July 2018 – Astrological Forecasts

Jupiter, the planet of faith, optimism, and expansion, will turn direct on July 10 after having been retrograde for several months. With Jupiter now in forward motion in Scorpio, the most intense and mysterious sign of all, those lessons about expanding your faith in the depths of emotional intimacy — so you reach the heights of passion in a specific area of your life — are now in full force. This is about romantic relationships for some of you, but for others it’s about career, personal development, or creative works. Either way, until November 8, the opportunity to experience Jupiterian blessings are in direct proportion to your willingness to scour the profound emotions connected to the area of your life you’re hoping to see the most growth.

In other news, it’s an eclipse month, which means the overall cosmic energy will be quite chaotic. Family matters are highlighted at the Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 12. Emotional security buttons will be triggered for many and since this eclipse sharply opposes Pluto, you can anticipate them being magnified. A domestic situation might require change … or at least attention. Try not to act emotionally dysregulated no matter how raw you may be. Feel the feels and let them pass but don’t let them strangle you.
Mercury will turn retrograde on July 26 in Leo, adding a communication haze to an already unstable eclipse month. Until August 19 you might have to address misunderstandings with children, or you may even second-guess your parenting choices about a specific situation with one of your kids. Creative projects will need revision now, so don’t be frustrated if you aren’t receiving applause for them just yet. As for your love life? With Mercury retrograde in Leo, it’s always possible for an ex to come back into the picture. This might be for closure, but it may also be for an attempt at reconciliation.

The most pivotal time of the month might be on July 27 at the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius. This eclipse is a frustrated beast in the sky due to several fascinating configurations. For starters, the ruler of this eclipse is Uranus, which will be at a harsh square to the eclipse point itself. Adding to the mix is the fact that Mars, moving retrograde since June 26, will be exactly conjunct the eclipse point, acting as a trigger. Events that happen now that don’t quite manifest in the way you want them to will have a second chance around September 27 when Mars moves past this eclipse point again in a direct motion. Pay attention to these time frames and notice what is happening in your world related to emotionally draining social situations, group or humanitarian efforts, or your attempt to achieve a significant personal aspiration. The outcome you think you’ll have relating to one of these matters might look very different by the end of September.

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It’s your birthday month, Cancer — but that’s not all. This July you’re the proud owner of a Solar Eclipse in your sign, one that won’t exactly go gently into the night.

This eclipse occurs on July 12 and is sharply opposite Pluto, the planet of power and control, which is now in your relationship sector. Partnership dynamics are sure to be a dominating theme for you this month and you’re likely to feel the tug of war between you and someone close to you in the most palpable way. Yes, there is a new start for you and your mate, but you must first navigate some dark terrain together. One — or both — of you seems to want to be in the driver’s seat when it comes to directing the future of your relationship. The problem with this approach is that you’re both more focused on what is in it for you as individuals rather than what’s in it for you as a couple. What if you chose to be co-pilots instead? Imagine how much farther that would go towards creating a more solid and secure love connection.

You might have a real breakthrough in your marriage or relationship this month, especially if your connection has been on the rocks lately. If you’re in couple’s counseling, expect an awakening and a major turning point thanks to this eclipse energy.
Your sex life will also enjoy a welcome boost. Jupiter turns direct in your 5th House of Romance on July 10, which will intensify and expand the physical enjoyment you gain through intimate connections. If you’re single, this might be a month where you hook up with someone who literally makes you weak in the knees. Losing control has never felt this good!

Mercury will turn direct on July 26 and you might need to take a more careful look at your finances until August 19. Revising your budget and cutting back on excessive entertainment expenses will be a good idea during this time.

You might hear frustrating news about taxes or another type of debt that you owe at the Lunar Eclipse on July 27. You may not feel as if you have any recourse. If so, you’ll have to bite the bullet and pay up. The good news? Once it’s over, it’s over.
The sun-Neptune trine on July 8 could be an emotionally sensitive day with many people wearing their heart on their sleeve. Keep sympathies under control. On the twelfth, a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer could bring you a lot of friendly people and pleasant opportunities. Don’t expect the normal nice things. People and circumstances want to be generous and maybe fulfill a dream.

