November 2018 – Astrological Forecasts

What does your monthly horoscope have in store for November 2018? This has been a super intense year so far and it’s not planning on letting up any time soon. Brace yourself for another super-intense month full of pleasant surprises!

As soon as November 6th we have a series of astrological events taking place back to back! First up, planet of the surprise, Uranus in Taurus, squares the lunar nodes in Leo and Aquarius turning things on their head and opening unexpected new pathways for you. This is sure to bring changes and adjustments to help you create more freedom in your life.

The significant astrological event of November 2018 is Jupiter entering Sagittarius, where it’s at home and manifests in full force. We’re entering a term of about one year during which we’re encouraged and supported when it comes to learning new things, widening the horizons of our perception and knowledge, and cultivating our intellect. Many of us might rediscover the pleasure of reading a good book or studying a topic we’re drawn to.

On the very same day, November 6th, Uranus backtracks into Aries for one final big send off, just as the Lunar Nodes or eclipse points also change signs. Talk of things being unstable! Uranus will stay in Aries till March 2019, when he’ll finally move into his new abode Taurus for good, i.e. the next 7-8 years. (They’re just refurbishing Taurus’ house a little more to Uranus’ taste…LOL)

In November we rediscover our desire for adventure, exploration, travel, and experimenting with new ideas. Jupiter is a planet of growth, expansion, wide perspectives, but also of optimism, confidence and luck, of convictions and moral creeds by which we lead our lives. It’s the best term for daring to step out of our routine and the familiar environment, change the angle from which we see life and the world by and large, and freshen up our knowledge and lifestyle philosophy.

During this term, those who really want to complete their studies or learn a foreign language are favoured, those who have to do with the academic or publishing environment, with justice or religion, those who want to develop businesses, collaborations, or exchanges abroad, and those who work in tourism.

Uranus won’t leave Aries where it has been since 2011 till March 2019 and not before making sure that all things in your horoscope ruled by Aries are never ever the same again! You’ve had 8 years of changes in the area of your life ruled by Aries and it’s time to seal the deal and embrace that new identity!

At the same time, again, on Tuesday November 6th, the Lunar Nodes move into Cancer and Capricorn, marking the official start of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses! Leo (and Aquarius), you’re fully transformed and ready to embark on a whole new way of life. It’s time for Cancer and Capricorn to take over now. We only have one last eclipse at 0 Leo this January but that’s it. After that it’s Cancer and Capricorn all the way!

Bang on cue, on Wednesday November 7th we have a transformative New Moon in Scorpio! This is to make sure you capture this important moment in time and don’t waste this opportunity to make big life changes. This Scorpio New Moon wants you to rid your life of anything that’s past its sell by date. Can you do it? How ruthless can you be? To help you along and give you hope and courage to move forward, on Thursday the 8th, Jupiter moves into Sagittarius – and that’s big news people! Boy, the universe can really pack a punch within 3 days.

Come mid-November, we have another series of unsettling events. Love goddess, Venus, finally turns direct just as Mercury runs out of steam and goes retrograde! Talk about tricky timing! It all happens within a hair’s breadth on the clock (Venus stations direct in Libra on the 16th and Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius on the 17th) so expect high volatility in the middle of November. See what sorts of things arise requiring your attention but don’t make any hasty decisions. Leave the major decision-making for December – a solid month – and preferably for Christmas! It’s going to be a good one this year!

And what about love? With Venus firing on all cylinders from mid-November your heart will soon find its feet and any relationship problems will soon sort themselves out. Mars moves into Pisces mid-month steaming up your windows and by the 23rd a Gemini Full Moon blows the dating field wide open! Two days later, on November 25th Neptune stations direct bathing the world in intensely romantic hues. Get ready for a sultry and magical stretch till Christmas!

November ends on a high as Mercury and the Sun conjunct lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius on November 27th, bringing fantastic hope, optimism and opportunity your way. It’s all finally happening. Are you ready? Read on for the monthly horoscope for your star sign!

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You start November 2018 on a romantic and idealistic note. Until November 22, the Sun transits your 5th house (love, flirting, and romantic affairs) and makes a harmonious aspect with Neptune. So, you’re more predisposed to intense romantic dreams, worthy of a sweet Hollywood scenario, while your ability to seduce is greater than ever. You know how to make yourself shine in the eyes of those you find attractive and how to seduce through a couple of words. Careful though, don’t promise more than you can deliver on!

As far as the Moon – ruler of Cancer – is concerned, there’s a New Moon on November 7, 2018, and it activates precisely your house of love, encouraging you to establish new amorous contacts or to begin a new chapter in an existing relationship.

When it comes to older couples, things can go on a calmer route. If lately things have been more agitated and sprinkled with arguments, you now start to enjoy the support of the stars so you can clear things up and move on to reconciliation. Your astrology advises you to be serious and pay the necessary attention and time to matters of the heart.

