October 2018 – Astrological Forecasts

The main characteristic of this period is that instead of bringing fatigue and gloomy moods, the
middle of the Autumn season will bring elevated ability to work and incredible motivation. The
majority of Zodiac signs will be filled with energy and optimism in October 2018. In general,
this period is ideal for concluding anything: you can start enjoying positive results from your
work, start finalizing your future plans, or setting up the foundation for new projects. The more
effectively and boldly you acted in the past, the bigger will be your achievements today. Those
who are used to stepping aside and silently waiting without getting involved in the action should
start emulating those who were behaving in completely opposite, proactive, and dynamic ways.
At the same time, being that alignments are specialized in many aspects, the second fall month
will require some of us to act in a cautious way. Risk levels might surge upward, as well as the
possibility of getting into mischief or finding yourself in trouble only because you were
inattentive. There is nothing shocking about it: the biggest negative factor that will work against
us now will be about losing time. That is why it is important to get ready for any situation that
might end up eventually happening. You can even start acting before thinking under certain
scenarios (even though it is normal to do it the other way around). Overall, you can allow
yourself to act in quite an independent way without thinking too much about other people's
opinion of you. It is important to make sure that both our loved ones and we ourselves are feeling

Focusing in more detail on the availability of heavenly leaders for various Zodiac signs, it is
important to note that only representatives of Air element (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will be
left without one. Fire element representatives will be supported by Mars, which fits in nicely
with overall characteristics of Fire signs. As the result, it will be quite easy to reach some
significant results even though applying minimal efforts. You still have to work a lot, especially
for yourself. Water sign representatives (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) will be under the protection
of Uranus, and due to an unusual combination of circumstances the same planet will become the
protector of Earth sign representatives (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn). Signs of these two
elements need to rely solely on their instincts, though the external situation will try to impose
different conditions on them. It is important to be guided by your heart and by your past
experience, otherwise Uranus's positive impact will be driven down to nothing. However, here it
is important to note that "heavenly leader" never occupies a dominant position. Its role is
important in the horoscope but still minor. Thus, Air sign representatives need not be
disappointed over not having anyone especially protecting them, as they still have excellent
chances of reaching victory.

October 2018 won't support trends that were established in previous periods. It means that
nothing is threatening your health anymore (except our own inattentiveness or blatant stupidity),
and the skillful ability to harmoniously combine your senses and your mind turns into the most
suitable and the luckiest of all strategies. This period will be filled with events, but only when
you are going to be ready for them. So, if there are a lot of things going on in everybody else's
life, and your life is far from being interesting, it is just enough to turn around in order to place
everything in order. In general, this time is quite positive for the majority of Earth inhabitants.
Putting aside all your selfishness and supporting someone who feels “right” in their argument
(even though it goes against your position), you will make the right choice and that will have a
positive effect on your fate. Mercury and Sun's position can be viewed as a negative aspect. And
this mighty tandem can easily break us if we display weakness. That's why it is important to
avoid being overly judgmental or critical of yourself in October 2018. Judgmental assessments
should be left for another time: right now, is better for being focused and making some
fundamental decisions. Sometimes it will be really hard to give up on incorrect beliefs and
positions that looked very solid but turned out to be weak. However, it is important to do so in
order to free up some space for building new projects, very promising projects that are quite
capable of bringing you success and full satisfaction in the near future.

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The situation will evolve quite curiously for Cancer in October 2018. It will happen because this
sign will be supported not only by its usual patron, Moon, but by amazing coincidence will also
gain the support of Saturn, which is usually quite aggressive and unstable in relation to Cancer.

Do not panic, but this period might mark a new era in your life. The second autumn month will
signify the beginning of a new period that will come to your life abruptly, suddenly, without any
transition stage. However, there is nothing to worry about because even Saturn is on your side,
and its support will give you special advantages in an amazing and most incomprehensible way
throughout this entire month. Look back into the past without fear, recalling that even negative
experience is very important, because it allows you to learn from your mistakes and to avoid
doing stupid things over again. Keep your past at the back of your mind, because at the same
time you still need something new, exciting and ground-breaking to happen in your life. If you
cannot find something to work on, circumstances will certainly help. First, though, you have to
make sure that you have arrived at the decision to initiate those changes by yourself, so that you
will be ready for a change, at least theoretically. This month may be unstable from the
perspective of your income generation, but it will be unstable in a positive way. Some financial
"interruptions" can be based on the transitory nature of the period and might become guarantees
of prosperity in the upcoming future. Make sure to take your time in every part of your life,
especially in relation to your love life.

Financial and business spheres can cause a lot of difficulties in the second fall month. However,
it is quite possible to overcome those difficulties. Moreover, those difficulties will literally push
you to the next level. This next level might come in the form of a new business venture. The
main thing is to quit being scared, especially if you are confident from having planned out
everything in the smallest detail. If your business already exists then it is unlikely that anything
will be able to prevent you from achieving your goal. It's important to stay away from over-
thinking anything. Do not double-check everything ten times in an attempt to avoid a careless
accident: you will not help yourself by doing that and will end up just losing time and distracting
yourself from other real problems. At the same time, October 2018 will be successful for those
Cancers who work for someone else. First, this period is good for new beginnings, but take into
account one important clarification: the new beginning should come in the form of some very
insightful projects, which have been in the process of planning for several months. It is also quite
easy to go ahead and quit your job, but you are very unlikely to get flooded with positivity right
after making such a decision – the stars do not guarantee a successful outcome. If you are just
tired, then try to insist on taking a week off. Think carefully, analyse. As it has been noted many
times before, you should not be afraid of changes, but those changes should be natural ones, and
not the ones that you forced to appear artificially. Try to attract some old friends to your side in
case you need them; you really need good advice, an objective view from the outside.