The full moon and lunar eclipse of July 27 could shake loose a financial opportunity that has been evading you. It might also clear up a monetary misunderstanding. Be firm but friendly and all parties will get what they want.
Standout days: 5, 11, 20
Challenging days: 19, 25


You might go into July feeling as if you’ve lost your mojo, Aquarius. Mars, the planet of “ooomph” will be retrograde in your sign until August 27. That’s the bad news. This means that you might not feel as if you’ve got your usual fighting spirit. You may feel more tired and need to practice a bit more self-care this month in order to maintain physical and emotional balance. Above all, this is not the month to be hard on yourself or to expect too much from yourself. This is truly a time of pause, reflection, and acceptance of what is.

A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on July 27 will closely connect to Mars retrograde, which may highlight a weakness to your powers of recuperation. If you have struggled with a health-related matter, this might be when you are called to go back to address it once more. You’ll need to find a more innovative approach and might find that a holistic perspective serves you well. Unusual treatment modalities are helpful for your sign, so don’t be afraid to explore something that others may perceive as experiment or even radical.
For some of you, this month won’t be as much about health and energy but more about an exasperating feeling of defeat or frustration concerning a close relationship. Mercury will turn retrograde in your partnership sector on July 26, prompting you to rethink a decision about you and someone close. You might hear news from your partner that you find confusing. If the two of you are quarrelling, it might feel as if you’ll never be able to get your mate to see your perspective. Although some of you might end a close relationship this month, that doesn’t have to be the case. However, if neither one of you is willing to do the necessary work, then you need to ask yourself what you really have.

Life is less noisy now for a reason, Aquarius. It’s time to slow down and really consider what you truly want. What you thought was worth fighting for might suddenly become completely insignificant to you this month. Be honest with yourself and don’t forget to put your own oxygen mask on first in July. Just breathe.

The new moon and solar eclipse of July 12 could create a very pleasant atmosphere at home and at work. If at work, people want to be kind and helpful. Enjoy and share the good vibes. The sun-Uranus square on July 25 could give the start of today’s Mercury retrograde a rougher beginning. Don’t attempt anything too fancy now.

The full moon and lunar eclipse on July 27 highlight love and romance. Overly demonstrative admirers will not be charming, but true affection should find a way to express itself. Be patient. Let unrealistic expectations fizzle out and see what remains. A difficult lover could soften toward you.
Standout days: 2, 7, 11
Challenging days: 13, 17


Aries, this is going to be a month where you become more aware than ever before of exactly what is holding you back in life. That’s the good news. The bad news, however, is that while you’ll have this startling realization, you’re not going to be able to do a thing about it … at least not yet. Knowing what’s wrong is one thing but being able to actively fix or change the situation in order to make it right is another. You’re used to action — you make things happen. But now with Mars, your ruling planet, being retrograde, you are spinning your wheels in frustration, needing to resign yourself to the fact that for now, nothing will happen according to your personal timeline. You are at the mercy of the cosmic backwash that will force you into the past. It’ll make you feel as though you’re in a pressure cooker situation that we all know will eventually build up into a tsunami. And when it’s time for you to move forward, there might be some fall-out.

Let’s get back to the present moment, because July is just not going to be a month where you feel in your power. Do your best to make peace with this and take in what’s happening around you without trying to direct it or change it. As early as July 12 you’ll notice a significant domestic change happening thanks to a potent Solar Eclipse that falls in your family sector. One of your parents or a person in authority might try to control the changes that are happening in your clan, much to your frustration. It’s a “do as I say and not as I do” type of influence you’ll be under, and you might need to bow down and concede in this particular situation. Choose your battles wisely this month, especially when it comes to family matters. The truth is, you’re out there trying to fight without any weapons and your suit of armour is in the shop.
Adding to the complexity of July, Mercury has decided to turn retrograde on July 26 in your 5th House of Love, Romance, Children, and Creativity. You might receive mixed messages from a romantic partner until August 19. You may also have to address miscommunication with children. An ex-lover might reappear and if this happens, you won’t know what to do about it. The best course of action this month — and next month — is NO action. Remember, Mars won’t turn direct until August 27.

