December 2018 – Astrological Forecasts

During this period, we will act more by inertia than on the basis of some motivational impulses. Therefore, one should not expect exceptional dynamics in December. If we did not have time to do something important in the previous periods, now it is too late to return to these tasks (at least, for the majority of the signs). It is necessary to think about those events that are happening during the current period so that you can learn to look at the things from a “right here and right now” perspective.

This is a good period for solving personal problems and establishing new contacts, because Venus will be one of our main protectors this month. Mercury, who is not that strong this month, will assist the “heavenly priestess”. His influence will be still sufficient to tip the scales in our favour. The main thing here is not to go beyond your own limits.

In general, December in this sense will be quite an interesting time. We will not be particularly free in our degree of choice during the end of the year, as we will be constrained by laws, regulations and conventions, or at least by stereotypes. But, skillfully maneuvering between all those constraints, and finding some loopholes to get planned things done, we will learn a lot, understand a lot and discover something for ourselves. Now it is good to develop some already existing trends. It would be a senseless waste of time to be thinking about potential prospects. You should rely only on your relatives in your relationships; new acquaintances can be very important, but they are unlikely to become the driving factors for us, and it is worth treating them with caution. There is a risk of getting into a difficult situation simply because of a complication of communicative nature. So, the stars recommend for us to choose the right words, especially in the process of important negotiations.

From the point of view of additional patrons (“heavenly leaders”), December will be successful enough for all signs of the Zodiac. Another interesting point is that the elements of Fire (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and the elements of Air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will be at the disposal of the same patron, which is Mars. His support will be triumphant for the Fire element signs, while Air element signs will witness a lot of interesting developments because of this support. Do not worry; his influence will result only in positive outcomes, although at certain moments, in order to take advantage of the situation, you will have to show special perseverance. Probably, the “Red Planet” will require from us just this: the ability to defend yourself, make lightning-fast conclusions and change tactics effortlessly. If we manage to achieve such results, it is unlikely that in the near future we will encounter problems that will be impossible to cope with. Water element signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) and Earth element signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will in turn be under the protection of the Moon. And again, Water sign representatives can treat this as an unconditional bonus, that will be applied by itself without our interference. Everything is not so simple for Earth element representatives. You’ll have to learn to control your emotions and trust your intuition unconditionally. This can be difficult, but as a result you can get exceptional benefits in all life directions, especially in the field of work. As a result, each sign has real chances for timely achievement of the goals being set previously.

It is necessary to note separately that in December you should not rush in doing anything – whether it is a large investment or the formation of a new relationship. The stars recommend for us to look-out, even during the most positive moments (and there will definitely be more positive ones rather than negative ones). You should do this just because of one little peculiarity – the Sun’s negative position. What is surprising is that during this period, solar energy can be destructive enough even for those signs that are usually protected by it (signs for whom the Sun is a patron or an exultant responsible for the surge of vital energy). The thoughtless use of the resources available and an irrepressible desire to achieve victory at any cost can lead to the collapse of hopes and the impossibility of future development just because of the Sun’s influence. That is why haste in December could be a fatal mistake, although it must be understood that this is only the most general indication. Just stay away from being in a rush, but keep in mind that this fact won’t have any influence on general dynamics of the period. Also, this current period tends to develop inertia within the city limits. Attempt to get united with nature or look deeply into yourself will recede into the background, giving way to some purely human factors. This is not a good time for meditation or creative urges. The end of this year is a period of steady progress, the implementation of the things being planned, and the perfect time for the realization of hopes.

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Because of the rather interesting position of the Moon and Jupiter, December will be a time of revelations for Cancers. Now, it is very important to always put yourself in the other person’s place before making any decisions about him. The situation can develop dynamically or at a much slower pace, looking rather static, but this is not your problem. What is important for you is the way you are going to achieve your goal. Do not relax, especially if everything is looking easy. Some challenges you will definitely be expecting along the way. They will not be that serious, but they will still take place. Be ready and focus more on your feelings, because your mind and logic can really fail you, even in a situation where its importance looks seemingly undeniable. It is a good time to establish contacts for business development. Now, you can make small and medium-sized purchases, but it is better to stay away from major ones. Your business can get a phenomenal push, but you will have to try and to make sure not to miss this unique opportunity. You are the only one who can clearly evaluate this opportunity, so do not wait for help from outside. In general, your sign should focus only on yourself during this stage. An exception may come in the form of close relationships that can potentially lead you to some intimate relationships. At certain moments, you should allow yourself to be guided, giving the reins to someone who you will be walking with hand-in-hand for an extended period of time.

On the working front in December, Cancers should pay special attention to his environment. For those who work for themselves, danger can hide where you would never even have thought of expecting it. Remember the main advice for this period: show understanding, be sympathetic, and attempt making any decisions only after making sure that you are understanding and sympathetic enough. It is likely that you will have to implement some changes among your employees, and you will have to decide what is more important to you. However, remember that there is ultimately no correct answer here. The topic of important negotiations deserves to be mentioned separately. Be confident and do not rush anything. Also, make sure to be friendly, and try to be sincere during the right moments, too. This will be enough to earn your potential partner’s trust and make a good deal. If you work for someone else, then try to keep it low at the end of the year. You do not need any additional problems right now, and you will definitely get into them if you take your usual “active civil position”. Many situations will be resolved without your participation, and in a much more successful way than if you were actively intruding. You can think about anything, but do not forget about the advice the stars give you. It is very important for you to finish this year successfully; you should avoid unnecessary problems and misunderstandings at work. Make sure to follow this advice, or you will find it to be extremely difficult conquering new heights.