If you’re dreaming about making an older relationship an official one, the last days of November 2018 are favourable for a serious discussion on that topic or even a proposal.

Career and Finances:
Uranus returns in Cancer’s house of career and socio-professional reputation for a few months, encouraging you to make significant changes of direction in your career and seeking out new and original ways of standing out to the public.

Jupiter also contributes to your professional progress. On November 8, 2018, it enters Cancer’s house of work and health, encouraging you toward professional development and perfecting and enriching your abilities. For about a year, Jupiter supports you in order to take the initiative and take actual steps toward finding a job or changing the current one with something better.

Alongside Jupiter, in Cancer’s house of work is Mercury – that begins its retrograde motion on November 17 – and during the November 13-20 term forms a tense aspect with Neptune. Your astrology points out that, due to this aspect, you might tend to get your hopes up, particularly if you set out to find a job abroad, in higher-education or justice.

Mercury retrograde forms a square with Mars during the November 25-26 term, which speaks of conflict with higher-ups, most likely due to your tendency to be stubborn and not accept other people’s ideas. So, you risk compromising your position in the firm where you’re working or the odds of getting hired.

On November 22, 2018, the Sun enters Cancer’s 6th house. Since the Sun rules your 2nd house (money gained through work), it’s not hard to conclude that you’re in for a term during which your efforts are going to be rewarded.
As far as money is concerned, the first part of November is more favourable. Aside what you make by working, odds are you’ll receive support from others or manage to take a loan.
During the second half of the month, avoid excessive spending.

Mental and Physical Shape:
Your morale and energy are good, so you can get a lot done – more so during the first half of November 2018. But advises you not to get involved in too many things at once, even if you’re full of enthusiasm. It would be best to attempt to get as much as you can done before November 17, when Mercury – ruler of Cancer’s 12th house – begins its retrograde motion. After that date, you might suffer from older health issues or have some (real or made-up) reasons for concern that force you to see the doctor, even if it’s only to gain your peace of mind.

On the other hand, Jupiter watches over Cancer’s house of health and – if you run into real issues – you have every chance to get well soon.


On November 8, 2018, Jupiter begins its transit through Aquarius’ 11th house (friends and socio-professional groups), which foretells a more intense social life – it might revive older couples that have gotten bored. Some Aquarians tend to become distant with their better half, claiming to need more freedom to move. A simple call from a friend can be an excellent excuse for getting away from your better half’s nagging.
It’s up to you to choose how things play out in the couple, but your astrology recommends you not miss out on the chance to liven things up in the relationship and returning to a point of being close, getting along, and having fun together.

Mercury – ruler of Aquarius’ love – is in your 11th house, which favours single Aquarians who are on the lookout for seduction games, but various temptations also come along for married ones. The tense aspects that Mercury forms with Neptune (November 13-20) and with Mars (November 25-26) suggest that there might be complications, confusions, illusions, then arguments and reproaches, most likely related to money or your contribution to your life together.

On November 22, 2018, the Sun – ruler of Aquarius’ partnerships – enters your 11th house too. So, there’s a favourable time for meeting someone who deserves your undivided attention and with whom you can build a long-term relationship.

The tense mood of the last days of November is more favourable for Aquarians who want to end a relationship or marriage that hasn’t been working for a long time.

Career and Finances:
November starts in a promising way for Aquarians’ career. On November 7, 2018, you get a favourable New Moon in your house of career, socio-professional reputation, and direction in life. Considering the fact that the Moon rules your house of work and health, this New Moon moment may be very significant for what you want to do from here on as far as profession is concerned.

Now starts a very good term for redefining your long-term goals, making new business plans, attracting partners, collaborators, and investors, and for finding new ways through which you can make your achievements known.
You might get a promotion, but also end up having new responsibilities. You can become more popular and play a more significant role professionally, but this change comes with ups and downs.

As far as income is concerned, things aren’t very clear during November 2018. You should pay more attention to your tendency to have too-great expectations from others and falling for promises that are in fact misleading. If you get a promotion or take the first step toward getting a job, your astrology advises you to discuss in detail what sort of benefits you get. If you have to pay collaborators or hire personnel, you should make very clear and precise offers.

Mercury – ruler of Aquarius’ 8th house (joint resources, taxes, fines, loans, financing, inheritances) – begins its retrograde motion on November 17, 2018. From then on, you should avoid making major money-related decisions and be careful about calculations and how you express yourself, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

On November 16, Mars starts to transit your house of worked-for money, which shows that you’re determined to earn more and reach material stability as soon as possible. But during the last days of the month, there might be some misunderstandings related to amounts you need to pay or cash in.