Your love life in October 2018 is unlikely to surprise anyone closest to you, but it will surely
surprise you. With such an introduction, it is hardly necessary to explain that single Cancers are
very likely to meet a person who will exert a strong influence on their fate. This influence will
most likely be felt in relation to love, but it can also come in the form of friendship or even
confrontation. Any type of strong emotion (whether it is loving or hateful) can affect people and
contribute to their progress. Do not run from the current trends, accept them even while being
slightly scared of them. Do not immediately reject those things that you don't like, change them –
there will not be anything that you really do not need along your way. That's what makes this
second Autumn month so interesting: you will have to engage all your intellectual resources in
coming up with new perspectives, but the reward will be well worth it. As for Cancers with
families, they also have something to think about. Some of them will probably run into
fascinating dilemmas that need to be treated with caution. You can easily become dependent on
strong feelings and addictively powerful emotions. It is not the worst thing to happen, but also
not the best one. That's why you should avoid distancing yourself from your relatives. Those
problems that require your personal involvement should not have any impact on either your
external or internal state of harmony. Any good reason will justify your choice to take your time.
Also, make sure to keep in mind the ancient saying about one old friend being better than two
new ones.


For Aquarius, who will be patronized by Neptune in October 2018 (and Mars, but his influence
will be unstable), this month will be quite an interesting and positive time. It is very important to
maintain a powerful, life-affirming attitude, otherwise you will fail to fulfil even some of the
easiest tasks. So, if you are not sure, and you are tormented by some obscure doubts, do not rush
in taking a step forward. Make sure to build yourself up and only act afterward; in this way you
will not encounter any obstacles too hard to overcome. The field of personal relationships won't
offer anything special to you at this stage. The stars definitely recommend participating in
various events: go attend your friend's wedding, some corporate party, or someone's anniversary.
If you are planning something big, try to be at the centre of all events – find time for it, and you
will not regret it. Not everything will be that straightforward in relation to financial issues, as it is
your attitude (as well as a proper sense of purposefulness) that will play a decisive role. This
period is also good for meeting new people and strengthening old ties. This period is generally
good for any active moves of a communicative nature, but avoid threats involving physical force
– this should always be the last option to turn to in trying to solve an issue.

The second fall month may be stable or progressive in relation to financial and business spheres.
Everything will depend on how prepared you are for certain outcomes. October 2018 will be all
about developing existing projects, and it won't be that good for initiating new ones. That is why
you should not hurry to invest in new projects; it will much better to work on projects you
already have or adding to complete previously initiated tasks with 100% commitment, so that
there is nothing to undermine. This will greatly help you in the future. If all of your current plans
reach the culmination of their development, then there is no doubt that stars will be entirely on
your side. Act confidently, and do not pay attention to minor problems. You clearly know what
you need to do, and the discontent of others around you should not worry you at all. If you do not
have your own business, avoid being inactive, especially if your current occupation is not
offering many opportunities. This is a good time for making all your old ideas come true,
especially if you spent a substantial amount of time planning them but have put them aside for
one reason or another. However, all these concepts are most relevant to business projects and
also under the condition that you have never tried this avenue before. If you feel that you are not
ready yet, think twice before acting, but do keep in mind that this period is exceptionally for this
type of initiative.

October 2018 might not be that satisfactory for you in relation to personal issues. Though it is
still important to keep dealing with your problems trying to find solutions, you might find the
whole process does not satisfy you. Aquarius members who are heads of their family should
invest some time to work on intra-family relations. If someone does not have enough respect, try
to solve this problem now. Also, it would be a very good idea to find some kind of hobby that all
your household members would enjoy doing together at this stage. It is okay if you aren't the one
who will come up with that activity. What is important is the result of such bonding activity. The
month won't be that interesting and entertaining for Aquarians not in long-term relationships.
Take care of your nerves, try not to interfere in other people's affairs and do not participate in
any shady activities. You need some time to sort things out, so make sure to find this time. Make
sure to pay some attention to your friends, but keep in mind that you are the one who needs to
experience your life to the fullest, and your friends will not be able to do it for you. Do not stress
over anything, but also make sure to assume full responsibility for anything you do. You can
meet some new people this month. However, do not try too hard to make it happen: everything
should happen by itself. If not, the outcome might be a bad one. In general, you will be fully
capable of fixing a lot of problems, and not just your own. Be a little compassionate, because you
never know how this compassion might end up coming back to you – may be in the form of a
wonderful surprise!