From the point of view of personal relationships, Cancers should keep their general life goals in mind. No matter how philosophical the question sounds, the answer to it is shaped by a whole list of very specific tasks. You should choose practice over theory during this period. Let your mind ponder things only when you are all by yourself. When with someone else, try to act. It is a good time to demonstrate your winning qualities or express yourself in certain ways. Do not worry about finding yourself in an unpleasant situation. Such situations might take place, but you can count on the help of your old friends. Consequently, this not-very-positive event can easily become a new twist in the development of your relationship. Be open for contacts, and do not be afraid to be mistaken in something that looks trustworthy to you. If you fail, it will not be your problem. You will definitely see how circumstances will punish the traitor, and you will still be the winner. This scenario is applicable only to single Cancer representatives. Cancers with families have to dedicate a lot of time to work. As a result, your dearest and nearest ones might feel a little unsatisfied with the lack of attention on your part. Try to explain everything to them; they will understand. The main thing is not to close down while trying to combat difficulties all by yourself. Your character is especially prone to shutting yourself down, but the end of the year should become a period where you can shake it off. Open yourself up to someone, but definitely not to the first person you meet. You will be surprised how easy it will be to open up and liberate yourself.


Just like another representative of Air element, Aquarius will be patronized by Mars in December, although usually this planet has nothing to do with your sign. Also, your main heavenly patron, Neptune, won’t go anywhere. As a result, the final month of the year will be surprisingly successful in terms of achieving new heights. It is an ideal time for learning and absorbing new information. It is unlikely that someone will be able to stop you if you really want to find out something. In addition, this month is very good for improving your skills, for developing your spirituality, and creativity. This very positive time still has some specific peculiarities that need to be considered in order to succeed. The month is good in relation to the financial sphere because it will be possible to act relatively freely, not really targeting anyone. On the other hand, you will have to control yourself; otherwise, you can waste a lot of resources. In the field of personal relationships, not every conflict within your family will turn out to be as simple as may seem at a first glance. So, think three times before acting, otherwise you can get into a difficult situation, only complicating the existing problems. This time is well suited for the development of existing projects, but not for creating something fundamentally new. Do not seek to achieve everything at once; for now, it is better to focus on the most important areas. In fact, despite this stage’s overall positive mood, you will not be an almighty one, and your ill-wishers will not go away somewhere.

Do not invest too many of your resources in questionable projects in the business sphere. Aquarius representatives are better off staying away from taking risks in December. You should choose the path that has been walked through a thousand times, but also happens to be the most reliable one that will help you to achieve your goals. Do not neglect the advice from outsiders but think carefully before trusting someone. Now, any mistake won’t turn into a critical one, and some fundamental events will become visible, but will still be somewhere at a distance, with the possibility of happening in near future. You can quickly fix your financial situation even if you lose somewhere. For those Aquarius representatives who have their own business, it makes sense to mention that now you need to be careful when signing all sorts of papers. Even if you are signing a contract with some of your partners who you have known for a while, do not be too lazy to read all the papers by yourself. Do not delegate this task to anyone; the risk of some negligent mistakes is very high, and that is something not needed right now. If you do not have your own business, do not rush into changing your situation. Many things will be quite unstable in the world around you, and perhaps you will change your physical work location (for example, you can switch offices), which will be a good thing to happen. However, you should not pay too much attention to it; as it has been noted already, it is better to focus on your own internal (not external) development.

The stars have prepared a different plan for you in the field of personal relationships in December. The Zodiac sign of Aquarius may not feel at ease at the beginning of the period. This is okay – the majority of your friends and acquaintances will experience some personal difficulties. Try to understand this and do not put pressure them, especially if you have legitimate reasons to be asking for some concrete actions and results. As for Aquarius individuals with families, they will have to solve several pressing issues at the end of the year, issues that will be large enough to leave them for later. Probably, in most cases, it will be about some dilemmas and ambiguous situations that you just failed to resolve on time. Do not be afraid to go back to your past, otherwise it will always follow you, and at some point, you can start experiencing serious psychological issues because of it. It’s hard to say who can really help you in solving pressing problems. It is up to you to decide whom to trust; your spouse, someone from an older generation, or your close friend. The main thing is not to experience this situation all by yourself, since you might be simply too weak for that. The situation for Aquarius who is not burdened by any serious relationships at the moment has a lot of pleasant surprises in store for you in December 2018. First, do not jump to conclusions. Second, be communicative and open to everything new. Third, do not think stereotypically. Observance of these three simple rules will allow you to experience a lot of emotions and become better, stronger, and more interesting.