Mental and Physical Shape:
You look confidently toward the future and feel ready to redefine your goals, influenced by friends. But this might bring disappointments your way, which could bring you down.

In order to keep a good tonus, joy of life, and creative enthusiasm, you should be careful and not take at face value any advice or encouragement. Your worst issue is money, but things can improve with patience. If you feel the need to get some advice, ask experts!


The first half of November 2018 is marked by unrest and tension in relationships, particularly for Arians who are married or thinking about making the relationship official. Some Arians might have doubts related to a separation or a divorce.

Until November 16, Venus – ruler of Aries’ relationships – is in apparent retrograde motion and it pushes to revise relationships and add things up as far as feelings are concerned; but your astrology advises avoiding taking final decisions or beginning new relationships. Also, throughout the month, Venus is in opposition with Uranus – which returns to Aries, retrograde, on November 6, 2018.

Some Arians bring back into discussion the matter of personal independence, but the wisest of them understand that a committed relationship doesn’t necessarily imply losing individual freedom. It’s not out of the question to be surprised and run into plot twists, whether it’s sudden breakups or reconciliations. All of that leads you, in the end, to beneficial situations.

The transits of November 2018 favour reconciliations and constructive approaches of sensitive couple-related topics.

Mars – planet that rules Aries – enters your 12th house on November 16, and pushes you to be more forgiving, tolerant, open to resuming a relationship on a new basis.

On top of that, the second half of November seems to be full of optimism and the desire to conquer new horizons, both on an intellectual level and on an amorous one. Arians who are looking for someone are favoured by the energy of this term and can enjoy a tumultuous social life, bringer of romantic affairs.

Career and Finances:
During November 2018 you’re driven by noble ideals, particularly after the 8th – when Jupiter enters its home and activates your 9th house (convictions and lifestyle philosophy, higher education, foreign countries, intellectual horizons). It’s a good time for knowledge and widening your perspective on life. This can bring you benefits all around, including professionally, particularly if you work in areas related to justice, religion or higher education.

Your astrology advises you to make the most of this term, because you have an excellent chance at completing your studies so that later on you can reap the benefits of better chances at achieving professional goals. If you’re still studying, Jupiter inspires and helps you to choose the best major.

Mercury – ruler of Aries’ house of work – begins its retrograde motion on November 17, 2018, and the square it makes with Neptune during the November 13-20 term proves that it’s time to revise your professional goals and expectations regarding the evolution of your career or finding a job.

The tense aspects made by Mars with Jupiter and Mercury during the second half of the month might point to a predisposition toward overestimating and conflicts of principle with anyone you think is standing in your way.
As far as money is concerned, things aren’t that clear and you need to revise your plans. The New Moon of November 7, 2018, happens in Aries’ 8th house (loans, taxes, but also inheritances and passive income), encouraging making plans for your money, reducing expenses, and setting up a savings strategy. After November 16, 2018, you should ask for advice from people in the know or from financial consultants.

Mental and Physical Shape:
Arians’ optimism and enthusiasm is, from time to time, undermined by the odd victimization crisis or lack of confidence by your own devices.

On November 16, 2018, Mars – ruler of Aries – enters your 12th house (isolation, chronic illness and healing, the subconscious mind and hidden enemies). So, your worst enemy is more often than not you, particularly if you suddenly go from the idea that everyone is against you to belligerent or condescending attitudes. After November 17, 2018, when Mercury is retrograde, communication might give you some hassle.

Considering the fact that Mercury rules Aries’ house of health too, you should pay more attention to the shape you’re in and your mental health, particularly during the second half of the month. In order to increase your chances at succeeding, it’s important that you be realistic as far as expectations are concerned – about you and others, too. Be modest!


At the beginning of November 2018, you could be thinking about the concept of marriage and the implications of taking on long-term relational responsibilities.

Capricornians who are having issues with their spouse tend to seriously think about a potential divorce, and remember significant moments of their life as a couple while seeking pros and cons. If you’re in that situation, your astrology recommends you not rush to make a decision.

Until November 16, the retrograde motion of Venus – which rules Capricorn’s love and flirting – favours emotional reviews and drawing conclusions based on past experience.

Some Capricornians who are just starting relationships might get scared about the perspective of marriage or the idea of taking that final step toward living with their better half under the same roof. Once Venus’ retrograde motion ends, you might come to a decision and get the chance to make your feelings known. If you’re single, it’s not impossible for a new relationship to start with someone you meet through work or via official institutions.
Capricornians who have an affair, a complicated or toxic relationship, can get the opportunity to break free after November 23, most likely after a crisis or because of material/emotional blackmail.

Career and Finances:
During November 2018, the rulers of Capricorn’s house of work – Mercury and Venus – are in apparent retrograde motion and tend to slow you down and complicate professional matters.

