Her family moved to the United Kingdom where she was educated at Thornton College for Girls. Lee returned to Africa as an undergraduate and completed her first honours degree at Witwatersrand University before the age of 20 having read International Politics and Journalism.

Her gift as a natural psychic was already clearly evident and throughout her twenties and thirties has undertaken the study of the Mysteries in conjunction with a postgraduate degree in Psychology. Her consultancy practice was set up in 1992 and has enjoyed tremendous success throughout the Nineties as she brings her unique gifts to those who seek her advice and counsel.

Lee travels extensively and has homes both in the United Kingdom and abroad. She is currently in the process of publishing her book “The Key of Life” which will be available shortly. Lee continues to provide advice and counsel both in London and around the world.

Viva – Winter 1999/2000 International Culture Magazine

viva_coverGone are the days when astrologers looked into crystal balls, wore earrings in their noses and whispered confidentially the revelations that came to them through their psychic power. The modern mystic of today may wear jeans, have long blonde hair and have an appointment book. They need not be any different from other people except for a claim to a special gift – that of seeing clearly developments in other people’s lives. The desire to see into the future is something that has been with the human race since time began. Kings queens, political leaders and celebrities have been known to consult soothsayers, oracles and mystics. The caring, New Age philosophies of the Nineties have seen a shift away from the cynicism and fast living of the materialistic Eighties and a return to the use of more mystical ways of relieving stress, dealing with global issues and living a life more in tune with the environment. Psychics are now perfectly acceptable, far from being seen as cranks and charlatans, those with special powers are being sought out by the rich and famous for advice and guidance.

viva_lvzLee Van Zyl is amongst the top in her profession. A uniquely gifted psychic, astrologer and Tarot expert, an academic and life member of Mensa, Lee has spent many years studying and perfecting her knowledge and development within the Mysteries.

She came into my life more on the basis of her reputation as she has read almost every one on London’s Who’s Who list, although she will never admit to it, saying “Absolute discretion in my work is a matter of ethics” it is never the less a fact that Lee is in great demand. I had decided to seek out this lady, not only based on her reputation but as I am a confirmed sceptic, I wanted to find out just what all the fuss was about.

Crystal Oracle, situated in a fashionable area of North West London, was developed in the early nineties and this is where Lee welcomes her clients into well-appointed premises which are stylish and not at all reminiscent of past stereotype. Lee uses various methods when undertaking a reading. She began with numerology, calculating my Life Numbers from my date of birth and describing my character and personality – so far so good.

From there she aligned these numbers to past life events and associated these to my Astrology. Her immediate accuracy of dates and years where life changed for me was to say the least a little unnerving. As Lee delved further and further into my psyche using her clairvoyancy and Tarot cards she became more and more accurate. She told me things about myself and my life which she could not possibly have known. She even knew something that as far as I was concerned, only two other people connected with me knew about.

She developed the reading toward the future and offered predictions for the next twelve months. One of her predictions made me smile as it seemed too general and light weight. She said “I would advise that you have your car checked over at a garage soon or else you may be delayed for a very important meeting this week”. As Lee concluded her session I thanked her for her time and on my way back to work was considering how I would write this article. There were certainly some extremely accurate points concerning my past but for predictions well I had decided to wait and see.

However, the next day I had to drive across London for an important editorial meeting when en route my car broke down. As I stood on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck I fully understood what all the fuss was about concerning Lee Van Zyl, she certainly will take you accurately back to the future. Sceptic?, who me? Not anymore! Lee Van Zyl is simply the best.

By Alex Walsh

Business Post – October 2000

wideeyes2Forget analysts’ forecasts and economic indicators – companies wanting a peek into industry trends are being offered a more spiritual solution to their corporate dilemmas. Delegates at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Conference can take a look into the future with the latest addition at recruitment firm Wideeyes – “mystic to the stars” Lee Van Zyl.