October 2018 will prove to be a rather peculiar time for Aries: it will be generally positive, but
with a lot of important nuances that must be taken into account while moving towards the desired
goal. Now, the Sun, which is usually exultant for this sign and literally fills this sign with vital
energy, will turn away from Aries; but, its main heavenly patron, Mars, will be significantly
strengthened due to its interstellar position. What does it entail for Aries? Well, this means that
despite the unfavourable position of the star, your sign will have a lot of energy – actually, more
than enough energy. At some points it will be just enough, because you will need all this energy
in order to help not only yourself but also your relatives. You will help even those people whose
paths you barely cross at all but who are worthy of receiving your help. In the second fall month
you have to work hard, but you will truly enjoy this hard work. Hardly anyone dares to confront
you, at least directly, and behind the scenes developments should not worry you at all, because
your allies will take care of those. Nothing can stop you but remember that not everything can be
planned out in advance. Act according to the situation, react to what is happening in a quick and
purposeful manner, in the way you find to be most suitable. If you trust someone too much, you
will not be able to fully realize your potential. If you try to do everything yourself, you can make
a mistake somewhere without being able to react properly.

The on-going search for so-called "golden middle" will turn into quite an important factor for
Aries in relation to their working direction. But, this process will occur somewhere in the
background, because your attention will be focused on the realization of actual plans rather than
potential ones. This is a very important aspect of the period that should not be ignored even for a
moment under any circumstances. This is not the time for philosophy, abstract reflections, or
some hypothetical analysis. This time that ideal for a dynamic, assertive, immediate solution to
the problems that are taking place right here and right now, not in some abstract future. As for
Aries who work for themselves, they will most likely need support, not an extensive amount, but
still some. Do not neglect your alternatives in this sense, because, as you know, the well-
travelled road is reliable but not always the best. Those Aries representative who does not have
their own business should look at situations from several angles before making decisions. It's
unlikely that you will be able to do everything right if you have even the tiniest doubt. Do not be
fooled: if you want to change the workplace, but still have some doubts related to this decision,
the independent decision here will not be optimal; you need someone to analyse the situation
from outside. The same is true with making a big purchase or implementing an entirely new plan.
Do not be a solitary player; remember, all the great heroes had helpers.

In terms of personal issues, October 2018 can turn into an important life period for Aries. We
must immediately remind ourselves of the key feature of the month: first do, and then think; do
not spend too much time on the problem. In a certain sense, even romantic behaviour starts
playing some minor roles, though right now it's better to protect a girl from a bully in a dark
alley than to give her a bouquet of roses. The first option will make a much more significant
impression on her. Of course, this example is exaggerated but quite clearly conveys the main
idea. Aries who are single at the moment can start living life to the fullest now. This is a good
period, which can charge you with positive energy until the end of the year. There will be many
new acquaintances and interesting events; just make sure to get out of your house as often as
possible. But, Aries with families may need to apply the exact opposite strategy. Your situation
is different, but with other things being equal, you're better off staying in close proximity to your
home. In addition, your loved ones are unlikely to experience any burning desire to go out much
of the time, so the situation will work out quite successfully. At the same time, if you want, you
can take a break from your family responsibilities and stop stressing yourself for a while. You
can get a lot of pleasure from this process, especially if you act in a most responsible way.
Though being a little contradictory in its nature, this period is generally positive and very


Capricorns will feel confident in October 2018, and your main patron Mars will also occupy a
worthy position. That is why, at this stage, you can act quite freely, and even in an
uncompromising manner in certain situations. The main thing is that you clearly understand what
is going on around you. Therefore, the stars give you a couple of pieces of advice that should
help you throughout this period. You should not rush to conclusions, and you should not see the
world in black and white. This world is painted in million different shades, and by denying the
presence of these colours you might end up severely limiting yourself. In addition, this period
will be very sensual – you will literally feel the need to be closer to those who deserve it. Learn
to forgive and not hold grudges. The ability to forgive is a trait of truly strong people. Weak and
petty people always keep their hidden anger; that's why they are so pitiful, and their dreams will
always remain dreams. The stars recommend you think about these type of things at the
beginning of the month, because later there will be no time left for contemplation. In general,
this period leans toward some positive developments; you can establish some new contacts,
including some very personal ones. It is also quite realistic not only to achieve the desired
results, but also to substantially surpass all your expectations relating to work. Of course, you
will have to try a little harder in order to do this, but you will be more than happy to invest those

It is worthwhile to mention, in relation to financial and business spheres, that the second fall
month will be especially successful for those Capricorns who had been planning the
implementation of some particularly large-scale projects during this period. This does not mean
that others do not have a chance to win. It's simply that if you were able to prepare in advance,
now you will have more opportunities. Capricorns who have their own businesses are
recommended to stay away from becoming conceited, and to act strictly within the limits of your
competence. You must be extremely professional in handling your business. Prepare for some
very unpleasant consequences if you allow negligence and bad judgment. Do not refuse to accept
any help you may be offered. The probability of new business mergers is really great right now,
so pay special attention to this moment. If you do not have your own business, then you may
well think about changing jobs in October 2018. Quitting right off the bat is certainly not the best
option, but sometimes it is the only way out. So, don't worry – go ahead and act. You can also
seek support from friends and even colleagues, but first make sure your decision will not change
their relationships with you. It is unlikely that someone will try to mislead you deliberately, but
people in general will try to advance their own interests first

Concerning the field of personal relationships, in October 2018 many Capricorns will finally be
able to deal with conflicts that have been stressing them out for a long time. And, you can't help
being happy about it! As a result, you will have a lot of time, and you will need this time to take
into account all the new emerging opportunities. The stars recommend that your sign considers
all the possible alternatives, but only if your heart really wants to. For now, there is no need to
rely on the opinions of others, but it is alright to stay in the company of friends and relatives.
You will be able to establish unexpected contacts and get sudden advantages in the battle for
someone's heart. Talking about single Capricorns, the situation may not always be in their
favour. Don't get hooked on those "troubles"; nobody will be intentionally creating obstacles, it
is all about circumstances developing that way, and you yourself will not be always right. There's
nothing to worry about in this situation; just be more careful in judging someone else's actions.
For Capricorns with families, this period will be nice and calm. This is partially, because at the
beginning of the period you will be able to deal with the biggest problems (as it has been noted
previously). In addition, a lot of things will be developing in a very positive way, though not
entirely in your favour. The main thing is to stay true to yourself, even if you are asked to act in
the opposite way.


