June 2018 – Astrological Forecasts

In June 2018, solar energy will be dominant, but its impact will not be so dynamic, especially if we consider that the second most important celestial body (in terms of the degree of its influence) is the mysterious Eris. In brief, it is better to spend this month on vacation or relaxing in any available ways. Of course, taking a vacation or relaxing to the fullest are the options that might not be available to everyone. However, it is not even required to follow this recommendation to the fullest. It is more than enough just to make sure that you are not overworking or not jumping in over your head. At this stage, it is important to save some energy without spending it, taking into account that by this time the majority of current tasks will be finished (while new goals will still be in the stage of forming). In general, this is a good time, especially for those who decided to establish some order within their families. June will be productive both for singles and for those who are happily blessed by close relationships. Here, you should not hesitate even making some big decisions. But, let us say it one more time: you don’t need to be overly active doing anything, otherwise everything will turn against you. It is good to rest in the company of friends in natural settings, or to get out of town at for least a couple of days. It is a good thing to do throughout your whole life, but in June 2018 it will turn into a necessity for those overly-ambitious people who are really focused on their aims and promising plans.

This month, only Air element representatives (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) will be deprived of “heavenly leader”. But, do not regard this in an overly-negative light, focusing all your attention on it. With all other things being equal, these signs will have to try just a little bit more in trying to achieve anything, although the difference in the amount of effort will be almost imperceptible. Meanwhile, Fire element representatives, such as Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, can boast of having a very strong additional patron: flaming celestial warrior Mars, which is capable of crushing any obstacle, will be acting on their side. This means that Fire sign representatives should not spend too much time dragging their feet but should instead act in the most decisive way possible. It will be very difficult to find a balance between this statement and the general statements of the horoscope. But it is quite possible to do. Earth element signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) will receive special bonuses in the field of personal relationships because of Moon, their “heavenly leader”. It is difficult to say how strong the impact of this heavenly object will be, but one can anticipate some unexpected advantages to emerge in seemingly desperate situations. Ceres will help out water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), and this is where the most unpredictable things might end up happening. The only thing clear is that you should not rush making any decisions; you should try to think over all the possible moves in advance, and the rest should be left in the hands of the higher powers.

June 2018 will not be as active as we would like it to be. But, in reality, most of the events that could have happened would have ended up hurting our chances of achieving something. Understanding will come later; now, there is no need to be bothered by some moral, ethical or profound philosophical problems. This time is good because now you can start enjoying your life, easily avoiding ambiguous situations. The stars strongly encourage choosing a familiar option in any scenario. Despite the fact that the period may look like adventurous one, it is not worth risking anything. The circumstances provide us with too many variables, which are completely impossible to take into account. It is still important to understand issues that have been bothering us for a while. We will now have enough time and energy to stop the development of any conflict. It is a “downer” not to use such a skill, in particular for the public good. No one will blame us for some selfish acts sliding in, but it is unlikely that we truly feel happy enjoying all the benefits by ourselves. It should be mentioned separately that due to Pluto’s unfavourable position, all the secret motives and intrigues would quickly float right to the surface, causing significant damage to the person who came up with them. Sincerity and straightforwardness are not just welcome, they are obligatory. These are two of the few qualities that can bring peace and joy to our homes. It will be better to demonstrate these qualities, rather than running from something just of out ignorance. In general, it is definitely not worth hurrying, either with conclusions nor actions. Fate itself will bring a lot of changes into your life; you just need to make sure that these changes have benefited not only yourself. Also, it is necessary to avoid ambiguities, especially in your words, because of Moon’s unfavourable location (regarding your sign), or you might experience some difficulties in the future.

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In June 2018 Ceres will be the celestial leader of Water element representatives. But this doesn’t matter for Cancer, because its main patron Moon will occupy an exceptionally successful position, so that it will easily block both positive and negative side effects. It is worth noting that the first summer month will not be as bright as you imagined it, but still full of positivity and important events. You don’t have to worry about any minor issues because most of the secondary problems will get solved almost entirely by themselves. You will need some self-confidence and a clear understanding of the situation. At this stage of life, your sign does not need to try too hard trying to do everything expected. On the contrary, an easy and carefree attitude toward everything happening around you will bring much greater benefits. Of course, there will be some peculiarities to be taken into account. For example, the sphere of relationships will not allow you to make mistakes, and circumstances will play on your side in most cases, so you will have to try very, very hard to get into trouble. On the other hand, it is not necessary to push your limits at all. Even the stars themselves recommend spending as much time as possible by some water bodies. The recommendations are about the same in relation to your work life: don’t stir the pot for no particular reason, and stay away from making fundamentally important decisions.
Looking in more detail at work life, it is fair to note that in June 2018 Cancer representatives should not focus on this side of their life. It does not mean that you cannot achieve things you want to achieve in this sphere. On the contrary, you will succeed a lot, and you will get good results, but it is unlikely that these results will make you feel completely satisfied with yourself. Most likely, financial success will take place somewhere in the background while you are focusing your entire attention on other issues. If we are talking about Cancer representatives who are self-starters, they don’t need to expect any specific issues to be brought on by June. Everything will keep on going along as it should: no surprises, no overwhelming amount of work or exceptional situations. If anyone of the above takes place, do not hurry to react. Try to understand the situation first, and evaluate it from all possible angles – your first impression can be extremely deceptive. If you do not have your own business, then you can focus on the most common trends, and for now you should not bring in too much of your personality. It was important to showcase your talents before in order to claim your spot in the sun now. Any attempts to do anything in that direction will have toned-down effects. Just do your thing and do not delay your work. In communicating with colleagues, try to be as friendly as possible, no matter what. Do not provoke conflicts, especially those that are none of your business. And, if you have to take on the role of a judge in evaluating somebody else’s conflict, try to be guided by your own feelings.