As if this weren’t enough, a Lunar Eclipse will illuminate your 11th House of Groups, Friends, Technology Endeavours, and Greatest Hopes on July 27. You might feel completely deflated with a project that is dear to your heart, especially if it involves groups or technology. If there was ever a month for you to make peace with the “let go or be dragged” philosophy, this is it. Trust that anything ending now truly is draining your energy and is making room for what is meant to be in your future.

The Mercury-Mars opposition on July 5 may show you more than one side of a disagreement or discussion. There’s no need to be drawn into an argument. Open your home and your heart for the new moon and solar eclipse of the twelfth and let a lot of good feelings and good luck pour in. Be delighted by a new blooming plant or unexpected kindness from a relative.

Let your inner child come out for the July 27 full moon and lunar eclipse. Be willing to start something more than once, and don’t be attached to outcomes. Enjoy the moments and maybe learn something useful.
Standout days: 5, 18, 22
Challenging days: 25, 26


You’ve got major shifts happening in close partnerships this month, both business and personal. A Solar Eclipse on July 12 will land in your relationship sector, offering the potential for a fresh start in at least one major alliance. This eclipse, however, will demand that you learn how to correctly use your power by empowering the relationship rather than trying to control or manipulate the other person involved. If you can do this, then you can count on this connection to be indomitable. If you are more focused on what you can get from the other person or are trying to push an unhealthy attachment in this dynamic, well … it’s not going to be pretty.
Let go of control issues, Capricorn. Plain and simple. Pluto is in your sign and will oppose this eclipse point, making certain that you learn this lesson one way or another. As long as you choose to take the highest road possible and avoid doing anything underhanded in order to ensure that your personal needs are met, then you are initiating what could be a very solid and mutually empowering relationship. In terms of business, you and this person could be unstoppable! But remember, you need to check yourself. This is not the month to allow yourself to be seduced by any unsavoury motivations. This is not the month to be an opportunist. That will backfire in your face. This IS the month to nurture the potential you have with someone else and lay the foundation for something that can truly stand the test of time.

In other news, you’ll need to be extra patient this month when it comes to your money. Mars will be retrograde in your earned income sector through August 27, making it seem as if your money is leaving to pay bills faster than you can make it. In fact, a Lunar Eclipse on July 27 in the same area of your chart might lead to you losing a source of income. Either way, your security buttons are sure to be pushed, making you extra anxious about financial matters. Do what you can to keep it in perspective and know that this too shall pass. Mercury will turn retrograde in your 8th House of Joint Finances and Investments on July 26. This might actually be a good time to take a look at where you have money socked away. If you need to take a chunk of cash out of an investment in order to get through a financial rough patch, the good news is you’ll have the money to do so. Again, it’s all temporary. And in the end, it’s only money.

The new moon and solar eclipse on July 12 might bring you love and affection from some unexpected quarters. You might be able to avoid the more cloying shows of affection, but you may choose to enjoy the attention instead. The moon-Saturn conjunction on July 24 makes it easy to prepare for the upcoming Mercury retrograde tomorrow.

Be diplomatic around the full moon and lunar eclipse of July 27. People may interrupt you with several issues that never arose before, but most of these will turn out to be simple or immaterial. Stay patient and don’t let anyone or anything push your buttons.
Standout days: 13, 15, 29
Challenging days: 11, 26


If you’ve been wondering when all of those promised freelance assignments are going to come through, this is the month. Any stalls you’ve been experiencing with that dream job or the work projects you’ve been waiting for will be over after July 10. In fact, you’re going to be so busy with work assignments until November 8 that there’s a good chance you’ll need to decline a couple of those opportunities. Hey, too much work is a good place to be!

Finances are also looking brighter, no doubt as a result of this massive change in work. A Solar Eclipse on July 12 will land in your earned income sector, ushering in potent energy for new or improved revenue streams. Just remember to be smart with your money since it’s possible that an outside influence will try to control your pennies. This might be your spouse or partner, especially if he or she isn’t doing as well as you are these days. There might be some unconscious — or even open — resentment about your success on his or her part. If you sense this is the case, you’ll want to tread lightly. It might be that your partner is going through a rough patch in his or her own career, feeling unfulfilled, or even out of work. If so, your support might come across as rubbing failure in their face. This is not your intention, but the more insecure your partner is about this situation, the more likely the shadow side of their behaviour will emerge.