Gemini, supported by Ceres, will feel confident in October 2018. There will be a lot of
promising adventures on the horizon, and there will not be much that can really pull you off the
chosen path. The main thing is not to think in the usual way. The second fall month should be
quite playful, despite the seriousness of the tasks that you may face. Do not think too much; act
easily and quickly choose the most interesting and extraordinary way. Only creative thinking will
save your life (in a figurative sense, of course) in relation to both the working and personal
spheres. You should stay away from provoking anyone and should not allow anyone to provoke
you. Sometimes it is better to take a bystander position and observe what is happening from the
outside, otherwise it is possible to mess things up and be left with even more difficulties than
before. You need not push too hard in relation to your work; act according to the circumstances,
and do not forget about why you are doing all of these things. The situation can develop as
dynamically as you like, or, on the contrary, slowly and passively. This is really the last thing
you need to worry about. Do not adjust to circumstances – look for alternatives, act as you have
never acted before. Do this without getting overly committed; this period is not the best one for
any radical changes in your character.

Speaking about the business in more detail, it should be noted that October 2018 will be just as
good as Gemini representatives want it to be. At this stage it is really very important to think in a
positive and ambitious way. Build your strategy on the basis of desired achievements, not
constraints and factors that prevent you from getting them. If you have your own business, you
should not rush to make decisions. Someone from your inner circle will automatically push you
in the direction of the best way of doing it. Blindly trusting others (even your closest colleagues)
is also not the right thing to do, but now you intuitively realize that a trust is a valid option. If
you do not have your own business, try to bring some positive changes to your work. Do
something to uplift your workplace: bring a huge flower, an unusual looking lamp, or something
else that would raise the spirits to those around you. If you do not have such an opportunity, the
stars recommend seriously thinking about how good your position really is and how it fits in with
your preferences. There is no need to hurry any fundamental changes, but in general this period
is very good for such reflections. This stage tends towards creativity and searches for
alternatives; perhaps you should also do something similar. Moreover, the current month
promises to be stable from a financial point of view.

In relation to love life, Geminis will find themselves a little stressed out – intellectually stressed
out in particular. You will probably face this stressful situation when your attention is
simultaneously demanded by friends, relatives, and, perhaps, a new object of affection. And, all
of them will require your attention. What should you do in this situation? The solution is the
usual one: you need to improvise – the thing a majority of Geminis are good at. Try to come up
with interesting, extraordinary solutions. For example, if you are planning a birthday, act as an
organizer or at least take the most active part in this process. If we are talking about Gemini who
already has a mate, then it is important to note one interesting peculiarity. Do not try to please
everyone, except maybe in communicating with them. The biggest portion of your attention
should be given only to your sweetheart, because otherwise you might create some serious
problems that will not be solvable by either of you. If you are single, it is unlikely that you will
have to limit yourself in any way. However, you may have to do it, but only until a certain
moment, when the situation will change dramatically because of new acquaintances. This is not
the most life-changing time, but you can learn a lot about the world around you and try and
experience a lot of things. So, do not be shy, and allow yourself to enjoy life without stereotyped
restrictions. For you, this is a month of creative freedom, and, by the way, it is quite realistic to
try doing some art yourself. Who knows what kind of talents are hidden inside you!


Leo in October 2018 will occupy an interesting position, which will mostly be defined by the
circumstances rather than by your own decisions. There is nothing bad about this. It is just
because your main patron, the Sun is relatively unstable. However, Uranus, which can easily
create a mess in usual circumstances, will turn into your best friend. This means a couple of
things to you. The first thing is that the dynamics of the period will increase gradually, and the
most vivid events will most likely occur towards the end of the month. This certainly does not
mean that you can sit around and do nothing, assuming that nothing important will happen early
on. On the contrary, your actions will often play against circumstances that will guarantee
serious changes. The second thing to pay attention to is that this month you can boast about
having a very special aura. Actually, you will not have to brag, people will notice it themselves –
they will get extremely lucky whenever they are in close proximity to you. There is one special
condition – you have to be in a good mood in order to grant this luck. And, all of the things above
define the peculiarity of this period. As a result, you are advised to stay away from being sad or
disappointed, because in a negative mood you can easily hurt not only yourself, but also some of
your dearest and nearest. Consequently, it is in your own interest not to rush into making
decisions. and not to lose your faith. regardless of external circumstances.