In the sphere of personal relations June 2018 will be much more interesting, although we will immediately note that for Cancers this month is far from being the best in terms of starting new relationships. What you need is to deal with some of your older problems. Just make sure to deal with them somewhere outside. If there is a possibility to relax a bit by going on vacation with your family, you can’t find a better time to do this! By the way, Cancers with families will feel as content as possible, because they will have almost everything they have ever wanted. You can use the moment and try doing something unconventional that you always wanted to try but never managed to accomplish. Single persons should not rush to conclusions, but if you find someone interesting, do not lose contact with him or her. In this regard, June might turn out to be quite fascinating. As it has been noted before, you will have to try hard in order to fail, and just because you are not in the mood to failing intentionally, everything will turn out to be okay. You should pay particular attention to your internal well-being or to your old worries that were making you feel uneasy for a long time. Try to solve everything once and for all! If you can’t solve it yourself, ask for support from relatives. June is a good time for resolving long-lasting conflicts and neutralizing any potential negativity in the relationship.


June 2018, will be a fairly active, fairly bright and memorable time for Aquarius representatives. At this stage, Sun, which is usually not particularly supportive, will help your traditional patron, Neptune. The situation clearly needs to be used, and if you feel the need to literally splash out your creative energy, do not hold yourself back. This is a good time to make your fantasies or some large-scale projects (outside the work area) come true. The first summer month will also be good in terms of strengthening ties with friends and starting new relationships. It is unlikely that you will encounter any unresolvable situations, so do not get overly stressed. You do not need to double-check things ten times, so learn to trust not only the people around you but also yourself. Some dramatic changes might take place at work, but they do not necessarily affect you personally. On the other hand, if you hustle a bit at specific times, then you might get your piece of the pie, too. The only thing is to clearly understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. This period will be extremely unsuccessful for those Aquarius who are indecisive in defining their life position. After all, the upcoming period will be clear and precise, it will not leave any space for any ambiguities and subtleties.
From the point of view of business, this is not the most effective time, although it also cannot be called unsuccessful. Most likely, you just maintain your positions, and if you want, you can lay some foundation for the upcoming future. At this stage, you should not try to change anything purposefully: this is not the best time for signing important contracts or concluding forming new partnerships. If you literally have no choice, at least don’t act all by yourself (even if everything seems quite simple). You need a fresh look, because now you can be biased. At this stage, a source of outside advice can suddenly tip the scales in your favour. Aquarius working for someone else probably has to manoeuvre effectively between his or her own ambitions and the reality. Many things can change, but not necessarily for you. Do not rush to make decisions, and act according to the plan; do not allow circumstances derail you. Remember the saying, “The man who chases two rabbits catches neither”. You just need to get used to this reality (this process of “getting used to” won’t take that long). But, you will learn to be flexible and consistent along the way.

Don’t be consistent in your love life, especially if you are a single Aquarius. Be spontaneous, act unexpectedly, even for yourself. Of course, you should not go beyond certain limits, but a bit of madness will clearly not hurt you. Now is a good time to spend with friends, preferably outside. Try to show as much as initiative as possible but assume leading roles only if there is no one else except you to do it. Because of Pluto’s unfavourable position at this stage, you might not be understood well if you will declare yourself “king” or “queen” right off the bat. The situation will be different for Aquarius representatives with families. They do not have to spend as much time with their families as possible, but it is necessary to pay some attention to them. If you haven’t been on a road trip for a while, then it is about time to have one. Conservative tendencies will only confuse you, therefore try to be guided by your remarkable intellect as little as possible, giving priority instead to your feelings and emotions. In general, try to act in the way you always do. June 2018 can be successful in terms of looking for your significant other, but also your sign should avoid forming any type of new bonds now, but it’s also not necessary to break off relations. Give yourself some time and everything will work out in the best way.