For representatives of the Zodiac sign of Aries, December should turn into a measured and consistent period. Now, you need to align your desires and opportunities in a very accurate manner, because your main patron the Sun is not in the most successful position on the heavenly bend during this period. Also, keep in mind that this period is not good for focusing on the future. Pay attention only to the things surrounding you right here and right now, and do not try, figuratively speaking, to reach over your head. But, in terms of relationships, this can be a very good time, especially taking into account that Mars is your heavenly patron. The “Red Planet” will require you to be determined and to clearly assess your own possibilities. Do not rush into battle provoked by something insignificant, but if the situation really implies the most violent and irreconcilable attack, then it is almost your duty! This way is the only possible way to achieve something at your workplace. Meanwhile, in terms of solving the questions related to your family, you should be a little bit craftier; your pure desire and a tiny amount of pressure together with the beneficial position of your heavenly patron will not be enough. In general, the period promises to be interesting but slow, so get used to a new pace from the very beginning of the month.

Speaking in more detail about issues of a working nature, we should mention that in December large financial transactions can be especially successful for Aries. The main thing is not overdoing anything. Be consistent and slow-paced. If you are interested in an agreement, do not rush to show your enthusiasm to your allies; they should understand that you are full partners. If necessary, act decisively and do not be afraid to take risks, especially in situations where it can bring you some exceptional advantages. Aries representatives who do not have their own business should systematically implement existing projects, not looking into future too much. Do not be distracted from the work process; the faster and better you do everything, the more bonuses you will receive towards the end of the year. Now, promotion on the career ladder is unlikely, but if you try hard enough, you can still expect interesting surprises. Some of them might be of a non-material nature. This period should become somewhat different for those who work for themselves. Now, you have to act just for the future, trying to proceed actively in the direction of the future, but without being overly committed. This is a good time for large banking operations and for resolving long-standing conflicts related to some of your financial and non-financial possessions.

The love sphere can be quite significant and even fatal for your sign in December, especially if you want to spend it by yourself. But, try to understand the motivation behind the actions of the people surrounding you; it might be not at all about the idea that they suddenly wanted to change your situation for the better. This is all about the circumstances developing that way, and it will be a sin not to use them for your own benefit! So, you should not rely too much on friendliness and the philanthropic urges of people around you. Stay true to your own self, no matter where you are, but do not forget that excessive openness can turn into a problem. Be careful with new acquaintances, especially if you were forced or obliged to meet them. Do not trust those who make you internally uncomfortable but base your attitude only on first impressions; all the subsequent conclusions can be wrong. At the same time, Aries who do not have serious relationships can win their crush’s affection. Doubts will only benefit you, and those who are not that sincere in their aspirations will have special advantages (no matter how strange it sounds). Aries with families should act in the opposite manner, honest and open; otherwise, they may find themselves in a situation where someone else will decide for them.


For Capricorn, who in December will have many patrons on the celestial ribbon, this month will turn out to be quite unusual. This is primarily about the fact that you will probably have to face difficult situations that won’t be directly related to you. Do not rush into doing things that do not have anything to do with you. This period should become contemplative for you to a certain extent; you will start receiving some remote information. This wording is difficult to understand, but you will clearly realize what is wrong when you come across the described situation. In general, your sign is recommended to solve all your problems as quickly as possible; in any case, do not leave them until next year. This is really important, and although such a statement may be true for many signs, it is of particularly paramount importance for Capricorns. It also makes sense to be as communicative as possible, as you will need it in the future. In December you will prepare a foothold for further achievements but try to do so without particularly large-scale changes. You should not take on risk now, as everything will start working out on its own. This is a good time for making major purchases, but it still is desirable to save your financial assets for the future. And, do not worry if you were not able to achieve everything you desired. Everything will develop on a come-and-go basis; tasks will keep on coming up but choose only those that are really important and truly promising to you.

Examining the sphere of finance and business in more detail, it should be immediately noted that Capricorns who work for themselves should not expect any special achievements in December. If you, for example, have planned a large-scale project for this month, then you may find it very difficult to implement it. On the other hand, it is desirable to finish up the majority of the tasks so you won’t enter the upcoming year with a feeling of dissatisfaction. Do not hesitate to ask for help; the main thing is to make sure that you work only with those who you feel okay communicating with. In fact, there will be plenty of those around who are ready to help you. In the process of important negotiations, stay confident, but do not insist on controversial points. You will be understood; it may just take time. Pay attention to the technical aspects of the situation, and do not neglect the little things that may affect your performance in the future. Talking about the Capricorn who does not work for themselves, the stars advise you to act aggressively and perhaps even more than aggressively. You still can’t jump higher than yourself, but this does not mean that you cannot finish the year in an extra successful way, triumphantly achieving all your set goals. However, make sure that you are acting all by yourself, as interference from outside can create unnecessary problems. At the same time, you do not need to save your time; if you need to explain something to someone in detail, then you should definitely do it no matter what. This willingness to explain can greatly benefit you in the future.

The love sphere can surprise us with the emergence of some ambiguous situation, and it will take you quite a bit of time to get out of that one. Capricorn’s instincts will be of prime importance in December. If there are not sufficient amount of logical arguments, it will be fair enough to be guided by your feelings, because the Moon occupies the dominant position on the heavenly bend. In addition, do not act in a heroic way without need. If we are talking about single Capricorns, it makes sense to stop and think carefully before making cardinal decisions. The circumstances may be in your favour, but we still have the attitude of other people, their thoughts, fears and stereotypes. Those are very hard things to cope with, but if you succeed then you will make a truly loyal friend. December will be a neutral time in terms of starting new romantic relationships. Some interesting situations will still take place, and you will certainly be able to show yourself, but you should not jump out of your skin – it may not work, and it is unlikely that your excessive efforts will be appreciated. Family Capricorns may face misunderstanding. You should confidently combat them following one clear methodology: keep going back to the same conversation but try to apply different tactics and articulate with different facts. In the end, you will certainly be able to convince your family that you’re right. However, it is very important to understand why you need to do all of those things. If you are not confident in the result, then it is better to act on your own, without waiting for someone’s support. In general, this a slow-paced period that will give you the opportunity to get a better understanding of yourself, and you will greet the upcoming year feeling good about yourself and everything around you.