Leos can definitely get lucky in relation to the financial sphere. It is not worthwhile to get
involved in questionable projects during October 2018, but it is quite realistic and even
promising to risk everything intelligently. Just do not do anything alone: you need some support,
not financial, but rather, emotional. For Leos who work for themselves, the situation can develop
in the most unpredictable way. You can bring the situation under control and pretend that
everything is in order, but this mode of behaviour is unlikely to help you. It is much more
effective to be sincere and stay away from penalizing anyone, even for obvious mistakes. You
can deal later with issues related to human resources. What you need to do now is to set all the
records straight, in order to create a good position. Do not try to outwit anyone; stay true to
yourself even during important negotiations or at the most critical moments. Do not let
circumstances break you, and then the success will turn out to be more realistic and much closer
than you have ever imagined. Leos who do not work for themselves are recommended to be
extra cautious, especially when just beginning the most ambitious tasks. Try to show yourself in
a good light, but do not milk the situation artificially, especially in the first half of the month. Let
everything happen by itself; you just need to adjust your position without disturbing anyone. If
you do everything right, then others can also make correct decisions just by watching you.

As for the sphere of personal relations, October 2018 may become quite an interesting and even
important period for Leos as well as for the other Zodiac signs, although you should always keep
in mind Uranus's unstable nature. This planet will be helping you out during this period, but
everything can change instantly. Thus, it is not worth testing your luck. If you feel that luck is
accompanying you, try to stay away from crossing the line and pushing it too far. Now,
practically every situation will benefit you. Using those benefits in a right way can result in some
very pleasant outcomes: both you and your family will be happy about practically everything. As
for the Leos who have a significant other, they should maintain a balance between a harmonious
state and a positive attitude during this month (the importance of good mood has already been
mentioned). Do not worry if you cannot reach compromise; the situation will get resolved over
time with your active participation. After all, what is the use of banging on a closed door? You
can certainly look for a "back door", but this search can take too long. It is better to wait a bit.
Such a strategy is unacceptable for single Leos: all month long they will have to act in the most
active and preferably extraordinary way. Your success in love will really depend on this type of
behaviour, so you'd better apply the maximum effort. In general, this period will be quite easy
for you: you will intuitively understand what you really need. Stars advise you one simple thing:
trust yourself, and everything will be okay.


A couple of celestial bodies in the solar system will affect the lives of Libras in October 2018.
Those are Eris, Mars, and Saturn. This period might turn into quite a significant one as a result.
You will definitely have the opportunity to change something in the world around you. You
should not be shy about your desires, but you need to learn how to define them clearly. You
won't be successful if you're not really sure about what you want. This month is definitely not
good for moving in several directions at once. It is necessary to choose, and although this choice
won't be a life-changing one, it is still worth taking seriously. October will probably please you
from a financial perspective with an increase in profits. Also, this month is not bad for large
investments, including some risky ones. Big purchases will also benefit you, even if you yourself
have not yet fully realized why you need them. Stability awaits you in the field of personal
relationships. Right now, you should focus on solving the most pressing problems that have been
bothering you for a while. In general, this is a good period for your sign, but it is important to
take advantage of all the benefits of the stage, otherwise your unrealized potential can undergo
negative metamorphosis and strike back with problems.

If we look closely at the working sphere, then it makes sense to point out that October 2018 for
Libras can be quite original, especially in relation to business. Those ones who do have their own
business ventures are recommended to take your time doing things. However, make sure to act in
a relatively decisive manner, or you might end up giving away successful positions to
competitors. Having taken an observant position, you can seriously weaken your business, which
is not the most successful of consequences. That is why the stars recommend that you
concentrate your forces, focus on the most important task, and go ahead in solving it regardless
of anything else. You will have enough opportunities and resources to do everything necessary,
but external factors can distract you from fully reaching that goal. Act on your own; there is no
need for anybody's help. You are quite capable of achieving everything all by yourself, and this
experience of "doing everything independently" will also turn into valuable one. For those Libras
who do not have their own business, the second fall month will be informational. The only
difference is that you will have to behave in slightly less active but more thoughtful manner. It
would be nice to have all the information on the subject you are interested in, and in order to
have it you must pull off one harmless trick: make sure that as few people as possible know
about your plans. Otherwise, you will not only risk losing the trust of important allies, but also
lose your own sense of direction.

From the perspective of personal issues, the second fall month will definitely bring Libra a lot of
interesting things. However, the essence of things happening will certainly depend on you to the
greatest extent. The first half of October 2018 will be more passive than dynamic in this sense,
and you will not clearly understand all the things happening. The main thing here is to take
everything easy, because unnecessary worries will confuse you. You will only waste your time
and efforts trying to understand those events and things that are quite impossible to grasp at this
stage. After about the third week everything will change, and quite dramatically. Relationships
with relatives will permanently improve (if something was wrong before), and new opportunities
will start appearing on the horizon. Single Libras can meet new acquaintances during this period,
but you do not need to seek out these acquaintances; circumstances will turn out in your favour
by themselves when needed. In general, this month is very good for self-contemplation. If you
decide that it is time to change something, then the time has indeed arrived. If you are not ready,
then there is no need to attempt anything at all. However, for Libras with families, everything
can develop a little differently. It may happen that throughout the whole of October you will
simply not have any time for yourself. This is a good thing to have happen, because family
matters will bring you a lot of joy, you will learn a lot, and you'll become stronger and more
stable, especially emotionally.