Sun and Eris will rule over Aries in June 2018. This means that all general tendencies of this period will be applicable to you. However, there are some peculiarities to be taken into account. For example, you will still have to work hard, but not in the areas you expected to work hardest in. Business will flourish, but do not neglect other people’s advice, especially if there are enough indicators showing that there is no need to invest yourself fully in the work being done. Strictly speaking, you can do whatever you want to do – no one will stop you. However, when competitors bypass you in all aspects, there will be no one to blame but yourself. This time will allow us to understand much, plan a lot and accumulate a lot. In your family life it is better to pay as much attention as possible to the person who looks like they don’t need the attention at all. You will quickly understand why this needs to be done, and everything will work out in the best way possible. It is worth mentioning that Mars, the main patron of Aries, acts as the “heavenly leader” of all the Fire element representatives during this month. This means that you can sometimes find it difficult to cope with your overflowing energy levels, but you need to do this in order not to harm yourself or others. Try to gather your thoughts and understand which area of your life a top priority is now. In general, try to rest more, preferably by a fire on the riverbank.

June 2018 will be a quite ambiguous period for Aries from the point of view of the business. The success of this period will largely depend on how successful, or how big in terms of scale, your previous actions were. If, in the previous months of this year, you managed to accomplish something truly meaningful, then it is better to book some tickets for your next vacation. If you cannot do this, then at least spend less time working. It may sound counter-intuitive, but this is the only way to make your existing positions stronger and to explore some new opportunities. However, there is another option, in case you ended up spending the previous months planning some major project or a new job, but never managed to achieve what you wanted. You should calm down a bit, but don’t you dare to let everything go on by itself. You should not quit taking some rest at the same time. In general, this period is unique, in that the winner is the one who is spending less time working. Of course, all this advice is relatively arbitrary, but still, you can understand the philosophy of the current life stage if you really want to. The main thing is not to neglect your colleagues. You need new allies, and if you are invited to a corporate party or something like that, you’d better not miss this chance. In general, try to be as natural as possible. People around you will not ask for more.

In relation to love life matters, this month can be clearly more dynamic for Aries, although much will depend on the circumstances. Be extra alert: at this stage your subjective view may not be enough to make the right decision. However, this does not mean that you should rely on your friends and relatives too much. Here is another message: learn to look wider and see deeper. From this point of view, June 2018 can become quite significant for your sign representatives. You, of course, will not be blessed by some unexpected fortune-telling talents, but you can discover a lot in yourself, in particular the ability to understand others and empathize with them. This is important, because without such qualities you cannot achieve real happiness. Moving away from all metaphysical implications, it should be noted that you will hardly experience any major issues related to your family life. Something will be confusing, but you should just stop and let the situation resolve itself. It will be better to do this rather than burning some bridges because of your ignorance. In general, now it is definitely not worth hurrying either with conclusions or with actions. Fate itself will bring many changes into your life. The only thing is to make sure that you are taking advantage of these changes. Also, make sure to avoid being ambiguous in your words. Moon’s unfavorable position in relation to your sign can cause some difficulties in the future.


Moon has a very mediocre attitude towards Capricorn in its usual position, acting as a planet responsible for “expelling” this sign. Nevertheless, the influence of the Sun’s younger sister will be almost as powerful as the impact of Eris, which at this stage will occupy a dominant position. The following things will happen to Capricorns as the result: the first summer month will be full of all sorts of mostly positive experiences and emotional moments. In any case, do not aggravate the situation; everything should happen absolutely naturally, otherwise the most dramatic consequences might unfold. Also, don’t try to work too hard in any direction. This time is mainly for relaxing and establishing your inner peace. Even if inner peace is not the easiest thing to attain, you can still easily relax. Relax and take pleasure in what is happening. It is unlikely that anyone will purposefully interfere with you in the process of achieving the intended goals but try to stay away from being overly carefree. Sometimes it is important to look around, for example, just to see some alternatives and potential opportunities. Combine periods of rest and vibrant activity, so you will have time for everything and do not offend anyone.
In June 2018, Capricorns should quit reaching for exceptional heights. Of course, you can still try to do this, and you probably will, but the stars warn you away: now it will require a lot of effort, much more effort than during other periods. And, you might end up not liking the result at all. It is better to keep up with your work systematically, without putting additional pressure on yourself. Business owners should definitely listen to the opinion of their closest allies. Take your time before making any risky investments. It is possible that this is your chance, but first you need to evaluate all risks in order to neutralize even the minimal probability of negative developments. If we are talking about Capricorn who works for someone else, the stars recommend not arguing with your colleagues at all. Though you can try arguing with your upper management, do so only if they are 100% wrong. First, check the path of retreat, ensure the support from your allies, and only then act. It is possible that you will achieve unexpected results. It is unlikely that you will be offered a new position (at least not now), but you can easily make your working conditions better or increase your salary. On the other hand, stay away from overheating the whole situation, or you might end up with nothing in the end. To put it more precise, you will achieve something, but a lot later.

For Capricorns, love life will be brighter and more effective than the direction of business and finance, but you also have to be a little more delicate in doing anything within this sphere. First, try to control the atmosphere within your house. If you see that the situation is heating up, you should choose one of two options. You should either disappear, letting them decide everything on their own, or take the most active part in resolving the situation. The first option, under certain circumstances, will be much preferable to the second, just act appropriately evaluating the situation. If we are talking about single Capricorns, then it is definitely worth resting as much as possible and spending time with your friends. Now, you should not specifically search for a soulmate, for everything will happen by itself. Do not worry if it doesn’t happen – your time will come sooner or later. Also, at this stage, it is important to perceive everything in a positive way, and this statement especially applies to Capricorns with families. They generally need to spend as much time as possible with their family. It would be nice to get out of town, spend some time camping, but nowadays it might be a hard thing to arrange. If so, well, try spending some time in an amusement park, at least. Be open, do not close up, as conservative tendencies in behaviour will make you lose your balance. This is a good, positive time, and you just need to catch the rhythm.