The firm has signed up Ms Van Zyl, who boasts Madonna and Simply Red star Mick Hucknall among her celebrity clients as well as international “blue chips”, for a crystal ball view on the prospects and hidden talents of delegates attending the conference in Harrogate. Rachel Haynes, human resources manager at Wideeyes, says the exercise is part of the firm’s aim to get companies to look beyond the CV and use psychometric testing to uncover the talents of potential employees.

The company says that demand for Ms Van Zyl’s predictions has been huge and the mystic was booked solid for the three-day conference, which closes tomorrow.

As well as a spiritual element the conference has had something of a military theme. Ex Special Boat Service marine Mike Williams took to the stage and declared: “Competition for skilled workers is likely to become ‘guerrilla warfare’. Mr Williams, who is now working as a management consultant, said the “war” for talented staff was intensifying in the face of increasing shortages of skilled employees.

The trend of top staff to switch from traditional companies into dotcom ventures high-lighted the scramble for talented workers. Firms should review their strategies to make sure they were attractive to “high achievers”.

Sheryl Moore – Business Correspondent

wideeyes1Secretly think you’ve got untapped potential, feel you have more to offer than the obvious?

Wideeyes has teamed up with aura reader Lee Van Zyl to help you reveal your hidden potential. Lee uses astrology and numerology to make a wide variety of forecasts and predictions for her blue-chip and celebrity clients. Visit us at stand Q26 to find out how Lee’s unusual talent can help you and your company. The commercial benefits of Lee’s method have made her services very popular. To avoid disappointment, please book a time with one of the Wideeyes team.

Tatler November 2000
Lee Van Zyl and Mrs Gerald Ronson

Lee Van Zyl and
Mrs Gerald Ronson

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The Insider

theinsiderHow wonderful that we have a top-notch celebrity clairvoyant in the borough, it’s just a pity that some people in Brent found out so late. It might have been prudent for Wembley national Stadium Ltd, for example, to consult Ms Van Zyl prior to submitting a ludicrous £410m bid to City financiers for the new stadium (otherwise known as Tracy Island). And perhaps is would have been sensible for Brent Council to use her services to guage the response from local residents to the sale of the John Billam sports pavilion (it would almost certainly have brought in a more accurate answer than their consultation process).

News – April 2001

newspaper1A clairvoyant has been looking at stars of a more earthly nature of late after some of Britain’s celebrities began calling on her expertise.

Lee Van Zyl has been asked to do readings for singer Danni Minogue, actor Joseph Fiennes and pop sensation Natalie Imbruglia.

Ms Van Zyl, aged 39, who runs her clairvoyancy business from home in Moyne Lane, Park Royal, says she has been able to see into the future since she can remember. “I come from a family with a long history of this ability and so no one was surprised when I started to show signs of it too,” she says. “From the age of about three-and-a-half I would know when someone was going to telephone us or call at the house. I have had to go through a lot of training to develop my gift since then though. I don’t think people realise what a complicated art it is. You have to make sure that your readings are accurate of you want people to keep coming back.”

Ms Van Zyl, who grew up in Buckinghamshire, has not always been so sure about her calling. She went through a period of wondering whether she was imagining her powers when she was in her teens. “I decided that I needed to look at it as objectively as possible, and so I started to research. Everybody has a soul guide to help them in their spiritual life. Mine had told me he was a north American Indian called No-Name. Like a great number of other Indians in the 19th century, he was rounded up and put on a reservation. “So I checked it out by looking at the lists of Indians who were put into compounds and, sure enough, there he was. That was the moment I decided to take responsibility for my gift and use it to help others.”

Ms Van Zyl set up her business, the Crystal Oracle, nearly 10 years ago and is delighted at how it has flourished. She has found her work with celebrities interesting and was particularly pleased when Danni Minogue clinched the leading role in the West End musical Notre Dame de Paris earlier this year – Ms Van Zyl had predicted that she would get the part last August.

But she says that whoever the customer, the same principles apply – accuracy, integrity and consideration. “To me, my famous clients are no different. They still have worries and need guidance. That’s what I’m here for.”