Pisces will have only one assistant, Ceres, in October 2018, but its support will be more than
enough for solving all of your pressing problems. You should not be persuaded by some of your
"good friends" into leaving everything as it is or postponing the all-important issue for some later
time. In fact, now you will have everything you need to deal with those problems, and the only
thing missing is self-confidence. You need to get yourself together and look bravely towards
your future, not letting anyone interfere with your progress. Some confusing situations might
emerge, but they will not bring anything overly negative to you if you make sure to act in a
reasonable and consistent way. In the field of personal relationships, it will be very useful to be
persistent and confident, especially if you have strong desire to change something. You must
satisfy such needs as quickly as possible, or they risk turning into a problem. It is important to
understand that in general this period is uniquely positive for you, but you have to be able to
correctly combine static periods with the periods of intense activity. Hardly anyone can provide
you with good advice, so do not expect any from outside. You should also avoid acting in an
overly heroic way: act in a conscious way, and without being overly pathetic. Ceres does not
understand such behaviour; thus, you can easily lose her support.

Pisces will definitely have a little bit of stress in relation to the working sphere, but the good
thing is that you know where you feel stress is where you should try to work a little harder – you
instincts will help you to define that direction. Ceres will make sure you keep your senses alert,
although at first you may not understand it. Nevertheless, if you have your own business and you
are not sure where your competitors might attack you (figuratively speaking), you should trust
your gut – they will prompt you in the right direction. Also, do not rush in trying to expand your
business. Not because you might fail to do it, but because there is a much better period ahead of
you when you will be much more successful in implementing those kinds of changes. This
period is better for keeping your positions stable and making slow progress. It is a purely
rhetorical question to guess whether you succeed or fail at doing it – everything will depend on
the level of your expertise and motivation. By the way, try to look around as often as possible in
order to get motivated, because you can learn a lot by simply observing someone else's actions.
This advice is also important for "dependent" Pisces. However, make sure to evaluate the
situation as a whole. Take a closer look at your leadership's attitude, carefully analyse your own
potential and the opportunities for further development. If you are not okay with something, it is
better to say so now. It is also better to start acting now, or you risk losing motivation later and
remaining in the same position instead of advancing it.

Nothing like that will happen in relation to the personal sphere. You will not end up in a spot that
is not suitable for you under any circumstances. You will find that the situation itself will be in
your favour, or you will decide to change something, or everything will be in the way it should
be! October 2018 does not impose on Pisces any conceptual restrictions. You can act absolutely
freely, just do not forget that luck usually likes to hang out at the intersection of possible and
impossible. You will be really lucky and quite successful at seeing this exact moment and
stopping right at that "intersection". Pisces with families should follow any impulse to go out
somewhere with their household members. Even if everything comes up suddenly and goes
against your pre-planned activities, you should still dedicate time to those who are dear to you.
You also need to relax, and sometimes spontaneity is vitally important for us, because we tend to
forget about it in our "concrete jungles", where everything is over-regulated and runs according
to strict timetables. Single Pisces are also encouraged to liberate themselves in both emotional
and spiritual aspects. By the way, Pisces is one of those few signs for whom spiritual growth is
recommended during second fall month. Yoga, meditation, religion – everything that your heart
desires! Just stay away from being overly committed to something; although your sign is not
predisposed to that type of behaviour, you cannot be one hundred percent confident. This time
can bring you a lot, just be careful and don't overload yourself with other people's problems.


Sagittarius in October 2018 will be assisted by Eris and the Sun. The position of the latter will be
slightly unusual with respect to this sign and will have a fundamental impact on Sagittarians. The
main emphasis will have to be kept on the field of work – personal relationships, drama, and all
sorts of other experiences will move to the background. Actually, you must move them to the
background, for your own sake. This does not mean that if your child comes up to you and asks
for some help doing his homework that you should refuse to help him, saying that you have more
than enough to do without his homework. You should avoid such extremes in following this
recommendation. However, business issues will now be big, and you will need a lot of time and
energy to solve them. Stay focused. Some creative approach will be very much appreciated at the
same time, so try to be original. However, avoid being "extravagant" – the stars sincerely hope
that you understand the difference between these concepts. In addition, the second fall month is
good in terms of self-development. It is possible to successfully acquire new knowledge,
incorporating some improvements in your work. Changes in relation to spiritual development
might be a little controversial. It seems that the stars do not say anything about this, but the lack
of an answer is not a positive answer. That is why you need to move cautiously if you feel a
sudden urge to practice yoga or any other spiritual practice.

Here are some more details on the sphere of finance and business. It is necessary to mention once
again that Sagittarius representatives are going to be lucky in October 2018. With all other things
being equal, circumstances will develop in your favour, so you just need to take the control of
the situation and start turning your plans into reality. Try to find a golden middle in how you use
your spare time. Do not rush, but do not procrastinate unnecessarily. This is an important thing to
do, or you might destabilize yourself and make your success less significant. For those
Sagittarius with private business ventures, take into account the following aspect: you have good
business partners, but you do not fully take advantages of the situation. Think about what type of
joint projects you can start, how you can create excellent profits, and protect yourself from risks.
Everything is real; you just need some time to think about the situation in more detail. You can
do that "thinking" in the company of your close friends. As far as Sagittarius who does not have
his own business, everything will be a little more dynamic and slightly easier for him. No
difficulties are found in terms of misunderstandings with colleagues. You will actually have a
better understanding of the situation. If so, do not hesitate to use such an amazing opportunity for
your benefit.