A lot of celestial objects will perform on the side of Geminis in December, but it will be enough that your main assistant, Mercury, will take the dominant position. That is why in the finale of the year Geminis will get a real chance to achieve their cherished goal (and maybe even one of their dreams). You have enough perseverance, but now a little bit of additional luck that will be kindly provided by the stars won’t hurt your chances. At this stage, it is very important not to neglect the possibilities, and not to stop in any case. Of course, under certain circumstances, a meaningless move forward can harm you instead of doing you good. That’s why this month will be especially convenient for those Geminis who have already everything planned by the beginning of the month and will be ready for any twists and turns. The ability to step back from everything happening and to look at the situation without prejudice is of particular importance this month. At this life stage, you don’t really need outside assistance. Keep emotions to yourself; it’s not difficult, and it will also help you to stay away from unnecessary actions and words. In the field of personal relationships, the stars also recommend you keep hold of yourself. In addition, this is not the best time to start epic romantic relationships. In cases where you’re planning something related to your personal life, wait at least until next month, otherwise, circumstances will run counter to your desires.

Looking at working issues in more detail, it should be noted that those Geminis who own their personal business ventures will be able to access a lot of promising opportunities in December. You actually already had that very opportunity, so in fact nothing new is waiting for you. But all the tools needed to quickly solve all pressing problems will be finally present in your hands. Do not set the bar too high. Despite an exceptionally successful coincidence of circumstances, you are not almighty, and this is not the best time to lay the foundation for some new projects, especially large ones. Try to work with what you already have. Do not let others knock you down; you clearly know what you need, and everything else doesn’t matter. If we are talking about Geminis who do not have their own businesses, then the stars advise the same things to the representatives of this sign. Now, you do not need to change your place of work or open a business, but if you have already done something like this, December will be an ideal time for development. Act in accordance with your own ideas about what things should look like. Do not neglect the tiny details and try to perfect any technical aspect. But, do not demand a lot from human beings, otherwise you will be disappointed. Therefore, it is better to immediately free yourself from the potential negativity, trying to do it without familiarity and without getting too close to anyone.

Everything can work out a little differently in the love sphere. Gemini can successfully develop existing relationships in December because of Venus’s successful interstellar positions, but it is not worth it to start new ones. This is not the time and not the place to move “to another level.” Do not be afraid to lose a person. If the communication gradually fades away, then this relationship was doomed from the very beginning. You can act faster, but not in the situations when the question under consideration is all about intimate relationships. However, if you feel that you might lose a good friend, try to do something. Despite the fact that, in general, everything will work out successfully, some conflicts are possible just because someone in your surroundings will fall under a negative influence. What are you supposed to do in this situation? Act, but very carefully. You will have to analyse this situation, and literally pick up the “keys” for your friend to prove that you are right, without hurting him. Geminis with families will focus on the problems around their household. Be careful, you can expect some very important news and you need to interpret it in the correct way. For the rest of things, try to spend more time with your children (children in their turn should try to see their parents more often). It is better not to arrange large-scale events, but if something along these lines was planned in advance a long time ago, then go ahead and do whatever you were planning to do.


The main heavenly patron of the Zodiac sign Leo, the Sun, will not be in the most successful and promising position in December. You can start worrying, but keep in mind that Mars will give you all-around support, so the Sun’s negative influence will be completely neutralized. It is important to note that you will pass through this life stage in a rather relaxed state. At least, you should do everything in order to reach this state and stay in it; for now, strong emotional outbursts (especially within your household) are simply not recommended for you. On the other hand, make sure to restrain yourself in a moderate manner, because you will definitely encounter some situations when you have to demonstrate endurance and stamina. Feel free to enjoy what nature has awarded you. But be careful – long trips and major events can turn into a serious problem for you. That is why the stars recommend Leos leave their houses as rarely as possible during this month. In addition, this period will be especially important in terms of establishing relationships. Single Leos will be able to change their status with 100% probability (given that they will be doing everything right). Leos with families can count on new experiences, and you can expect a lot of bonuses to come with these experiences. You don’t even have to do anything with them; everything will work out by itself.

The fields of work and finance in December are unlikely to surprise Leo with any significant developments. You will just hit some of the planned milestones, which will be just enough for this stage. Look ahead with no fear, but do not rush into being overly active. You will need time to come to your senses. Do not neglect the advice of those colleagues whom you consider either your friends or good acquaintances. This is not the brightest period this year, nor the most promising, but a good businessman knows that there are no moments in life that cannot be profited from. If you work for yourself, you have to deal with some purely technical situations. Now, you do not need to go anywhere and chase someone in a hasty manner. You will devote a lot more time to your household than to your work, and you can delegate some of your responsibilities without any problems. If you do not have your own business, then by amazing coincidence your sign will be one of the few that are suggested to initiate some large-scale life changes. This can be a transition to another job, or the beginning of some new project. The main thing is not to forget that your emotions turn into your largest enemy, rather than an ally. You are not likely to meet any restrictions in other spheres of your life. The only complication will be one of your household members not being really happy about your work-life balance. However, whether this complaint will turn into a full-blown problem or not is totally dependent on your response.