Considering the fact that Venus is retrograde until November 16, exactly in your house of career and socio-professional status, you might think seriously about a change of direction in your professional life – most likely through some independent pursuit. Your astrology suggests you come up with a business plan and a strategy in order to do something aside your current job. You should pay close attention to your professional reputation and not give reason for gossip to those who don’t mean you well or envy you.

Mercury – ruler of Capricorn’s house of work and health – begins its retrograde motion on November 17, and, because it’s in your 12th house, it pushes you to add things up and revise your beliefs and attitude regarding working as an underling. Some projects might get to the end stage. Other projects might go into a time of confusion or incoherency and you shouldn’t push things.

On the other hand, you’ll also get opportunities for new collaborations, partnerships or contracts. Some of them might prove to be very productive but require patience and a lot of good thinking in order to point out which you should invest time and effort in.

As far as money is concerned, you might deal with unexpected expenses related to home or having some unannounced guests. At times, you might feel like you’re hitting rock bottom, probably because you need to make payments on a loan or pay for some work or repairs. But you can get some money from your family or gain from renting out or save up by moving to different headquarters or home.

Mental and Physical Shape:
The transit of the planets in November favours introversion and introspection.
On November 8, 2018, Jupiter enters your 12th house – of isolation, chronic disease, but also of healing. So, during this term you should add things up in detail and mobilize resources which have been hidden deep within your soul.

Jupiter’s influence can be beneficial for health, improving older ailments or discovering new treatments. Toward end of month you shouldn’t follow others’ advice. Even when it comes to potential medical issues, it’s better to get a second and third opinion.
Don’t ignore potential health issues, even if they seem unimportant or more annoying than serious!


November 2018 marks the beginning of a favourable term as far as relationships are concerned, even if things seem complicated at some point or there’ll be some arguments. There will also be opportunities for reconciliations and for rekindling passion in your relationship or, if you’re single, for attracting the person you’re drawn to.
On November 8, 2018, Jupiter begins its transit through Gemini’s house of partnerships – a house which it also rules. So, you can go on unexpected but beneficial dates with people from other cultures or who can help open up your mind, widen the horizons of your knowledge, and stir your interest in new topics.

Geminians who are already in a relationship have the chance to consolidate it and maybe get out of numbness or boredom. Communication in the couple is favoured during the first half of the month, although at times you tend to lie to yourself and only hear what you want to.

On November 16, 2018, the ruler of Gemini’s house of love ends its retrograde motion precisely in your house of love, romantic affairs, and flirting. Until then, some Geminians can have doubts regarding a relationship about which they’re not sure if it’s a friendship or love. This time, Geminians who are looking for a good time and love have every chance at finding the right partner. On November 17, Mercury – ruler of Gemini – begins its retrograde motion in your house of relationships and marriage, so it’s more difficult to get your point through and there might be some arguments.

On November 22, the Sun enters Gemini’s 7th house, along with Jupiter and Mercury; it means that your whole attention is focused on life as a couple, organizing a wedding or a divorce, as the case may be. When it comes to relationships that haven’t been working for a long time, the astrological configuration of this term favours breakups.

Your astrology recommends you be careful about your predisposition toward acting like a know-it-all, and avoid doing anything you can so you’d impose your ideas and lifestyle views on others.

Career and Finances:
Jupiter’s presence in Gemini’s house of partnerships, beginning with November 8, 2018, is very good for business, signing contracts, associations, and consulting work.

As far as your profession is concerned, things become more dynamic after November 16, 2018, when Mars enters Gemini’s house of career and socio-professional reputation. The tense aspects formed by Mars with Mercury (which is retrograde beginning with November 17), Jupiter and the Sun, point to fights, misunderstandings, denial of rights or signed papers, maybe even conflicts which might end up in court. recommends you seek mediation and listen carefully to what you’re told.

When it comes to money, you might pay for overdoing it or making questionable deals, particularly if they involve other people’s money. You should be careful when it comes to spending on loan and you’d do well to save up, schedule your loan payments, and not take new ones. Avoid financial speculation, real-estate transactions, partition lawsuits, dividing inheritances, and so on.

Mental and Physical Shape:
Your irritability can tire you out and get you into conflict-laden situations that end up preoccupying and getting at you. Your astrology advises you to avoid getting worked up and don’t have heavy meals during times when you’re irritated or agitated.

You’d do well to make time for relaxing and not overdo it with partying all night long.
You need more mental and physical balance, so you can make the best decisions.


The presence of Jupiter in your 5th house (love, flirting, and love affairs) makes your love life dynamic. You shine, make a good impression, and attract people easily. Your enthusiasm and charm are irresistible, but – after a while – you might become annoying because you tend to talk about yourself too much, about your talents and accomplishments, and so on.