Communications matters become messy by July 26 when Mercury turns retrograde right in your message sector. Mercury will be hibernating until August 19 and this won’t be your best time to sign contracts, make important decisions, or move ahead with big ticket item purchases such as a new car or electronic device. You might also notice more misunderstandings between you and children or a lover. This will, however, be a perfect time to revise a writing project — the more creative the better!

A Lunar Eclipse on July 27 might feel deflating if you’re involved in a legal matter. You might hear disappointing news that makes you want to give up altogether. Another possibility is that you are giving up on pursuing an advanced degree, license, or certification. Suddenly, your goals in terms of education are shifting. It’s fine if you don’t have all the answers. This month, it’s the questions that matter.

Look for good luck in money matters under the new moon and solar eclipse on July 12. Ask for what you want or need, expect nothing, and receive a lot. It may not be what you expected, but it will be valuable.

Mercury goes retrograde on the twenty-fifth. Turn down the enthusiasm and give yourself more time to choose what to do and how to do it. On July 27, your neighborhood or circle of friends could get rowdy with the full moon and lunar eclipse. What starts out noisy or contentious will probably turn out to be no big deal.
Standout days: 5, 14, 24
Challenging days: 2, 8


Although you might see amazing forward movement in earning potential from July 9-August 6, and even though your domestic world will continue to improve, it seems that you’re not focusing on the blessings in your life. Instead, you’ve got your mind on what’s lacking. Truthfully, it might be time for a perspective adjustment. Life is not bad these days, Leo. It’s just slow.

A Solar Eclipse on July 12 might put you on a course correction in health. The mind-body connection is nothing to laugh at. If you haven’t been taking care of yourself from the inside, then it might begin to show on the outside. Fortunately, any health-related hiccups will be addressed immediately, and you’ll certainly take them seriously. In fact, you might become more of a health nut now that Saturn and Pluto are taking up space in your 6th House of Wellness. The eclipse on July 12 will sharply oppose Pluto, reminding you that extreme measures might be necessary in order to improve a health situation. That means you might actually have to quit smoking, start exercising, or actually listen to a medical professional’s advice, Leo. It’s for your own good to swallow the medicine prescribed this month, even if it leaves a bad taste in your mouth at first.

In other news, your relationship seems stagnant and this is frustrating you endlessly. You might very much want to move forward with someone in a more committed way. Your partner, however, might require a slower pace and may feel that you’re not ready for the next level in your relationship just yet. Don’t take this as rejection — take it as a good sign! Your partner might love you and value what you have so much that he or she feels it’s best to not rush things. Still, it’s difficult for you to remain patient this July. And it might be even more difficult for you to refrain from putting your foot in your mouth and saying something you later regret. Especially after July 27 when Mercury turns direct in your sign. Oh, Leo … at least you’ve been warned.

Even if you stay home on July 12, the new moon and solar eclipse will bring the world to you. Get as busy as you please but reserve some quality private time to bask in all the activity around you. The sun enters Leo on the twenty-second, with the moon in Sagittarius. Keep wild passions under control, but don’t deny any true desires.

The full moon and lunar eclipse in Leo on July 27 set you apart from your partners and allies. They may be louder or more vocal, but you know what’s important. And there is still plenty of common ground.
Standout days: 5, 8, 24
Challenging days: 25, 26


Oh, Libra. Nothing irks you more than when your close romantic partnership is out of sorts, in a slump, or not going according to your plan. Whether you’re in a committed partnership, on the dating scene, or somewhere in between, you’ll feel as if there’s not much you can do about your love life this month. You have found yourself in a complete and total rut.

This is due to two factors. For starters, your ruling planet Venus will move into the most hidden part of your chart on July 9 and remains here through August 6. Something painful about your romantic situation might be worked on during this time. You might receive counseling or have a personal breakthrough that allows you to work on whatever it is that needs fixing in your relationship. That’s the positive spin. The not-so-positive angle of Venus moving through your 12th House of Shadows is that you may experience an unrequited love situation. Alternately, it’s possible there are secrets in your relationship and you can’t quite put your finger on what they are. The truth eludes you in matters of the heart this month and that doesn’t feel very good.