Not everything will depend on Leos in the sphere of love. This trend might annoy a lot of people, but if you adjust to the rhythm of December, then you are unlikely to encounter problems that cannot be resolved. Moreover, you might even like the fact that majority of difficulties will get resolved by themselves, without your direct intervention. The only thing that you can do with it is just to let it lose. On the other hand, you do not need to think that there will be no options available where you can expend all your accumulated energy. You can spend it on exercising your creative talents, though not everyone might be into being artsy or creative. Therefore, the stars recommend looking around trying to find some interesting hobby to keep yourself busy. You might consider going back to basics by digging deeper into your past; most likely somewhere you have done something that you truly enjoyed doing. There will be no one to distract you if you are single. But, remember that December is ideal for you, if you want to find your significant other. If there is no such desire, then something like this can still happen and the stars strongly recommend you not to turn away from such a possibility. This period won’t be particularly bright for Leos with families. However, you will be able to fix some misunderstandings and problems that have been accumulating for a while. That is why you don’t need to get stirred up by unnecessary emotions. If you are not sure, go ahead and rely on someone who you are going to spend the rest of your life with, or at least a certain part of it. Their advice might not help but will definitely push you in the right direction.


Libra, in December, will be patronized not only by Venus and Saturn, but also by Mars. Mars is usually quite aggressive towards representatives of this sign, and everything will start looking much easier for the members of the Libra sign. In fact, such an assessment can be quite objective, even though you will have more than enough of energy, internal strength and motivation! The main thing is not to get caught up in the routine, and to not lose your drive that, according to the stars, you are guaranteed to have at the beginning of the period. In general, the ending of the year is ideal in terms of making the maximum possible amount of purchases. It is also a good time to establish relationships at work and at home. You can enjoy blissful laziness, or you can also safely go on an exciting journey – both options will come in handy. In fact, the stars do not limit you in any way: you can act in full accordance with your plans, no matter how insane they may seem to you. It is important not to overplay, because if you start acting in some unusual way, some communication difficulties may arise. On the other hand, right now it is possible (and even necessary) to be treated with a certain level of respect, because otherwise you will simply lose your unique potential. So, do not go after someone who doubts you, or does not trust you. Focus on those who really appreciate you; these personal relationships must move into the leading roles. On the other hand, pre-arranged business trips will definitely be crowned with success, and romantic moments can develop further in an amazing way.

If you consider matters of a financial nature, then in December, Libras who have their own businesses should not be guided by their competitors. Let them do whatever they want; it’s up to you to go your own way. Act completely independently. You can count on help from an unexpected side at the end of the year, but you do not have to accept it if you really do not need it. You should not spend too much time on technical aspects, and it will be enough to check everything once. Do not over-think by spending too much time and energy on obvious things. Enjoy your work, otherwise you will not be able to develop. On the other hand, if you are pressured by someone into doing something, it may be worth getting persuaded. Just try to get ready for all the possible options in advance. And, do not take a risk in doing anything. The Libra who is not working for their personal enrichment (meaning that they don’t have personal ventures) will find December can be a turning point for them. You will probably prove to be one of the few signs who will succeed this month when deciding to change everything in a pretty radical way. Just do not look back, as you will be immediately defeated by allowing yourself even a tiny grain of doubt. Make sure to think out everything in advance. In general, you can safely develop in the chosen direction. If everything works just fine, then do you really need to stress over anything? You will, in any case, get a couple of bonuses, and most probably they will be ones of a financial nature.

From the point of view of the love life in December, Libras can consider themselves to be really lucky. Just make sure to rejoice over your luck and happiness in a not-overly-excited manner so that you won’t scare your luck away. You will indeed be really lucky, and not only in relationships. Many serious domestic problems will resolve themselves. If this does not happen, then you have a large karmic debt, and you will need to figure out what it is and where it came from. In general, the period promises to be thoroughly positive; the main thing is to act in full harmony with one’s conscience. Single Libras need to come up with certain ways of trying to fix the situation. Act confidently and aggressively, in the best traditions of American movies. Just be careful, because you will not be the only one acting in this way. At the same time, the stars predict that you will end up having plenty of romantic moments, so it makes sense to take care of everything necessary in advance. For the family, romantic developments will be equally significant, especially if the romance recently was not that regular in your life. Allow yourself to do something new, and do not stop there. In general, this period is not the best one for heartfelt conversations, but this is an ideal stage for personal achievements. Do not worry, even in case of sacrificing all your available time for the object of your interest; you will most likely be understood. You can still dedicate some time to explanations; the main thing is to try to be convincing, and everything will necessarily happen.