In June 2018 Eris, who usually has nothing positive to offer to Geminis, will become this sign’s dominant celestial patron. Just like the majority of all other signs at this stage, Geminis will require high-quality relaxation. It is your personal decision to choose what this relaxation is going to look like. Some will find it enough to take a stroll through the evening city. Others may decide to dance his/her soul out on a dance floor, and someone else will need the presence of loved ones. In fact, this month will allow Geminis to understand many things about themselves, and so now you do not need to be scared of being alone. Just try to make sure not to become overly alienated from your friends. When choosing your vacation option, with all other things being equal, try to go with spending it with your friend, rather than all by yourself with a book or a movie. Perhaps, because of the negative influence of Jupiter, you will feel slightly uncomfortable at the beginning of the month. You should not concentrate all your attention on being so miserable. You should not succumb to depressive moods in any case. Such moods will not lead to anything good. It is better to arrange meetings with those of your friends whom you have not seen for a long time but would love to see anyway. These meeting can provide you with some needed stimulus: it might teach you something and will allow you to reap the biggest benefit from the first summer month.
As for the working direction in June 2018, Geminis will definitely need to focus on everything at once, or entirely pause working for a while. There is no third option given. The ideal thing to do is to take a vacation, but it is clearly not the most obvious and simplest development of events. It will be a hard thing to do for some people, but nobody should stress over it too much. If you work for yourself, postpone the arrangement of new contracts but do not reject any offers coming from potential allies. Be flexible, trying not to initiate the things you are not 100 percent confident in. On the other hand, if there is an opportunity to transfer a major chunk of your responsibilities to someone else, just do it. You won’t regret making this decision later. As a result, you can gain access to new opportunities, and most importantly, you will be able to restore your nerves and accumulate the necessary amount of resources that you will need in the future. As for “dependent” Geminis, everything is much simpler for you. You just need to act in accordance with the circumstances. No one will force you to do what you do not want to do – nobody except yourself, that is. In making the decision to act, you should base your decision on the potential benefits to be gained and the feasibility of your actions. This time is not suitable for large risks and investments. But, planning to spend some time working in a peaceful, quiet and very reserved atmosphere, you can encounter an excellent chance to understand yourself better without messing things up.

Love life may end up looking excessively bright for Geminis, literally overflowing with actions and events. In reality, it is just an appearance, and you do not need to do hardly anything at all. Just get a good understanding of what is happening. If we are talking about Geminis with families, then they definitely should not take risks. Right now you can have a number of quite good options available, and you can seriously think about alternatives, even if you did not have any thoughts about them before. This is a good chance to test yourself, and your family’s happiness will depend on how successful you are in passing this test. However, you do not need to treat the situation too seriously. There are obviously some other ways out, but those alternatives will not be that obvious and will require some additional time to locate them. Everything will look a lot simpler for single Geminis: either they get what they want or they do not. Many things will depend not only on yourself but also on circumstances. Don’t worry if something doesn’t work out exactly the way you wanted: it is for good for sure. You will soon understand why it happened the way it happened and not the other way around. In general, this period will be kind, positive and contemplative. Try to solve any conflict in a peaceful way, but do not be overly proactive in trying to solve some non-existent problems. Don’t over-think or over-stress. The main thing is that your loved ones will always be by your side whenever you need them most.


June 2018 will be an exceptionally favorable period for Leos. It makes sense to focus your maximum attention and strength on this period. Now the Sun, your main heavenly patron, will be supported by Mars, and the total influence of these two planets on your life will be enormous. Literally from the first days of the month will feel a powerful influx of vitality, and this is a good thing – because you will definitely have something to do in the first half of the coming period. Try to finish all your work as soon as possible. This does not mean that you need to hurry, sacrificing quality, and trying to win through speed. This only implies that you should use the resources available more efficiently. Be quick in those places where everyone else is acting slowly! Actually, this is your usual mode of behavior, but this period is just perfect for it. The result won’t take too long to appear, but while waiting for the ideal option is to escape somewhere for a vacation. Do not worry – your management will help you out in this direction. The only truly important thing is your genuine intention. At the same time, single Lions can periodically feel unreasonably depressed. You don’t have to do anything purposeful in order to fight off this depression. Abnormally high levels of energy will cause this depression (we know that it sounds paradoxical), and this depression will fade away as soon as you find your next object of admiration.
It is worth mentioning that June 2018 is not particularly successful for most signs in relation to financial issues or business matters. Thus, there is no need to create any grandiose plans in that direction. Everything will happen the way you want, but this is not a good time for signing particularly important agreements or for initiating large-scale business development projects. Try to engage yourself in less-creative types of work, because such work does not require increased concentrated attention. If you have your own business and have the opportunity to delegate duties for a while, do it – you will not regret it! Don’t rejoice over newly gained freedom for too long; this state is temporary, and you still need to try hard in order not to lose your opportunities. Regarding Leos who do not have their own business, then, as has already been noted, it is necessary to try completing all urgent tasks as soon as possible. This will free some of your time for new opportunities, which are likely to happen, and not only in the working direction. In general, this period is positive, and it guarantees stability or even some systematic increase in your income. Now would be a nice time to be as altruistic as possible. However, do not deprive yourself of pleasure found in helping someone from your surroundings, but keep one Christian canon in mind: do not force yourself to do anything, but do what is joyful and brings a lot of pleasure.