The sphere of personal relations in October 2018 will not bring Sagittarius representatives any
significant problems, although one of your relatives may unconsciously destabilize your
situation. If this happens, do not rush to judgment, and try to understand the situation fully in
order to make the most objective and adequate decision. In general, you will have not that much
time to analyse family problems, although these problems will not be big enough to really worry
about them. The stars advise Sagittarius representatives with families not to lose heart, regardless
of the circumstances. If something has not been resolved by now, it still does not mean that the
situation has no solution at all. You'd better prepare yourself and give yourself time. If you find
yourself in a conversation with your crush, do not insist on anything, even if you clearly
recognize that you are right. Uranus is not acting in favour of your sign, so any pressure can
easily be perceived as aggression, even if you do not mean it. Single Sagittarius representatives
will feel reserved and calm, and it is unlikely that anything will be able to prevent them from
turning their plans into reality. If you see your goal, do not change direction under any
circumstances. You have to be stubborn yet flexible, just like a stream of water. You should also
avoid imposing your opinion on others, except in the most critical situations, when the outcome
is too important to be left to play out without your intervention. In all other instances, you should
just stay away from getting involved with issues that do not pertain to you at all. This period is
good just for simply enjoying your life.


Moon's unsuccessful position can create some problems for Scorpios, while Venus, usually
responsible for "expelling" this sign, will remain neutral, due to an amazing coincidence of
circumstances. Pluto will turn into your supporter, which is a good thing to happen, because any
kind of support is important during this period. However, you should not worry – there are no
truly serious difficulties waiting for you. To be more precise, it is important to note that difficult
situations can take place, but they will not be caused by external factors and circumstances, but
by your own mistakes. Those mistakes are quite possible to avoid. You should not take any risks
during this period. The main difficulty is deciding whether you should prioritize feelings or
sentiments of mind. In addition, your friends will start occupying leading roles in your life
during October 2018. With all other things being equal, they are the only ones whom you can
trust, open up to with your thoughts, and seek advice or help. You can't say the same things
about any of your colleagues, distant relatives, new acquaintances or "reliable" partners under
any circumstances. Trust only those ones who have shared many different struggles with you.
This is a very important point that can easily define your long-term future. In general, the second
fall month is unlikely to stress you, so there is no point in trying to be patient or storing bottles of
sedatives. The only thing required from you is to remain objective.

It should be noted that October 2018 is very successful for Scorpios in relation to financial
questions. You can really earn a good profit if you try. However, let us repeat one more time: do
not invest in doubtful projects, and do not play with fate. Do not let others set you up, and do not
show your weakness and dependence on something under any circumstances. All these warnings
are more relevant for Scorpios who have their own business. Now they need to be flexible, but
consistent. If you know exactly what is expected of you and you are competent enough in
handling your business, then third-party opinions should not bother you at all. Be self-sufficient.
Right now, it is not necessary to deal with HR-related issues, but it quite realistic and even
necessary to think about some expansion plans. You might have to go back to some projects that
were completed a long time ago but now affect those expansion plans. However, try to be
careful, it's important to avoid mistakes. As for the Scorpios who do not work for themselves,
this period will be easy and peaceful. The probability of difficult situations emerging in the
working sphere is minimal. But, there will be no exceptional opportunities either, although you
can try to promote yourself in hopes of attaining a better offer. These tactics can work, though it
might take some time in delivering visible results.

In October 2018, love life can surprise Scorpios, not in a critical but rather in a positive way. If
we are talking about single persons of this sign, the second fall month will be quite calm and
insightful for you. Certainly no one forbids you from go to nightclubs and letting go with a
bunch of your friends, but you yourself will gravitate more toward a more observant and
thoughtful mood. This is a good tendency, because this approach will provide you with
emotional outlets and full relaxation. On the other hand, do not expect any exceptionally vivid
and unusual situations to appear along your way; this is not the right time or the right place for
them, so just enjoy your unique state. Scorpios with families may find themselves at the very
epicentre of events. For you, it may look like a kind of test, because suddenly everyone will start
bothering you with questions, requests, and desires. Do not worry about it and do turn your back
on those who demand your attention. Be close to your loved ones, and do not forget about your
friends; leave all other experience for some other time. If you encounter a communicative
problem, just step back and give the person you are talking to some time, he will make all the
necessary adjustments, and you both will end up being satisfied.


The situation around certain spheres of life will develop in an unusual way for Taurus
representatives, who will be supported by their traditional patrons, the Moon and Venus. In
October 2018 you definitely should not rush to conclusions, despite the fact that your energy will
literally be overflowing. Now, it is important to direct your efforts to solve problems that are
already taking place. That means that it will be much more important to be checking your back
rather than looking directly toward the future. This is a quite logical thing to be happening at this
stage, because the second fall month will be laying the foundation for some new beginnings. You
personally will need something more, rather than just having a plain desire for it. Do not
disregard advice from the outside: an objective view of your situation will come in handy. Do
not pull the blanket over yourself; let the others reap some benefits too. Share your achievements
but try to occupy leading positions because otherwise you might end up with some unpleasant
outcomes. Much now depends on how competently and fairly you acted earlier. However, if you
already clearly understand what and where you went wrong, do not wait for the consequences,
attack the coming problem yourself, and keep on acting until the situation stabilizes. It does not
require much effort, except for some possible emotional tension, and you can easily defeat this
tension, for example, by meditating.