In December, Jupiter and the Moon will perform on the side of the Pisces, and this will be enough to make the final stage of the current cycle a successful life period for you. Now, you should not worry about any trivialities and stuff your head with various small problems. The stars recommend for you to focus on some long-term dreams. It is the dreams that must control your actions, and you do not need to be embarrassed about it. Anyone who laughs at you behind your back will very soon regret their actions. You not only don’t need to worry about it or get nervous because of it – you can simply stop thinking about it at all. When you are being sincere, the field of personal relationships will open up to you in a new light. You patron the Moon recommends that you open up your heart. Now, it is definitely worth listening to this advice, so that you do not regret later things that could have been done but never were done for this or another reason. This is a good time for the development of any relationship; you just need to be flexible and to be able to adjust to given circumstances. It is unlikely that someone will be able to create obstacles to making some of your work-related plans to come true, and this period is all-in-all successful from a financial point of view. Do not spend too much money, especially those funds that you were able to access with a minimum amount of effort. You do not have to worry about any of your plans, as the stars guarantee that luck will be on your side. You certainly can show a passive attitude or dump your allies in an unexpected manner in favour of individual development, but then nothing guarantees your success.

December will be a stable period, moderately dynamic, but without unnecessary emotional outbursts in business and financial spheres. Maybe, right from the very beginning of the month, you will feel in insistent need to change something in the surrounding world. Do not rush to follow such urges, because in reality your mood will not fully correspond to your capabilities. You can clear out the existing issues so that you will enter the New Year without any debts. But this does not mean that luck will be on your side for eternity. First, you will have to participate in all the events personally. Second, be prepared to face such situations that cannot be resolved as of right now even with support from some of your allies. Try to identify such moments right away, and just do not spend too much time on them. If you work for yourself, move with a steady rhythm and do not let anyone confuse you, otherwise the situation will start to develop not in your favour. If you do not have your own venture, you can exert some pressure on your upper management so that you will be able to achieve some changes, such as a promotion or salary bump. Try to make your point without being overly invested. In general, you should not limit yourself now, but stay away from major acquisitions.

The sphere of love will be no less successful for Pisces in December. However, there are also some peculiarities to be kept in the mind. The Moon will help you to understand what you really want but will not necessarily provide you with it. So, act in full accordance with your own thoughts and attitudes. There is no one to help you here; you will have to analyse all the events by yourself, drawing some competent conclusions. Friends will be on your side, without a doubt, but you will come across some important situations where you can count only on yourself. We must immediately understand the philosophy of this period; try to understand who is important to you and who is not. Do not be afraid to hurt a person by telling the truth. In addition, do not be afraid to tell the truth, relying on sincerity. Now, fear and insecurity will slow you down and can turn into a real problem. If you are single, then at the end of the year you should not be worried or be shy about your opportunities. Just take a step forward and improvise. Turning to Pisces with families, you cannot be bothered by anything, because there is a high degree of probability that everything will turn out the way it should all by itself. Just do not interfere with events, especially if you see that they are really moving in the right direction. Sometimes it will be better just to stay slightly detached in order to obtain the best results.


Sagittarius, which will be patronized by Eris and Mars in December, may experience a quite interesting period, but it will be necessary to keep your eyes open in order not to miss some especially lucky moment. You do not need to hurry anywhere at the end of the year; being hasty can only hurt your chances. In any situation, try to focus on the communicative aspect. Try to reach agreements and look for compromises. In spite of the fact that Mars can push you towards some active developments (moreover – it will also help you if necessary), it is better to stay away from those. Now it is very good to smooth everything over with someone you recently had a conflict with. Any offenses can be forgotten, especially if your intention is sincere. Do not worry if someone is not responding in a similar way. This can happen if you are not being sincere enough in your aspirations. On the other hand, this period can still surprise you, so be ready for something better. You do not have to solve any extremely difficult tasks at the end of the year, stress yourself, or look for better options. There will be plenty of opportunities, but to use them you will need to make sure that you have good reactions and pay attention.

Sagittarius will be in a favourable situation at the end of the year in relation to financial issues. If you work for yourself, then in December you definitely will have a chance to make significant progress. The main thing is to try taking into account as many internal factors as possible. By internal factors we mean the professionalism of your employees, their loyalty, readiness for emergency situations, the absence of negligent attitudes, and the technical aspects of their training. Also, there will be no threats coming from the outside; if it seems to you that your competitors have intensified their efforts, or that you have a new enemy, then check everything ten times. In the end there might be a high probability that you are trying to combat a non-existent problem. If you are not working for yourself, then at the end of the year you can simply save up resources for some future breakthroughs. At this stage, the occurrence of some really big and meaningful events is highly unlikely. It is clear, though, that you can count on year-end bonuses and additional benefits from third-party earnings. It is better not to start implementing any large-scale ideas; December is not particularly good for this. It is better to dedicate your time to fixing some minor issues so that later nothing will bother you. The final month of the year is not bad for large purchases, but it is not good for large investments. It is better to conduct official negotiations in appropriate settings, not allowing yourself to discuss important issues during informal meetings.

The sphere of love can create a couple of problems for you in December, but the stars are sure that you will be pleased to solve them. Do not rush to conclusions if you are a Sagittarius with a family. Make sure to collect all the necessary information first; you can even refer to some unofficial sources. The main thing is to be confident that your version of the development of events is the right one. If proving your point of view to someone, try to operate exclusively with specific arguments: December will be quite an interesting period for your sign in this sense – a minimum of philosophy and contemplation, no abstract designs or vague aspirations. If you want to meet someone special (this already applies to single Sagittarius members), then you must have a concrete, realistic goal, and not just a desire to find that “one and only”. Now, the idealists will be significantly disadvantaged, although this does not prevent them from enjoying the benefits of this period. December can really turn into a fateful period. Even if you do not meet a person who will end up being with you for a significant period of time, your feelings will undergo some transformation in any case. This transformation will most likely be a positive one, but everything is subjective in this sense. The stars recommend having a wider outlook and avoid perceiving every event as a life-changing one. Stay calm.