Love life will bring many new developments to Leos. A number of quite significant events can occur in June 2018, but it is hardly possible for any of them to be truly epic, especially taking into account that you will not be in a mood to act. You can actually just go with the flow, enjoy the opportunities and the quiet, peaceful course of action. This option will be perfect for Leos with families, who quite possibly will grow tired of all sorts of twists and turns by this time. This option might not suit the single Leos. Nevertheless, stars recommend not to be too restrained on either positive or negative emotion; do not hold anything inside. For now, frankness will be a very important feature of your character, and if you have to show off a bit, well, do not refuse because Mars is on your side. Due to Uranus’ unfavourable position, some complicated dynamics might emerge in between relatives. The conflict might not be that easy to perceive and might not even be related to you. It is up to you to decide on what needs to be done. Try to keep in mind that an outside view can be quite objective, but you also might end up acting although not really understanding the whole situation, which for you will personally feel the other way around. The first summer month sets the tone for the whole season, so try to surround yourself with the most comfortable circumstances from the very start. Do not leave anything “for later”, otherwise, when “later” comes, you may be lacking something very important in order to solve the problem (for example, you won’t be motivated enough). Overall, this month everything will be all right, even if you make a mistake.


Thanks to the exceptionally successful position of Eris (Libra’s main patron), June 2018 can become a dynamic and quite memorable time for you, although keep in mind that majority of things will still depend on you. It is logical to put some emphasis on the area of relationships, while your interactions with close friends will be of decisive importance. Do not worry if you can’t understand something: the explanation can be found through analysing your own behaviour, and you just need time to figure it all out. This bright period will surely reveal some of the old problems, but you do not need to be afraid of it. It is much easier to deal with your problems when your heavenly patrons are in full force helping you. In other words, it is necessary to act in a fair, proactive and confident way throughout this period. There will be no room for doubt. If you think that you are not ready for something, or can’t do something, and there are some objective reasons explaining this inability, try to seek advice from those you trust. Now, your friends will be the type of support that you will need the most in order to replenish your emotional supplies. Do not be shy asking questions, because the world is quite a complex construct, and the person who can figure out everything on his own has not yet been born. Some people think in different ways from time to time, but such misconceptions only create new problems. In general, Libras are not prone to those types of thoughts, which is a good thing. Now you need to act without wasting time.
As we look into more details regarding work direction, we can note that in June 2018 Mercury will be neutral in affecting Libras, while the Sun will help despite it is not very good position. Solar energy will not seem to be particularly strong, but there will be enough of it to turn whole situations in your favour. If you work for yourself, stop playing games and focus on the things that really matter. Just try to avoid looking too seriously at anything; seriousness doesn’t look good on you! In general, the circumstances will not develop in the worst way possible, but you will need to be remarkably confident in your abilities and to show some excellent professionalism to achieve the desired things. If you don’t possess enough of those things, you should try asking for some outside help. It does not matter who provides this help, just make sure that this person is a pro. Libras who are not individual entrepreneurs are not recommended to rely on third-party opinion. Do everything yourself, even if it takes extra time. Otherwise, you can end up with nothing. This is a good period because it will help those ones who are ready to act, but there are no ideal solutions and ideal strategies, so learn to be flexible and independent. There will be no need to show off at this stage. Still, do not give up on opportunities, as now it is quite realistic to improve your financial situation.

Eris’ attention will entirely concentrate on love life in June 2018. Moon will also provide some help, but only during the second half of the month. Why does it matter for Libras Because now is a perfect time to deal with problems, make new friends or even start romantic relationships? Single Libras should not behave in frivolous and overly energetic ways. Try to act in a thoughtful and prudent manner instead. You cannot conquer a locked fortress by storm, so you should try to exhaust your objective with a brief but still effective siege. On the other hand, the first summer month is likely to be bright enough for you, and there will be many provocative situations. Do not restrain yourself in this case: you are allowed to risk, and confidence will empower you. If you make a mistake, turn everything into a joke, so do not aggravate the situation. Libras with families will definitely be forced right into an intricate web of interpersonal relationships, even when the problem is not of their personal concern. Don’t get discouraged and don’t let yourself get backed down, referring to the fact that another internal conflict may well get resolved without your participation. Yes, it can get resolved, but you may not like the outcome. Therefore, do not hesitate to interfere, even when you are not asked to, but be prepared to defend your point of view. No matter what, don’t raise your voice or exert your authority. Mars is not on your side and won’t help you.