In terms of the working sphere, the actual features of the period are going to look like this:
Tauruses who have their own business can significantly increase their income in October 2018.
How can they do it? In the easiest way possible: through hard work and prompt resolution of any
negative situations caused by your past actions. Do not get hung up on these problems, just try to
solve them without excessive and wasteful actions. Your colleagues will be on your side, so they
should also be available to help if the opportunity to arises. It is unlikely that your enemies will
be especially strong at this stage; nevertheless, you should try to suppress any external negativity
right away, otherwise some harmful outcome is still possible. For the Taurus who is working for
the benefit of some big company and not for the benefit of developing their own projects, it
makes sense to increase your working pace. This is a good time for reaching an agreement over
something with your management or for seeking additional bonuses in exchange for taking on
difficult projects. Do not hesitate to combine the opportunities; for you this period will be
flexible, although it is fair to say that now it is better not to make large investments. There is a
real probability that making them can haunt you. Being attentive here does not help; you should
not ask for trouble.

Dwelling on personal matters in more detail, it is fair to note that single Taurus members can
receive a lot of "bonuses" if they act to the very limits of altruism and selflessness in October
2018. It won't be difficult to find that sweet spot; you just need to strategically handle yourself so
that your actual achievements won't be meaningful for just yourself. As a result, you can enjoy
life all month long without any drama or covert intentions. On the other hand, you can get bored
of this, because Taurus representatives don't appreciate long-term stability. That is why you
should not hurry to establish new serious relationships; a lot of new acquaintances are still
waiting for you. If we are talking about Tauruses with families, in October 2018 they should act
in a little more confident and assertive way than usual. Defend your interests within the family;
let the household disagree with you. Their disagreement will not mean that you are not right. In
any case, it is necessary to reach a compromise. This is not the ideal or most promising month
for family vacations. But, if you decide to find a new hobby for yourself then you will succeed at
learning it. It's also a good time to move ahead and organize large family holidays. The main
thing is not to shift your responsibilities to others; the more effort you invest in doing something,
the more successfully the circumstances will develop for you personally.


The global support of Mercury and Ceres in October 2018 will become the dominant factor that
will allow Virgos to implement plans and achieve the desired results. Here, it is important to take
into account the peculiarity of the period: you should trust people less, now the risk of fraud and
deception is really very high, especially outside your area of competence. It would be ideal to
sort out all your friends and acquaintances into categories for the sake of identifying obvious
"parasites". By "parasites", we mean the type of friends who have been using you for a very long
time not really giving anything back. On the other hand, the second fall month is also good for
purifying yourself. Think seriously about how honest and fair you are in treating people around
you. Certainly, someone deserved your recent brutal treatment (the Christian concept of
"forgiveness" was not really applicable here) but in most cases we receive mostly negative
reactions from other people. This reactive response is shaped by momentary impulses rather than
by real feelings. Think about this, and you might be able to somehow change your attitude
towards others. However, now you definitely do not need to turn into someone spineless; on the
contrary, you need a strong, reliable attitude, especially in relation to work. So, do not neglect
strong intuition – this period is good for mastering the art of trusting yourself.

In relation to the financial sphere, Virgos definitely need to think about some long-term
opportunities or about projects that can be stretched out in time. You should not look for
immediate profit in October 2018; you can spoil everything by doing this. Ask your colleagues
and experts who are more competent in the matter you are looking at, and do not attempt doing
anything unless you are confident in the outcome and unless the circumstances develop in your
favour. Virgos with personal ventures need to look deeper into any situation that might lead them
to a dead end. You need to trust people less, even to those who look like they deserve your trust.
On the other hand, this does not mean that you should abandon any transactions or contracts.
You can end up missing important opportunities or simply losing some current positions. Act
intuitively but try to stay reasonable. Do not neglect the possibilities, but still invest substantial
amounts of time and energy in protecting yourself. This is a successful but unique time, which
will deny your success only if you are not ready to make important decisions. There is no special
advice from the stars to those who do not have their own business. Everything will continue in a
familiar rhythm, except that one of your colleagues may try stabbing you in the back. It is
justified to let your response be as decisive as possible in relation to him.

As for the field of personal relations, single Virgos should be persistent and ambitious in order to
attract luck to their side in October 2018. However, you should not rush into making a choice,
even if fate will be especially favourable to you. The situation can still change, so stall if
possible, giving yourself some breathing space, and do not get carried away (you might end up
losing all your opportunities). Work like a hamster in a spinning wheel: such diligent work will
bring you satisfaction, and the result of such work will not take long to show up. Be attentive to
your own feelings, but do not put them above the feelings of others. A little altruism will not
hurt, especially if there is a need to make up for your unkindness. Virgos with families can do
whatever they want. There is no need to devote more time than normal to your family. However,
you can isolate yourself if you need to. Isolation will affect you positively; even your nearest and
dearest will recognize this. In general, this is a fairly positive period. It is good for solving the
most important, deepest problems. You should not lie under any circumstances, even with good
intentions. If you cannot tell the truth, you'll have to come up with a different solution, rather
than lying. The stars can give you a clue on how to do this: there are no desperate situations, but
sometimes we forget about alternative strategies. even though we used them before.


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