Tracy Howl

Times Chronicle Series – October 2002

timesDedicated team to provide top level treatment.

The Merkaba has successfully opened its doors in the fashionable and leafy suburb of Richmond this summer and so far has made quite an impact. The centre for health and wellbeing, is a refreshingly dedicated service offering the highest level of holistic health care from a team of qualified and experienced therapists, each bringing unique benefits of their chosen specialisation.

The founder and proprietor of the Merkaba, Nadja Willis, offers a comprehensive variety of holistic practices, from complimentary medicine to massage therapy in the comfort of well-appointed therapy rooms on-site at 36a friars Style Road, Richmond, Surrey. It also provides a mobile corporate and executive service offering these services within the work place. As part of her vision to promote preventative health care policies in the corporate sector, Miss Willis has prepared seminars, workshops, exhibitions and ‘taster’ sessions to promote these stress reducing policies.

In conjunction with the launch of the Merkaba, Lee Van Zyl, West London’s foremost clairvoyant practitioner, (formerly of the Crystal Oracle, Wilson Walk, Chiswick), has undertaken to collaborate with naja Willis to provide accurate and in-depth readings from the Merkaba on appointed days. Lee has built a strong reputation throughout the 90s as she brings her unique gifts to those who seek her advice and counsel.

Lee Van Zyl counts pop sensation Natalie Imbruglia, actress and singer Danni Minogue as well as screen idol Joseph Fiennes, among her many celebrity clients, but is also known to advise ‘high flyers’ within the City sector too. But having quizzed her for some gossip, her response was: “It doesn’t matter whether you are famous or not, absolute discretion in my work is a matter of ethics and I would never divulge any information that was part of a session.”

And it is precisely that attitude it seems that makes Lee so sought after by the rich and famous. Her corporate diary is always busy as she is represented by some of the most prestigious event organising companies in London, but still has time to see her private clients from her own reading rooms in north west London.

Lee Van Zyl has fully endorsed the Merkaba Holistic Centre, saying: “It is a centre of excellence. The variety, quality and extensive range of services on offer, provides something for everyone. “Nadja has worked with each of her appointed therapists and therefore, can vouch for their expertise and experience. Her vision is to provide well-tested and acceptable therapeutic services for people of all walks of life, I highly recommend it.”

The Merkaba offers a variety of therapies from, Reflexology, Iridology, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Reiki healing, Crystal healing to Osteopathy, Pilates and Sound Therapy. The centre also offers services such as Astrology Charts, Numerology, Tarot and Palmistry readings, either on-site or for corporate or party inquiries, which has proven to be an exciting way of bringing any event to life.

OK Magazine – Issue 374 – July 8 2003

ok_cover“In true LA-style, Joie and her team had decided to treat us to some Californian-flavoured entertainment. There would be a crystal oracle reader, a ribbon reader and a lip reader – crystal balls are apparently sooo yesterday!”

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Newline Underwriting Management Ltd – June 2002

newline_refLast year I organised a cocktail party for 200 people at the Lloyd’s Club and Ms. Van Zyl was hired to mingle amongst our guests as a clairvoyant offering to do informal readings.

To say that she was a success is probably an understatement. She was charming, unassuming and discreet, and was the subject of much discussion amongst my staff and guests for some time after the event. I received a number of phone calls and letters of thanks, many of which made special reference to our “celebrity clairvoyant”.

I have also been asked to pass on her contact details so other companies may ask her to attend their functions.

She would be a great credit to any agency intent on offering a service of the highest quality, integrity and sincerity.

Yours faithfully
S. L. Gordon
Chief Operating Officer

Beyond Entertainment Ltd – August 2002

beyondent_refI am very pleased to recommend Ms Lee Van Zyl of Crystal Oracle as a Clairvoyant.

We have worked together on numerous occasions and I can vouch for Ms Lees’ professionalism. Lee has amazing psychic ability. Apart from this Lee is polite, courteous and has excellent communications skills.