Adding to this is the fact that Mars is retrograde in your romance sector all month. In fact, he’ll be retrograde through August 27, making it nearly impossible for you and your lover to see any true forward movement in your love connection. Your sex life might become non-existent or less fulfilling than usual. If you’re dating someone, you might even decide to let the relationship go at the Lunar Eclipse on July 27, which happens in the same area of your chart.

Not every Libra will experience harsh endings this month, so don’t resign yourself to romantic misery. If you and your partner are both willing to do the work needed to salvage your relationship, then this month will be a time where you don’t see the rewards. However, if you do the work, they will be promised in the near future.

In other news, you may have a career turning point at the Solar Eclipse on July 12. Embrace whatever opportunity flies your way!
The Venus-Uranus trine on July 11 could encourage a new love interest to become bolder. Romance could get more exciting. The new moon and solar eclipse on the twelfth could boost your career and public standing. A number of competing opportunities could arise. Evaluate and choose well. Be gracious and receptive to everyone and see benefits to all of you.

The social scene could get scrambled with the full moon and lunar eclipse on July 27. If there are competing factions or cliques, step back and let them do their thing. Concentrate on having low-key fun and skip the jealousy or gossip.
Standout days: 10, 13, 27
Challenging days: 24, 31


Venus will move into your partnership sector on July 9, remaining here through August 6. With Venus in Virgo, you’ll find that you and your mate are focusing more on what each of you can do for the other in order to make your lives together run more smoothly. The daily tasks of life, such as food shopping or cleaning the house, might become ways for you to become closer. Although it may seem boring to some, you’ll actually find this grounding. Taking care of life’s little details together will help reinforce the bond you share and help you remember that no matter what other ups and downs you and your mate might endure, your partnership works at its core.

A Solar Eclipse on July 12 falls in your 5th House of Romance, Creativity, and Children. There might be baby news on the horizon for you and your partner this month. If so, it may be something that binds the two of you together even more tightly than you were before. If you’re completely single, this eclipse can bring new love into your life. Although it might be under complicated circumstances, this can become a very fulfilling romantic adventure if you allow your heart to lead you.

Despite all the glorious love cycles this month, you may feel as though your overall energy is muted. Mercury will turn retrograde in your work sector on July 26 and remains hibernating through August 19. It’ll be a time when you’re more sensitive to miscommunication on the job and between you and your colleagues. This will also be a time when you may need to revise and even redo at least one major work assignment. Push through it, even if it seems redundant. You’ll find a silver lining in all of this once you realize that an error will be found that you might have otherwise missed.

Adding to this, Mars will be retrograde all this month and next month. Mars is the planet of assertive drive and is currently out of phase in your hidden 12th House of Privacy. You’re simply not in a position of dominant strength during this time, and you might need extra rest and recuperation. An eclipse on July 27 might be a critical health reminder that if you don’t practice self-care and fill up your cup, eventually it will be depleted. There’s no reason to push yourself to a level of exhaustion, Pisces. Don’t swim against the current. Instead, float. You will not only keep your head above water, but you could also realize that by floating, you finally get to relax.

The sun-Neptune trine on July 8 could invigorate a dream that has been sitting on the back burner for a long time. Be inspired and creative as never before around the new moon and solar eclipse on the twelfth, or you may be thrilled to indulge a passion. Feel unbelievably lucky no matter what happens.

You may make a few changes in your health regimen or diet during the full moon and lunar eclipse of July 27. It’s fine to examine and possibly experiment in some small way but be sensible and insist on results. You won’t be tempted by anything risky that promises instant progress.
Standout days: 3, 5, 10
Challenging days: 9, 24


Magnificent opportunities for growth and overall progress in your career are possible this month, despite a few nasty retrograde planets in the sky. As long as you keep calm and carry on, you’ve got this!

It all begins on July 9 when Venus moves to the top of your chart, remaining here until August 6. You’ll notice that your boss or another VIP is more impressed than ever with your skill set and work ethic. There is likely to be at least one major offer you’ll receive to help propel your career to the next level. Don’t waste this incredible time! What makes this even more interesting is the potential for financial reward. A Solar Eclipse on July 12 falls in your 8th House of Big Money. This isn’t the cash that comes your way through your direct pay cheque. Rather, it’s the type that’s funnelled to you in any other way you can imagine. As a result, there’s a strong possibility that this career opportunity will come with the potential for you to generate passive income, royalties, a hefty bonus or commission, or even a lump sum pay-out that is separate from your weekly pay cheque. You might also receive more attractive benefits or a retirement package that makes you smile.