Some Leos might feel tempted to transform seduction into a game, something for their own amusement. Your astrology recommends you avoid this type of “entertainment”, because you might run into trouble and extremely unpleasant complications.

The good part of Jupiter’s transit through your 5th house is that it favours starting new relationships or rekindling passion in older couples, helping Leos to relax the atmosphere in the marriage. Also, in Leo’s 5th house is Mercury, which begins its retrograde motion on November 17, 2018. So, in Leos’ life might reappear someone from their past, that they were attracted to or involved with. The presence of the Sun in the same 5th house, beginning with November 22, could lead to more egocentrism and a predisposition toward imposing your point of view on your partner, with the risk of provoking heated discussions and even arguments.

Career and Finances:
In the beginning of November 2018, Venus – ruler of Leo’s 10th house – is retrograde in your house of communication and learning, and at the end of the month there’s Mercury retrograde – ruler of Leo’s worked-for money. On November 16, 2018, Venus resumes its direct motion, which makes it easier to communicate, negotiate, and make plans for the future. So, you make the most of data, information, and documents that are within your reach, and you get the chance to take a specialized class that can help you further your career.

In November 2018 it’s very important that you use your head in order to keep up with the competition and the destabilization that might be triggered by some collaboration with partners or companies from abroad. Traveling for business can offer you some surprises, and some promises that you’re made during the first half of November could no longer be valid toward end of month.

You’d better pay attention and be careful when it comes to signing documents and even when it comes to verbal agreements. There’s a risk of misunderstandings based on communicational issues or even translations (if you have collaborations or partnerships abroad).

When it comes to money, you shouldn’t expect huge profits or support from others. During the second decan of the month you may come to find that you can’t count on the financing you were supposed to get, and that you need to make do with what you do have.

Also, your astrology recommends you save up, avoid financial speculation, and add up the debt you do have.
It’s not impossible that someone you were romantically involved with in the past would call you out on owing them money. You should also pay close attention to money at your disposal that belongs to others or the firm you work for, because you’ll have to explain yourself and suffer the consequences if you can’t justify expenses down to the last nickel.

Mental and Physical Shape:
During November you’re in enviable shape and very cheerful, optimistic, and creative. But you tend to become egotistic, risking making ties to others very tense. Your astrology advises you to attempt being as flexible and diplomatic as possible.

You should be more discerning when managing your time and give yourself more time to rest. Otherwise, long hours of fun, sleepless nights or eating and drinking in excess might have a harsh impact on your overall productivity.

Money is the most sensitive topic this month. Be ready to make unexpected expenses and avoid making major money-related decisions.


On November 6, 2018, Uranus retrograde returns in Libra’s house of partnerships and forms an opposition with Venus – ruler of Libra. Considering the fact that Venus is also retrograde until November 16, your astrology recommends you avoid making final decisions and radical changes in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, circumstances favourable to reconciliations are created, as well as revisiting sensitive topics; but it would be a very good idea to revise your attitude. In some couples, joint money might be one of the sensitive topics but they could just as well include older indiscretions of one of the partners. Many Librans know how to adjust their behaviour so that they reawaken their partner’s interest or, if they’re single, how to attract someone into their life.

After November 16, when Venus resumes its direct motion, Librans have more power of seduction or want to confirm that they can be irresistible when they want to. Your astrology advises you use your personal charm in your love life, in order to rekindle the passion with your partner.

On November 16, 2018, Mars – ruler of Libra’s partnerships – enters your 6th house (work, small responsibilities, organizing day-to-day life). So, your better half might become concerned with sharing responsibilities and revising the rules by which the partnerships functions. This topic might generate arguments, but it’s possible you won’t manage to communicate your desires clearly, because Mercury begins its retrograde motion on November 17 exactly in Libra’s 3rd house (communication and learning). When communication in the couple doesn’t work well, you should be patient and tactful.

Career and Finances:
The New Moon happens on November 7 exactly in your house of worked-for money, which speaks about a good time for identifying a new source of income or to approach in a new way how you manage your resources. It’s time to set a clear budget and decide which expenses have priority. Otherwise, you risk spending on nothings or spending too much on your image – particularly until November 16. But you can invest in your career.

Professionally, during the first half of the month you have better chances at bringing plans and projects to a successful end, but your astrology recommends you pay attention to your tendency to communicate imprecisely, because you risk inducing people around you.

During the second half of the month there might be some arguments at work, most likely due to missing documents or some that contain errors, or because you’re stubborn about standing behind your point of view. The last week of the month tends to become suffocating, and the workload gets to you. It’s better not to allow yourself to be swayed by rumours circulating around the workplace, because you risk coming to the wrong conclusions.