Instead of Scorpio’s usual patron, Mars, unstable Moon will act on its side during this time. As a result, December may not be the most stable period. You will really face some serious problems, but the stars assure you that there is nothing to worry about! Now, all the developments will have their own purpose, so do not panic! In general, the final stage of the year is especially good for your sign because the level of your activity will not affect the resolution of fundamentally important situations. Either you will get everything fixed or not – everything is that simple. You do not need to attract any additional resources, pressure yourself or any of your friends. Stop, take a deep breath, and think carefully. In fact, everything is much better than you could imagine. No one will be rushing you anywhere, no external factors will threaten you directly. This is a great time to think about where and why you are moving the way you are, and what ultimate outcome is waiting for you. These thoughts can probably get you really confused, but do not be scared – there must be a guiding star that will help you. By the way, regarding the guiding star: this month her majesty, Luck, can surprise Scorpios with her extra attention. This means that you should not forget that even during the coldest of days a warm bed, the screen of your TV (or computer) and hot tea is not the best of the pastime activities. It’s a good one, but not the best one.

From the point of view of the financial sphere, we should mention that Mercury usually does not have anything to do with Scorpio. In other words, Mercury is pretty neutral towards Scorpios. Everything will finally change and will change in your favour in December. For the Scorpio who does not have their own personal ventures, you can go ahead and relax. No matter how many projects you attempt, no matter how perfectly you execute them, you won’t earn your management’s attention anyway. You will probably have to look for some truly creative alternative, and it will take you some brainpower to find one. It is better to leave everything as it is in relation to your colleagues, unless someone else hints at the possibility of an intimate relationship. Some romantic relationships at the workplace will do you good, so do not deprive yourself of pleasure if there is a possibility to do so. Scorpios who work for themselves need to focus on their work. Now, it is definitely not worth getting distracted, especially by something like intimate relationships. Be careful, there is a possibility of fraud. Be demanding but picky when meeting potential allies. Do not let anyone fool you, but do not press too hard. If you are not sure of your abilities, try to find an assistant who is really competent in this matter. Now, you cannot afford yourself to disregard even a few trivialities. However, do not worry if something goes wrong. You just need to slightly push events in the right direction, and they will develop in that direction. It is important to skilfully choose the vector of force application.

As already noted, in December the Zodiac sign of Scorpio can be quite successful in terms of personal issues. Do not hold yourself back if you are single. Set your emotions free (within reasonable limits, of course), and play only according to your own rules. Do not worry if you do not manage to start an exciting romance; luck is still on your side – you just need a little bit of time. Be careful in relationships with your loved ones; keep your distance, because something being said at the wrong time can turn into a real problem. It will not be your fault, it is just that the way circumstances develop, but it’s unlikely that this will make it any easier for you. If you are a “family guy” Scorpio, then you should not try to spend too much time with your family. Be free, look for something new and inspiring in the world around you. Perhaps you will focus on creativity. Perhaps Scorpio, who has been engaged in intellectual work all his life, will suddenly discover a fantastic ability to create something with their own hands! This is very important, because your end of the year will become a contemplative, meditative period. Spiritual development can occur in different ways, and sometimes it is not necessarily about reading daily mantras or praying. It is enough to move forward, to learn something new, not letting yourself stagnate. In general, December will definitely bring a lot of new experiences to you. The main thing is not to allow yourself to get angry, and to be persistent in overcoming some obstacles along the way.


Thanks to an exceptionally successful location of Venus, Taurus representatives will be able to fix a lot of things in December. If you approach questions objectively, then during this period you will really get many significant advantages, not only over your obvious and potential competitors, but also over some of your life circumstances. Thanks to your heavenly patron, you can pull yourself together, mobilize forces, and catch the right rhythm. This is a very good time to ask for someone’s forgiveness without feeling embarrassed, without looking at stupid stereotypes and old principles. Now, sincerity is the best tool for achieving the desired result. Of course, with such an introduction, your communicative skills move on to the leading positions, although other methods should not be forgotten, either. It is important to note that this is a truly harmonious time, which gravitates toward measured progress in all directions. And now, it is quite realistic to kill two birds with one stone; the main thing is not to rush, or the situation can quickly get out of your control. The stars advise you not to leave anything for later, otherwise you can get sucked into a routine. You must finally complete everything that you previously did (or wanted to) put an emphasis on but could not or did not have time to achieve the desired result for one reason or another. Give yourself and others another chance, as this is an important period of your life that should not be overshadowed by your personal negativity.