While this career goodness is happening, there will be two monkey wrenches in the sky to navigate. Mars will be retrograde in your communication sector all this month and the next, making it difficult for you to speak up for yourself in the assertive way you’re used to. However, this mellower version of your voice might turn into an asset if you use this opportunity to improve your listening skills instead of trying to speak above anyone else in a futile effort to be heard.

Mercury will turn retrograde on July 26 in your 9th House of Higher Mind. This might lead to some delays or frustration if you’re involved in a publishing, advertising, or broadcasting endeavour. You can, however, revise a current project successfully. You might also decide that it’s time to go back to school. Sagittarius, you’re always hungry for knowledge, so this might be the best decision you make all month. The quiet pursuit of wisdom will make you stronger than ever before.

Jupiter goes direct on July 10, having been retrograde since March 8. Generosity and enthusiasm increase. Keep them reasonable. You could become popular around the new moon and solar eclipse on the twelfth. One good deed or random act of kindness could bring you a great deal of goodwill and respect.

Watch for a clash of perspectives or world views around the full moon and lunar eclipse of July 27. There’s no need to argue, but there could be several times when people aren’t all on the same page. Let things sort themselves out, or perhaps give them a gentle nudge.
Standout days: 5, 20, 22
Challenging days: 1, 9


The best part about July for you is that Jupiter, the planet of luck and blessings, will turn direct in your sign on July 10. Jupiter has been moving retrograde, which can sometimes slightly diminish outer blessings. This is so that you can focus on your inner faith and remembering to have that attitude of gratitude for all that you already have. If you have forgotten to give thanks to the universe and have been more focused on what you lack than what you have an abundance of, you might have learned a thing or two over the last few months about appreciating what is right in front of you before moving on to greener pastures.

Now that Jupiter is direct, however, you are in a fabulous place both spiritually and physically. Any necessary attitude adjustment on your part has been integrated, making you more optimistic about your future and its potential more than ever. You should be! Jupiter in your sign is no joke, and he will provide you with expansive prospects to move forward in leaps and bounds in your personal life journey.

You’ll need to look back just a little while longer before you can take that big jump forward. Mars continues to travel retrograde in your home and family sector all month long. Combined with a Lunar Eclipse in the same area of your chart on July 27, it’s possible you will need to let go of something that is truly not serving you when it comes to your domestic life. Since Mars is involved and he’s retrograde, it might have to do with personal anger and resentments and a need to forgive someone in your family. Once you manage to do this, you’ll realize that you’re free to expand personally and make the most out of Jupiter’s exciting blessings.
Mercury will also be retrograde in your career sector from July 26 through August 19. You might be carefully re-evaluating your professional goals during this time, and it’s possible you’ll even consider an opportunity that comes back around from the past. Take your time before deciding.

The Mercury-Mars opposition on July 5 could keep a relationship or project from spinning out of control. The new moon and solar eclipse on the twelfth give you the chance to be the wisest person in the room with no extra effort or intent on your part. Use extra care in what you say to whom. People hear what you say and see what you do.

A career matter could get complicated around the full moon and lunar eclipse of July 27. Crossed wires or additional questions could arise that slow down getting a job or promotion. Stick to the basics and feel secure.
Standout days: 4, 12, 21
Challenging days: 1, 16


If you’ve felt that your relationship growth potential has halted, the universe is about to accelerate this part of your life once again. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will turn direct in your partnership sector on July 10 after having been retrograde for the last few months. With Jupiter now moving forward through November 8, you’ll begin to see real momentum in your connection between you and someone close. This might be in your personal life, in business matters, or in both areas. Although you’ve been challenged to open up and relate in the deepest, most honest and intimate way possible in order to enjoy genuine connections, the more you’re willing to do this, the greater your reward will be. Don’t be afraid to do the work.