Venus and Ceres will be acting in Pisces’ favour, with Ceres acting as the “heavenly leader” of Water element signs. The total impact of these planets will be quite beneficial and, what is more important, soothing. In other words, during this period you avoid packing your head with all sorts of problems. And if the problems still do not want to leave you, arrange for yourself a bath with foam, turn on your favourite movie and, as the saying goes, let the whole world wait. In fact, this is a very good time, especially in terms of establishing both personal and business connections. On the other hand, it is obviously not worth exerting pressure on anything, so let everything proceed naturally. Act thoughtfully and peacefully this month. Unlike the majority of all other signs, you don’t need to go on vacation to relax. You can enjoy life right here and now. It makes sense to look at situations from a different angle: if something does not work, then maybe you do not need it to work. Take your time in indulging in some philosophical contemplation over the “eternal”. You can reach some correct conclusions being helped by Ceres at this stage.
You will definitely like June 2018 from a working perspective. There will be something to do both at work and afterward. And, this is a subtle hint that it is now worth taking part in all sorts of corporate parties and festive events related to work. This will benefit not only your mental state, but also your finances. Of course, you’ll have to hustle a bit, but it’s unlikely that there will be any difficulties for you in doing this. Be yourself and try to be as communicative as possible. If we are talking about Pisces who work for themselves, these representatives should take a little closer look at internal misunderstandings. Some overly-complicated situation won’t happen now. But, if you end up letting the whole situation go, it will be hard to get everything back to normal. Thus, try not to get too distracted from the working process even while enjoying your life; combine pleasant things with useful ones. Don’t be in a hurry to grab any opportunity. It is better to wait and strike only when being 100% sure of success in this strike.

Love life can bring you interesting moments in June 2018, but you should not expect any major changes. Of course, dreaming is not harmful, but try to be reasonable in evaluating things around you. Venus will help you in understanding your loved ones, in defining the right approach for treating them, which will allow you to make your plans come true. That is why you should not give up on your plans, you should go ahead. Try not to take everything by storm, but gradually, gaining one position after another. Everything will happen the way you wanted in the end. Single persons are recommended to keep an eye on what your friends are doing. Perhaps you will notice something interesting, and someone’s experience will affect your aspirations. On the other hand, it is also not worth blindly trusting anyone. You need to observe a certain balance between your own attitudes and the actions of those who care about you. For Pisces “burdened” by some relationships, the first summer month might bring some important changes. You might be the one making an important decision. It does not matter what exactly it is; the main thing is to keep on moving forward no matter what, and then victory will only be a matter of time.


Eris, being the main patron (or rather, the exultant planet) of Sagittarius, will occupy a dominant position in the heavenly vault in June 2018. In addition, all of the signs representing Fire elements (Sagittarius is among them) will receive at their disposal a second patron in Mars. Nevertheless, as for most other signs, the first summer month for you will not be overly dynamic. Now is a good time to go on vacation or at least try to spend as much time as possible in some natural settings. Fortunately, this trend is true for many signs, so in this regard you can easily find like-minded people. In general, this period tends to be filled with some truly emotional moments, and there may be some quite defining moments related to your personal life, which can change your whole life or at least affect it in a significant way. On the other hand, don’t get hung up on what is going on, no matter how hard it is. Stay true to yourself, and do not rush to make important decisions. Fortunately, your friends will be always there for you. In terms of work, it would be good to complete all relevant projects by this time, in order to be able to move on without being distracted. This is a good time for new beginnings. Try to be guided by your own instincts, which will be incredibly accurate, even unmistakable due to the exceptional influence of Eris
Examining the issues of the working nature in more detail, Sagittarius representatives will be lucky, but not excessively so. This means that while it makes sense to try to conclude an important contract, it’s definitely not worth the risk. If you work for yourself, hold your horses: everything can still change. Be confident and firm when you negotiate. This time can really provide you with a number of bright, amazing opportunities, which will reveal your potential in all its glory. You won’t be showered by all these benefits for free – you still have to work hard. But for now, it is more important to plan everything out. In general, if there is an opportunity, it is time to delegate, so that your intellectual work will be much more productive. If we are talking about a Sagittarius working for someone, he can be advised to stay true to himself. He should also try to withstand the circumstances. If you see the opportunity – grab it, but don’t try too hard, now it is not the best time for heroes. It is better to hide, to go on vacation, to arrange a corporate party for your colleagues. Be active, but not too active. This simple tactic will make you discover many different things. Otherwise, it is unlikely that June 2018 will surprise you with anything, and there will be practically no restrictions.