Should you require further information please do not hesitate to telephone me on 020 8879 4050.

Yours Sincerely
Bruce Munton

The Ultimate Event Company Limited – August 2002

ultimate_refThe Ultimate Event Company used the services of Lee Van Zyl for many years to cover the general area of ‘fortune telling’ and tarot card reading.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lee as she has always been extremely popular with guests, very accurate in her readings and thoroughly reliable with her administration and timekeeping. She is very helpful and always uses her initiative to ensure that our guests make best use of her services.

Yours sincerely
Sam Robinson

Sport Aiding Medical Research for Kids (SPARKS) – December 2002

Alex Hogg
Big Hand people
44 Nutwood Avenue

Tuesday 7th January 2003-09-01

Dear Alex,

SPARKS Winter ball, Thursday 19th December 2002

I am delighted to announce that with your help the SPARKS Winter Ball 2002 raised a staggering £180,000 to help fund vital medical research into conditions affecting babies and young children. This is a magnificent total and beats all previous records set.

We would like to thank both Lee Van Zyl and Steve Biddle for their entertainment throughout the night. They were a tremendous success and helped to contribute significantly to the overall atmosphere of the evening.

Once again, we really appreciate your help and wish all at Big Hand People a prosperous New Year.

Yours Sincerely
Emma Gouldstone
Events & Fundraising Assistant

Caroline Hughes
Office Administrator

Jennie Dietch – Organiser of Joie Launch Event – July 2003

Hi Lee!

Thank-you for attending our Joie Launch Event at Home House. The day has been tremendously successful, thanks to you and your team.

I really enjoyed working with you and your staff and have nothing but the highest regard for you.

I will be in touch as we will definitely be using your services again.

Jennie Dietch

See article in OK Magazine above.

Halpern – July 2003

With a constant focus on creating innovative and impactful events for our clients, we always source elements of surprise and additional services that make a difference. Inviting Lee Van Zyl from the Crystal Oracle to our AW 2003/4 press day had all our key press clients in a state of excitement through her spot-on readings and hence providing an all round elevating and positive experience…! We highly recommend her services.

Sarah Gellately-Smith
Senior Account Manager – HALPERN

Dear Lee

Everyone was so impressed with you throughout the day, but I am so sorry I didn’t see you myself! Thanks so much and look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Wishes
Jenny Halpern

Hilton – July 2003

Dear Lee

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you to you and the girls for all the hard work and effort that you put into our client evenings.

As I am sure you are aware the evenings were a great success and we have received some fanatastic feedback.

Thank you once again and I hope to meet you again soon.

Kind regards

Celebrity Testimonials

Natalie Imbruglia"Lee is amazing as all of her predictions came true at a time when I really needed it"
Natalie Imbruglia


Dannii Minogue"Lee was referred to me when I was at a cross-roads in my life. Her insights were so profound and her predictions guided me straight into the West End and beyond. Thank-you Lee"
Dannii Minogue


Chelsey Baker"My own personal readings with Lee are always met with sudden amazement at the accuracy of her psychic ability and every reading proved beneficial to my personal and corporate life, leaving me with a great sense of satisfaction. Lee not only saw into my future but her inspirational advice and ideas were always spot on."
Chelsey Baker
One of Britain’s leading female Entrepreneurs
Sarah Tucker"I've known Lee for nearly seven years now. I was interested but sceptical about tarot and all things clairvoyant until I met her, and I've always found her readings to be spot on. Her comments are intelligent, accessible and illuminating. She’s made me trust in my instincts and listen to them. They're never wrong, and neither in my experience is Lee."
Sarah Tucker
Award winning travel journalist
Arezoo Kaviani"I can honestly say that without Lee I would not have had the courage to set up my business on my own or achieve the success that has come from this decision. Lee empowered my choices and actions over the years by her uncannily accurate and specific insights that time and time again have proved to be precise and spot on. And when the "going" gets tough, I call Lee and I recommend you do the same."
Arezoo Kaviani
One of the UK's leading beauty therapists