In fact, your love life will enjoy an overall boost this month. Venus, your ruler, will enter your 5th House of Romance and Pleasure on July 9 and remains in this part of your chart until August 6. You truly have a lovely amount of support between Venus and Jupiter this month to foster a positive and heartfelt connection with someone. Pay special attention to July 22 when Venus and Jupiter align perfectly to one another. Love is divine for you on this day!

While your romantic prospects look stunning this month, your career seems to have a bad case of indigestion. Not only is Mars traveling retrograde all month long in your career sector, but a tense Lunar Eclipse will land at the top of your chart on July 27 at the very same degree as Mars Retrograde. For some, this might suggest stalled or frustrated success as you try to push ahead with a professional endeavour. For others, it might be the end of the road, one where you need to call the time of death on a goal you’ve had. This could prompt you to pursue a new path entirely. It doesn’t have to be this dramatic, but it will be a significant turning point in your career path, and you might not feel as though you have complete control. Trust that the universe is leading you to what is best.
In addition, you might experience a few hiccups in family matters once Mercury turns retrograde on July 26 in your home sector. Avoid signing contracts or making important decisions with relatives. A real estate matter might be stalled until August 19. When it comes to your relationship with relatives during this time, your best course of action is to expect nothing, assume nothing, and clarify everything.

Venus enters Virgo on July 9. Dressing down may be the new way to dress up. Romance could get less formal and less glitzy as well. Interactions with friends and family should be smooth as silk, as well as fun, during the new moon and solar eclipse on the twelfth. Be prepared for all the agreeable good feelings that come your way.

The full moon and lunar eclipse on July 27 could bring to the surface several domestic issues that can be solved or improved now. Rather than treat them as conflicts, welcome the chance to resolve and fix things.
Standout days: 11, 13, 15
Challenging days: 24, 27


You might feel as if you’re not in your complete power this month … but at least you’ll look beautiful in the process.
Venus moves into Virgo on July 9 and remains in your sign until August 6. During this once-a-year transit, you’ll have an opportunity to spruce up your appearance in a way that boosts your confidence and overall appeal. In fact, even if you do nothing at all, you’re likely to magnetize others your way. Single Virgos: A new love interest might arrive this month. If so, this person has true lasting potential. That’s because Venus will make a perfect link to Saturn, the planet of longevity and commitment, which is now in your 5th House of Romance, on July 14. If you’re attached, then your partner will make you feel more valued than ever. In fact, he or she will have no trouble letting you know that they can’t live without you. You are truly indispensable in their eyes and that, Virgo, is music to your ears.

The trouble you’ll have this month is mainly due to a stalemate situation in your work environment. Mars is retrograde in your 6th House of Work and a Lunar Eclipse will land in the same area of your chart on July 27. It’s possible that you’ll be ready for a change and might quit your job due to a growing sense of dissatisfaction. You may feel that no matter how hard you push, it’s impossible to achieve your goals under the current circumstances. It’s time to change your circumstances. If you’re in business for yourself, it’s possible that you’ll lose a valuable staff member. It might be more of a blow than you initially realize, but you’ll eventually regroup. Another possibility is that you are just grinding at the workplace this month, feeling unusually unproductive. Don’t worry, it’s temporary!

Mercury will also be retrograde from July 26 until August 19. Since Mercury is your ruler, you’re always more sensitive to this planet’s motion. He’ll retrograde in the most hidden area of your chart, which means you might have more of a difficult time communicating your thoughts effectively to others for a bit. That’s okay, Virgo. It’s time to reflect and recharge mentally. We all know you’re a sign who prefers being busy and efficient. You might not be in your element this month, but this doesn’t have to be a negative. As a matter of fact, being beautifully unproductive just might turn you into a powerhouse in the very near future.

Social life gets brilliant and busy for the new moon and solar eclipse on July 12. If you get a big invitation, consider going. People will miss you if you don’t show up. Regardless, it should be a fun time. Mercury goes retrograde on the twenty-fifth. Slow down the pace and pay more attention to what may need the extra time.

The full moon and lunar eclipse on July 27 could generate some self-doubt or second-guessing. Don’t go there. Think through what needs attention, and don’t take anyone else’s opinions too much to heart. Trust your decisions and have confidence in your actions.
Standout days: 14, 19, 29
Challenging days: 2, 5


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