Mental and Physical Shape:
During November 2018 the rhythm of your life changes and you might often feel confused or aggravated. When you feel like you’re tired or that you’re losing your motivation, your astrology recommends you think about everything that’s good in your life, the people, things, and situations that help you rediscover your optimism and perseverance. Exercises to improve focus and memory might help. Pay close attention to communication, signing documents, and taking exams! Librans who are taking an exam that they previously failed might be favoured.


Venus – which recently entered Pisces’ 8th house – continues its retrograde motion until November 16, 2018. So, the main themes of this term are intimacy, jealousy, possessiveness, and emotional or money-related co-dependency.

It’s often said that Pisceans are emotionally co-dependent, but this time it might be their turn to feel smothered. You should seriously consider what intimacy means to you and what you expect from your better half. Some Pisceans might become entirely obsessed with an ex.

On the other hand, you are particularly seductive. Your astrology advises you to be careful about how you make use of that, and you should avoid extramarital affairs. The moment Venus resumes its direct motion, various secrets might come out and they risk destroying your current relationship.

Mercury – planet that rules Pisceans’ partnerships, including marriage – begins its retrograde motion on November 17, 2018; the tense aspects with Neptune and Mars foretell disgruntlement and arguments. Some Pisceans might conclude that they can’t really see eye to eye with their better half, so it they need to have a serious discussion and analyse long-term perspectives. Other Pisceans manage to discover they can function alongside their better half, even if their goals aren’t the same. The solution might be a very simple and accessible one: giving each other more freedom to move, more personal space. From time to time, it wouldn’t hurt to take the advice of your better half, because they don’t mean you any harm.

Career and Finances:
For most Pisceans, career becomes the main focus and coming their way are unexpected opportunities for socio-professional development, promotions, and success. On November 8, 2018, Jupiter enters Pisces’ house of career and socio-professional reputation, from where it will motivate them for about one year.

If you want to change jobs or even your area of work, your astrology suggests that now is the time to act. But you shouldn’t allow yourself to be driven by ego, because you risk deteriorating ties to higher-ups and business partners or getting into a dispute with an official institution.

On November 16, 2018, Mars – planet that rules Pisces’ worked-for money – enters Pisces. So now the size of your income and the chances of discovering new sources for it or ways to earn money depend on how you behave and what first impression you give others.

Money generates tension, more so toward end of month, both in your love life and in ties to business partners or clients. Maybe negotiations for a loan, partition, alimony or another kind of money-related obligation might raise issues and you shouldn’t push things. You might have a considerably unstable situation money-wise and you have to invest realistically, only in projects that really deserve it. You really shouldn’t buy luxury items or take loans.

Mental and Physical Shape:
Your morale is pretty good, but you should be careful when it comes to your health.
It might be time to invest in a general medical check-up and have a full blood-work done, because in so doing you improve the odds of fixing potential unbalances in a timely manner, before they lead to some complications.

The desire to do as much as you can professionally leads to exhaustion. The astrology recommends you make time for yourself, in order to get away from your demanding and stressful job. Avoid real-estate transactions, signing documents, and perfecting new partnerships – particularly after November 17!


On November 8, 2018, Jupiter enters Sagittarius – which it’s the ruler of. You become more concerned about you and your desires, so you might have many discussions with your better half about principles and beliefs. You are getting into a new cycle of personal development, true, but your astrology advises you to keep in mind the desires of those around too – particularly those of your better half, because otherwise you risk ending up on your own.
But you are entering a term during which you’ll make yourself heard and speak out your desires and ideas. You radiate optimism, joy, and confidence, so you can get attention from potential partners who think alike.
But single Sagittarians’ love life remains both exciting and unstable. At times you feel the need to be independent and experiment with games, fun, and flirting; other times you want to spend more time with friends or get involved in group projects.

Mercury – planet that rules Sagittarians’ partnerships – is in Sagittarius, and on November 17, 2018, it begins its retrograde cycle. The square formed by Mercury with Neptune and Mars aren’t giving you a lot of confidence in relationships going well, and you might reach the conclusion that you’re not getting along with your better half.

Some Sagittarians might feel pressured by their better half to make the relationship official, which could trigger tensions, clashes of ego, and so on.

Career and Finances:
Venus – ruler of Sagittarius’ house of work – ends its retrograde cycle on November 16, 2018; but the next day, Mercury – ruler of your house of career and socio-professional reputation – beings its retrograde motion. So, throughout November, it’s more difficult for you to enjoy professional coherence and it would best to give yourself time to re-evaluate long-term projects and feel out potential direction changes in your career.
Some Sagittarians might notice that they don’t have a clear idea of what direction to follow in their career or life, but the presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius inspires them to go for new beginnings in their professional and personal life.

Your astrology advises you to pay attention to things and steer clear of misleading proposals or even false ones, particularly during the November 13-20, 2018, term. You should also be very careful about what information you pass on to higher-ups or to the public, because there’s a risk of taking some lies as being truth.