Stopping to examine the working sphere in more detail, it should be noted that in December your sign will be in a good mood. You really will want to work, and you cannot miss this unique moment. In the case of a Taurus who does not have his own business, then it is necessary to cover several aspects. First, you clearly should not promote yourself and insist on your own initiatives. If management has made a different decision, you must accept it. But this does not mean that you have to reconcile with the actual state of affairs! Just act more cautiously and look for allies in those places where you would not expect to find them. In addition, it makes sense to pay extra attention to personal issues. Now you can quite successfully (in many respects) get closer to someone from your workplace. This whole thing might turn into an exciting romantic affair, and you can feel really happy about it. But, make sure that this newly found attraction won’t interfere with your work routine. You risk losing your job and prestige by acting differently. For the Taurus who has his own business, at this stage you should not rush to implement new plans. But, don’t stop under any circumstances, because time is not playing on your side. This month almost any method can be used to achieve your goal; just make sure that those methods don’t scare your allies and companions.

In terms of personal issues, in December Taurus won’t have anyone to ask for advice. But there is nothing wrong with this, because you will learn to listen to yourself, and to trust yourself. Those abilities are very important ones to use. Single Taurus representatives should then make sure not to neglect those accidents that might be not that accidental. Turn on your instincts to the fullest! Trust your intuition, and do not be afraid to let your mind rest. This is a good time for establishing new ties, and single Taurus members have great chances of meeting their better halves. The only thing you need to do in order to let it happen is to get out of your house as often as possible. But, do not leave the city limits; you are not recommended to embark on long-distance travels. You may act in case of need but do so at your own risk. In general, this period will be quite interesting for single persons. Those ones with families can shake up their personal lives by breaking up the everyday routine from time to time. However, make sure that you don’t cross the line when trying to get something from someone. At this stage, you should not on your charisma and communication skills, but rather on personal traits like sympathy. You might feel biased, but it will equalize everyone. Special attention should be paid to group events; the stars advise you to participate in those. But, make sure that you won’t lose control (in particular, as a result of alcoholic intoxication), otherwise you can get into some very unpleasant kinds of ugly situations.


December will be an amazing time for Virgos, who are usually patronized by Mercury, but will also be assisted by Venus. This Venus assistance is what makes this period fantastic, because being your exultant, Venus was generating only negative things in the past. You’d better not risk too much, even under such favourable circumstances. Do not get involved in adventures and try to avoid major events that may require investing too much of your time or efforts. Your advantage at this stage is all about preserving your energy. You will gain advantages over your competitors and ill-wishers by acting slowly but steadily, without trying to prove anything to anyone. In fact, this period is quite simple and stress-free, if you just make sure to restrain yourself, and then you will be able to enter the upcoming year being creatively and positively recharged. By the way, this is really a good month to dedicate yourself to artistic endeavours for those with a genuine desire to do so. Everything that you will attempt doing will result in some truly positive (sometimes surprisingly positive) and bright developments. Of course, you have to work purposefully and fully invest yourself in order to obtain those developments. You should avoid borrowing anything in December, whether it is monetary or any other kind of possession. Try to solve all problems yourself, preferably immediately, on the spot. Taking too much of your time, you can lose momentum, and Venus’s positive influence will simply fade away. Perhaps you’ll have to work hard on yourself in order to become more positive. You need to get rid of negativity and avoid transferring it on to next year.

If we look more at the work circumstances, Virgos who own their personal business ventures will be able to obtain exceptional advantages over competitors in December. In order to do this, you need to get yourself together and choose one single direction. Be ruthless in trying to combat someone who had been bothering you for a while. The stars warn you that acting in the opposite way can really make your prospects dim in terms of scale and quality. Do not be afraid of the consequences; take them and work with them. You have to dive right into the middle of events, not shifting responsibility onto others under any circumstances! The end of the year can become a defining time for you. In other words, you either solve some issue right now or will never be able to do it. Do not put the emphasis on the technical side of an issue, as it will be better to work with your employees. In December, Virgos who do not have personal ventures can lay a strong and reliable foundation for future changes. However, make sure to do everything by yourself, not really relying on anyone. The only way friends can help you is just by giving advice. If you were planning to start a new project with someone, then it will be better to wait for a little. In addition, thanks to Venus’s position, you can now achieve a lot at your current place of work solely through your charisma. It is up to you to decide how far you are planning to go. The stars guarantee you success if you can do everything correctly and leave precisely at the required time.

You also don’t have to be bored in the love life direction. Single Virgos can meet interesting people in December. Do not insist on or force the situation to develop; otherwise, everything will end up being messed up. Let the events develop according to their flow. It can be all about meeting a very good person who might turn into your friend or even significant other. Nothing depends on you anymore, but you still can choose how to behave in the company of strangers. Now, here is something of fundamental importance: if others perceive you adequately, you can also interact with the world in pure harmony, making fewer mistakes. Trust your intuition during complicated situations, as now it can guide you out of misunderstanding. Strictly speaking, not everything will be smooth in your relationships with friends and family, but there is no need to be in a rush to make any changes. It will be a long month, and everything can still change ten times. But harsh words will not be forgotten soon, and you should not forget about your own offenses too quickly, either. Virgos with families will be protected in this regard. They will spend much more time with their household members. Their household will turn into a reliable fortress for them. If you want, you can lead a most reclusive style of life. But the stars won’t be against an opposite style of living either, where you will be constantly meeting your friends and participating in different events. The main thing is to make it comfortable for you and your loved ones. Do not leave them alone during cold December nights, otherwise, one day you may not feel familiar warmth returning home after another day at work. It is a good time to think about a lot of things, but do not devote too much time to this thinking, because life is primarily outside, not inside, of you.


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