The first summer month of 2018 will give Sagittarius many opportunities, but you have to be able to grab them! Singles will surely meet someone who will be genuinely interested in them. But check your fantasies; it may not be about love, but about close friendly relations. In general, it is now clearly worthwhile to be patient with people, even if they make the most elementary mistakes over and over again. Do not disregard the opinion of relatives, but you should primarily be guided by your own emotions, experiences and deep desires. If we are talking about family guys, it would be good for them to drag their loved ones out of the house as often as possible. Spending time at some other familiar location rather than in your house will be enough to remove unnecessary tension and resolve potential conflicts. Because of the successful position of Mars, you can behave confidently, and even aggressively, but only if the situation requires it. Do not be afraid to defend the interests of loved ones. This time is not particularly dynamic, but some bright events that will be remembered for a while might still take place. The main thing is to control yourself. For example, excessive drinking can cause some unpleasant situations, and you will not like the consequences of this.


Being protected by Mars and Uranus, Scorpios will experience an extra-lucky month. You will be flooded with extraordinary levels of bright and lively energy. If you are young and ambitious, then there are no problems. But make sure not to overdo anything – sometimes too much pressure can only harm the cause. If we are talking about a Scorpio of moderate age, then he can be advised to do something important, and he can do this in two completely opposite directions. Circumstances themselves will come up with a better strategy, and you don’t have to stress yourself. Your attention will be equally divided between the sphere of personal relations and the professional sphere. Although here it is important to note the following: in June, any tension will be removed very easily, either through some highly intensive sports activities or sex. This means that you should never overload yourself emotionally or intellectually, otherwise you will only create more problems without resolving anything. Act according to your own ideologies; heeding third-party advice for no reason will only confuse you. At certain times you can be persistent and even aggressive. Since Mars is entirely on your side, you should not be afraid of an excessively stormy response. But again – try not to overdo anything, otherwise you will have to deal with the consequences for way too long.
The working front is unlikely to bring any kind of epic achievements to Scorpios, but they will be able at least to correct their financial situations, and the stars guarantee you this opportunity. Those who work for someone do not necessarily need to bend under the system, yet do not hesitate to respond toughly, without prejudice and on point. Perhaps some people may be shocked by such behaviour, but, for Scorpio, such behaviour is quite natural. This does not mean that you have to argue with everyone. On the contrary, try to solve any issue in a peaceful manner. But, if facing some irreconcilable dispute, you should not hesitate to take a tough stance. This will allow you to achieve unexpected results. Those Scorpios who literally work with their hands will be winning. As for Scorpios who are business owners, be advised to keep alert in June 2018, because your potential detractors may suddenly remember about your existence under the negative Moon’s influence. It is unlikely that this can lead to anything too detrimental, and yet it is quite unpleasant to take two steps forward and then one back. Do not provoke anyone or yourself. Just do your job. You can get yourself entirely engaged in some work, which will help to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and stupid worries. If you are in a difficult situation, don’t be in a hurry to ask for some help, even if you are advised to do that right away.

Scorpio’s love life will be extremely successful. Male Scorpios can be advised to hold tight: they have not experienced such a surge in testosterone in a while. Moreover, single people can now make any of their desires come true. The only question is how hard you have to work to do it. The truth is that you don’t have to stress at all in order to attain something during this period. But, try to act in accordance with your specific situation: this month is open to initiatives, and you are quite capable of finding a more successful strategy. Stars advise not to rush to conclusions, and to restrain themselves in terms of alternative opportunities for Scorpios with families. Remember that you will have to live with the consequences of your choices, so if you are ready for it – act, the stars are on your side. By the way, now it would be good to spend as much time as possible with your family. This will benefit not only you personally, but your closest ones, too. Female Scorpios can get a unique opportunity. You know best how this chance will look because you know your dreams best. Try not to miss a good opportunity, yet in order to do this stay true to yourself, while helping your loved ones and not leaving them alone with their problems. In general, this period will be productive for everyone, and now it is very beneficial to occupy a horizontal position with your partner as often as possible (if you what I mean).


In June 2018 Taurus can count on a favourable coincidence, especially in those areas that do not require special concentration of your attention. This month Moon (Taurus’s exultant planet) will play the role of the “heavenly leader” of the Earth elements’ signs, which means that special bonuses can await you in the sphere of personal relationships. Nevertheless, it is logical to distribute your attention and efforts among all directions. You will have something to do in all spheres of your life. At this time there is no need to focus on any fundamentally new projects, and creative urges should be pushed back for a while. It is better to focus on purely monotonous activities that you can perform without much effort involved. Do not neglect the opportunities but be aware that this is not the best time for major financial transactions or overly-risky adventures. Do not rush in situations where you are not that confident. Time will certainly be on your side. It is also worth noting that the first summer month is not the best for starting new relationships. If in doubt whether to take a step forward or not, it is better to ask advice from someone you trust (now you are allowed to be a little biased). Strictly speaking, this is not the most important time in terms of potential and dynamics, but some significant events with some major influence on your future might still end up happening.
If we dwell in more detail on the sphere of work and finance, we should note the following: Taurus should not overwork in June 2018. No matter how much effort you end up putting in, you will not be able to achieve anything, because circumstances are not playing in your favour. Just step aside and wait, and your time will come. This does not mean that now you can do nothing at all. The point is that sometimes it is more logical to save resources, rather than trying to reach heights that you do not need to reach. If you work for yourself, it would be nice to resolve some internal problems. Maybe some spheres make you feel justifiably doubtful. It is worthwhile rechecking some especially important areas. If it is a large enterprise, it will be good to arrange something like a large-scale inspection. You will not lose anything by performing this inspection. You will certainly find things to fix, and it is likely that these things could cause some major issues in the future. If we are talking about Taurus representatives who are not business owners, then it is better to keep low, at least for some time. This is because being overly proactive can lead to the opposite result. It does not matter who is to blame for some misfortunes at work; no matter whether it is your leadership’s bad mood or some unfavourable circumstances, you will not feel better in any case. So, take it easy and do whatever you like doing. If you are doing something not that favourite, well, it is time to remind yourself that everything is in your hands.