Despite some complications regarding negotiations that aren’t going to any clear conclusion, during the second half of the month you could get support from friends or co-workers – who encourage or help you to find a job.
As far as money goes, you shouldn’t expect spectacular profits, but a loan you didn’t pay back at some point might catch up with you.

Around November 7, 2018, some Sagittarians could get some money that they loaned to someone or that they won in court.

Mental and Physical Shape:
With Jupiter in Sagittarius, in November 2018 it’s tough for anyone to get you discouraged, and it’s unlikely that you’d be stricken with melancholy or exhaustion. You have good tonus and cheer everyone with your mere presence, end even with your biting sense of humour.

On the other hand, your enthusiasm and confidence in yourself and fate might lead you to making risky moves, based on your impulse to go it big or go home.

Deluding yourself is still a danger throughout the month, so you should come up with solid plans and strategies based on concrete data.

Don’t rush to get involved in new professional or personal partnerships and put yourself on the spot, because you risk dealing with two-faced people and getting your heart broken and your wallet empty!


Until November 16 Venus – ruler of Scorpio’s relationships – is retrograde in Scorpio’s 12th house, which proves that it’s time for a retrospective of love. You’re in for a term that’s favourable for inner clarifications related to the future of your marriage or of an affair that is bound to become serious. The day that Venus resumes its direct motion, Mars – traditional ruler of Scorpio – enters your 5th house (of love, flirting, love affairs). So, some Scorpions can be tempted to go back to someone they loved in the past, while others prefer discreet or even extramarital affairs.

If you’re more introverted, you might want to spend as much time as possible with the one you love, away from the “mad world”. But your astrology advises you to be careful not to become suffocating.

The last week of November 2018 is tenser, particularly for couples that have to make serious investments. You might find it difficult to agree on the budget you should allocate and the item that should be bought.

Career and Finances:
The big event of November 2018 has strong money-related connotations for Scorpions, because on November 8 Jupiter enters Scorpio’s 2nd house (worked-for money and personal worth).
You become more expansive than usual and manage to shine, impress with your talents, which means better chances at improving income. But Jupiter is also a planet of excess, so it might waken in some Scorpions the desire to spend too much, even on loan, or to sing their own praises, risking compromising their odds at a promotion or getting employed. It’s very important to be responsible when you’re negotiating your salary or other benefits.
Mercury – ruler of Scorpio’s 8th house (joint resources, taxes, loans, financing, inheritances) – is in your 2nd house and begins its retrograde motion on November 17, 2018, and during the November 13-20 term is in a square with Neptune. In other words, you tend to get your hopes up about other people’s money, count too much on the support of others for financing, dream about large loans or give up too easily when others lead you on with promises of easy and quick money. During this term you should avoid financial speculation and expenses on whims or in order to impress those around. Odds are good that you’ll earn money through work but managing that money might leave something to be desired.

Professionally, you tend to do only what you want to or what suits you and go after improving income at whatever cost. Moderation is the key to success from a money-related and professional point of view. Your astrology advises you to pay attention and be prudent, because there’s a risk you’ll lose good partnerships and loyal clients.

Mental and Physical Shape:
The New Moon of November 7, 2018, happens in Scorpio, which pushes you to personal renewal and formulating goals. You’re full of enthusiasm and confidence in your own devices, eager to begin the new chapter of your life. You should avoid impulsive gestures and excessive attitudes, which could waste your energy. Considering the rhythm of your life tends to become chaotic, you should do your best to organize your time as well as possible and dose your efforts in as realistic a way as possible. Avoid barely legal transactions and earning money through questionable methods!


In November 2018, Taureans’ love life is full of sensuality, passion, and the need to interact with your partner on as deep a level as possible – both physically and emotionally.
On November 8, Jupiter enters its home and activates Taurus’ 8th house, one of intimacy, sexuality, secrets, and secret relationships. On November 22, the Sun joins Jupiter and Mercury. So, even unofficial relationships enter a favourable phase of development, marked by the joy of doing things together as a couple – from both an emotional and money-related point of view.

It’s a good time to overcome a series of inhibitions, self-imposed limitations, and outdated ideas about sexuality and the role it plays in your life. One might say that Taureans become more willing to experiment and learn new things about their sex life.

Some Taureans who are married might be tempted to take a lover, thereby breaking the vows made to their better half. But the spouses of some Taureans also seem to be searching for someone else on the side. So, your astrology advises you not to allow boredom to slip into your life as a couple. It’s time to avoid isolation in two and go out more instead, have an active social life together.

For Taureans who don’t have a steady relationship, it seems that the love life will become complicated and full of traps. Mercury – planet that rules your house of love, flirting, and affairs – begins its retrograde motion on November 17, 2018, precisely in your 8th house. So, you could fall for someone who’s in a committed relationship or who has secret intentions or is trying to take advantage of you money-wise. Also, you might be tempted to resume an older relationship or have an older lover reach out to you, whether you’re available or not.

Career and Finances:
As far as money is concerned, things seem to get tense during November 2018; you need to be careful, particularly during the second half of the month, when Mercury – planet that rules Taurus’ worked-for money – begins its retrograde motion in your 8th house (better half’s money, joint budget and assets, taxes, loans, but also passive income benefits). You’ll run into tense situations related to managing money, both at home and in professional associations.

Beginning with November 8, 2018, Taureans benefit from Jupiter’s transit through the 8th house. Now is the time to start reorganizing and avoid indulging your predisposition toward becoming greedy when you’re claiming a good or taking a loan. Your debt can grow if you’re not careful, so your astrology advises you to avoid gambling, financial speculation or risky investments. You get support from those around, do well in associations, but need to be careful about managing your resources.

Up until November 16, Venus is retrograde in Taurus’ house of work – house that it also rules. You get the chance to re-evaluate collaborations or even your current job and your responsibilities. Without help from others, you don’t do too well and risk falling behind and getting bogged down in details.
Some Taureans are considering changing jobs but have all kinds of fears that prevent them from making a final decision. It would be ideal to become clear about what direction you want to go in first, and then patiently pursue options to do what you set out to.

Mental and Physical Shape:
You tend to overdo it, amplifying a series of feelings, which might result in fatigue, fears, and lower productivity. On top of that, the astrological transits of November 2018 foretell conflict-laden situations, particularly during the second half of the month.

Money-related demands are great and might make you irritable. So, it’s important that during November 2018 you give yourself enough time to rest. During the second half of the month, it wouldn’t hurt to think about a way to reorganize your schedule so that you can find a balance between work, personal life, and rest. If things are going slower, you shouldn’t become discouraged, but persevere while being careful to avoid a burn-out.


On November 8, 2018, Jupiter enters Virgo’s 4th house (family, home, emotional foundations), which means that the mood at home will lighten up and – together with your better half and loved ones – you’ll be able to improve your living conditions and find solutions for buying a new home or fixing up your current one.
The second half of the month can be sprinkled with confusion, conflicts, and misunderstandings with your better half, because during the November 13-20 term Mercury – ruler of Virgo – forms a square with Neptune (which is situated in your house of partnerships). On top of that, on November 17 Mercury begins its retrograde motion. So, your astrology warns that you might conclude that you and your better half don’t seem to be speaking the same language or that you can’t count on their support.

Single Virgoans are very likely to stay that way, because they tend to be very reserved and suspicious about the intentions of those around who are trying to win their heart. Many times, these suspicions aren’t baseless, but at times they’re just echoes of bad experiences from the past, which might hold them back in their love life.
Beginning with November 16, 2018, Mars activates Virgo’s relationships, so the seduction game intensifies. Considering the fact that Mars is involved in a few tense aspects, it’s not out of the question to be jealous, possessive, or have arguments about starting a family or living arrangements. The last days of November promise stimulating dates and sudden attractions, even for the most conservative Virgoans.

Career and Finances:
Venus is retrograde in your house of worked-for money until November 16, 2018, so – despite efforts and hard work – some benefits might be delayed. But, on the other hand, you get the chance to renegotiate your salary or collaboration-related contracts or try to get some older debts paid. The Venus-Uranus opposition – which takes place in Virgo’s money-related houses – can foretell fluctuations in funds, unexpected expenses or expenses more consistent than you expected, oscillations of interest, and so on. Good management of any debts is necessary, as well as that of taxes. You should revise your numbers and prognoses related to income and steer clear of major investments and living on loan. Your astrology advises you to do your best to stay within your real budget and even be careful about potential money-related issues of your better half. Professionally, things could become a bit unclear beginning with the second half of November. You tend to get your hopes up about some associations or collaborations or allow yourself to be fooled. On November 16, 2018, Mercury – planet that rules your career and socio-professional status – begins its retrograde motion, which means that it’s time to revise the basis on which you built your career up until now, or those you want to build on from now on. If you work in real-estate, it would be a good idea during the second half of the month to be very careful about transactions, clients, and documents you sign – because you might have some snappy clients.

Mental and Physical Shape:
Your morale is much better and you see things in a more optimistic light. That helps you easily get over momentary hassles related to money-related issues that don’t allow you to fulfill your every desire. But nobody is better than a Virgo when it comes to organizing things and setting priorities. So you should decide what you really need, what is a priority, and then set the steps you need in order to get there.

Other than that, you should avoid food that increases gastric acidity and not neglect to rest.
Don’t let irritability get the best of you and make an effort to be civil in conversations you have with your better half and higher-ups! As far as money is concerned, don’t try to do more than your budget can handle!


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