As has already been mentioned above, Moon at this stage will give you certain bonuses only in the field of personal relationships. On the other hand, this is not the month to solve significant problems of a personal nature. So, what happens when both these factors are combined the answer is quite simple: if the situation gets worse, let it burn out. This is the simplest and most effective way out, which will allow conflicting participants to put aside all negative emotions and to look at the situation outside the emotional plane. If you do not have your significant other, do not try to change anything in your life. You should not and you probably will not stress too much over these situations. Moreover, you will still have many opportunities available to enjoy some good times, even without your potential significant other. Just enjoy your life and let others do the same thing. Things can get a little more complicated for Taurus representatives with families, because they will definitely have to face situations in which their personal participation will be obligatory. Just listen to your heart, act as you want to act, and do not let strangers change something in you. The unfavourable position of Pluto can make you follow some wrong advice. This is the worst possible option. Rely on your own conclusions and ideas – they will lead to a favourable outcome.


Thanks to the support of Mercury and Ceres, June 2018 can be an extremely successful period, especially in relation to work for the zodiacal sign of Virgo. In general, the first summer month will allow you to deal with a huge range of problems, which you didn’t manage to find time to finish earlier. And here, it is important to understand the key characteristic of this period for you personally: do not reinforce your inherent perfectionism. Do not try to finish everything from A to Z, because at this stage there is no real need for it. In reality, not all situations surrounding you require your personal intervention. At certain times you will need remarkable perseverance to restrain yourself, so do not waste your energy in vain. Financial sphere events will really please you with new opportunities, especially if in previous periods you did not hesitate to apply your talents to the fullest. As for personal matters, many Virgos will need to face their personal demons all by themselves. Don’t be in a rush to involve other people in your personal matters just because you think that they might provide some valuable advice. It is better to be left alone so you can arrive at the optimum conclusion, discover something new, you’re and be able to outline the ways to achieve actual goals without causing unnecessary problems.
In terms of the financial sphere, it is worth noting that Virgos will be one of the few signs for whom this period will turn out to be truly dynamic. Right from the first days of the month, you will feel a rush of energy, you’ll want to be present everywhere, participate in everything, and resolve any difficult situations. It is a whole other question to understand whether it is necessary to act or not. For individual entrepreneurs, it is better to follow the common truth: the more haste, the less speed. So, make sure to take your time. And indeed, there is no one to chase here, even if you have convinced yourself of the opposite thing. The situation may not turn out exactly in the way you wanted it to turn out, but this is not an excuse for applying any dramatic measures. Try to take into account that being confident is not enough for accomplishing certain goals: you have to work hard and work with those who are truly competent in the matter. If we are talking about Virgos who does not work for themselves, then we can recommend only one thing: react adequately to the circumstances. Sometimes in order to get the desired opportunity, it is not necessary to rush investing all of your emotional resources in attempts to get it, regardless of any obstacles along the way. In this sense, June will surely reveal something new, something very promising and practical. So, as it has been already noted, try to devote more time to yourself. It is especially applicable to those of you who earn income through being creative. If you need additional inspiration, all you need to do is to temporarily isolate yourself from the world outside.

In the sphere of personal relationships, the issues can come straight at you. In this situation, it is definitely worth taking your time: June 2018 is good enough for you, but it’s not the best period for playing with your fate, especially if there are any doubts out there. For Virgos with families, the situation can develop in the most unpredictable way, but you should not stress over it. Don’t try too hard helping everyone around you; in fact, most problems can be solved without your participation. Everything can develop in a slightly more exciting manner for those ones who are single. Prepare for the fact that in June you will have many opportunities to prove yourself, and if you have some potential object of your interest, then do not miss your chance in trying to conquer him/her. This, of course, does not mean that you need to support any insane idea and throw yourself into some questionable adventures. You might be in a mood to do it, but try to stay away. It might turn into something too hard to fix if you fail. You should be yourself, don’t try getting everything at once, or you might end up with nothing at all in the end. Give yourself some time to figure everything out on your own, and only then get everything straight with someone else. Venus, which is quite aggressive in relation to Virgos, can make you rush into your decisions. Do not allow yourself to do this; rather, step aside, isolate yourself from the rest of the world, solve the question without thinking much about how it might end up looking from outside. Otherwise, you can get the opposite result.


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