Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018 – My Annual Forecasts are below.

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Cancer natives would see the year 2018 with a new level of optimism and positivity. There would be much luck and fortune coming for you this week. Your confidence level would increase, and harmony prevails in your vicinity all through the year. The planets Saturn and Jupiter would bring about numerous opportunities for growth during the period. Development and advancements now come for you in pieces. However, your expectations would be met as the year moves on.

Career horoscope 2018 for Cancer
Cancer people would find their career area quite intensified this year. You would be having your hands full all through the year. Sometimes things might go out of hand and you would might be caught in cross-fires. Try to strike a cordial balance with authorities and peers during this time. If you are asking for a relocation or change of position, then this would be the apt time. Look at the finer picture when you are signing up things in your career area. Till the last quarter of the year, the time would be conducive for you to learn new skills or tasks related to your area of interest. New contacts would come into your fold and your social circle enlarges now.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Cancer
Cancer guys would witness an emotional upheaval in their love life in year 2018. The relationships you are already in would spice up your life. Follow your instincts and conscience when handling contentious matters in your love area. Speak and let speak your partner to bring about some transparency in your relationships. Impatience and fault-finding would not do you any good for now through the year as far as your love relationship is concerned. Keep a control over what you do as you might hurt the sentiments of your partner as the year moves on. Keep your desires and sensual emotions under check and do try to understand the feelings of your partner. Some of your long-last dreams in love would materialize for now, however make sure that your dreams are realistic and not a utopia. Some of you Cancer natives would find it a little hard to sort out differences between more than one partner. The end of the year would bring about much boldness and add charm in you that you would be able to attract and key-in potential partners for life.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Cancer
The first half of the year might bring in unwanted expenditure for Cancer fellows. Though this might cause a temporary annoyance, it would help you to spruce up your budget for the year. This part of the year would also bring in good inflow by way of real-estate deals and income through legacy. Hence the going would be quite easy. The middle of the year might ask for some expenses related to sprucing up your home or your personal self. Do not throw yourself much to the financial whims and fancies of those around you, else you would land in troubled waters. The second half of the year however seems to be problem-free in your financial side. Avoid high-value purchases and try to make some small savings here and there.

Health horoscope 2018 for Cancer
This year would see you in good health and gives you umpteen opportunities to spruce up your physical and mental self. Rest and rejuvenate your spirits whenever you have some time to spare. Stay active and eat healthy. Cancers beware of an emotional turmoil breaking down your nerves. Be positive and let a sense of optimism surround you. Your energy levels would see alternate modes of crests and troughs through the year. Do strike a good balance between work and play. A proper diet would also pave way for a healthier tomorrow, stay away from any sort of indulgences this year, as they might bring about long-term repercussion in life.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
Major changes are likely in your home front this year, Cancer. You would be entering a new phase of your life. There would be new additions and deletions from your family circle by way of births and deaths. Several obstacles might come in way spoiling the harmony at home. Do settle grudges with family members and do not take them to your heart. Be firm when it comes to installing a new order at home. Stay firm and strong in your views and ideals.

Retrograde Effect
Cancer natives would find the year 2018 a bit tough to handle in the sense they need to make some major decisions regarding life. Be logical and rational rather than being emotional for things to work in your favour these days. Moon would be playing a major role in causing mental breakdowns for some of your Cancer guys. You need to put up a bold face to handle challenges that come your way. Some luck is on the cards too. Property would fetch you good returns during year 2018. Starting new ventures, this year would be quite rewarding. Those in services would be able to hone up their skills now.

Between March and July 2018 Jupiter would be in retrograde motion. This would bring about some confusion regarding your career pursuits also your speculative deals would be dealt with negative returns. Stick to your guns though. The Exalted Mars between May and November 2018 would bring about much gains. Conjugal felicity is assured for Cancer guys. Try to maintain a compatible atmosphere at home and work. Saturn goes retrograde between April and September 2018 when your finances might get a beating. Be careful in spending and do not overindulge. Those in academics would fare well. Marital discords rise and wane for the period. Then from October things would turn in favour of you as Jupiter transits.

Highlights and Focus Areas
You work tirelessly, and the results are equally stunning. The revolutionary efforts push you to the centre stage of name and fame in year 2018. This is just the beginning and you do not let these smaller rewards get into your way. You dream big now and determined to accomplish it.

New and exciting work may come from overseas or there may be journeys to be undertaken. All this may lead to your work definition undergoing complete metamorphosis and leading to a phenomenal growth and prosperity in coming days. Expect new partnerships, contracts and tie-ups.

Spiritual sojourn is on the cards and you may tend to take a dive and seek the inner self, leading to a phase of introspection. Meaning of existence and choices will be contemplated and questioned.

Cheerful mood, good health and a youthful rested spirit will help you putting your best foot out at work.
Personal conflicts and legal-tussles are resolved in your favor.

Sudden and unexpected events related to kids, such as winning competitions, top scores and even arrival of a new-born.



The year ahead calls for a balanced approach from Aquarius natives all through the period. Lots of adjustments and compromises are also called for on your part. The planets are favorable on your part to make you earn name and fame in the long run. A good time to forge good relations with those around. Relationships, particularly new ones need to be handled with caution. It is high time to go in for rapprochement when the situation warrants the same. The year would bring situations where you get to understand your emotional self in a better light. Be sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others too this year, Aquarius.

Career horoscope 2018 for Aquarius
For the year 2018, Aquarius natives would be able to perform well in their professional lives thanks to favorable planetary placements for the period. Your ambitions and aspirations would get a new direction for now. Promotions, pay hikes and recognitions would be got as the year moves on. But the road ahead is not an easy one. Try to strike cordial relationships with authorities and colleagues in your work place. Tact and diplomacy would work wonders for now in the field of career for Aquarius guys. Challenging situations come now and then, it is up to you harness your internal energy to work on these challenges. Relationship with customers would be the key to survival in this year. Retaining your position at the work place would seem like a Herculean task this year as you would be antagonized around the second half of the year.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Aquarius
In the year 2018, Aquarius people would be able to improve the quality of their love life more than the previous years. A time when you would be brought closer still to your partner or spouse. However, this would call for rapprochements and compromises on your part in the larger interest of your relationships. Do make sure that your standing and position are unscathed by the moves for now. The single ones would be able to make some potential encounters this year. Those already into a relationship would find the time ripe enough to have a free communication with their partners. Sharing, talking and caring would be the keywords for the period if you ought to stem the tide of disagreements that come into your life this year. Reduce misunderstandings and strife and let warmth and cordiality surround your relationships. Opening up to your partner would be a good way to quell or dispel evil thoughts that have been marring goodness in your relationship of late.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Aquarius
Aquarius guys have a lucky year ahead as far as their financial and material standing is concerned. There would be a sense of stability and positivity on your financial arena for the period.
Throughout the year, your finances would be quite satisfactory marked with occasional bouts of luck and fortune coming your way. More and more inflow of funds forecast for the year, however there would be unwanted expenditure on the cards as well. Stay away from impulsive purchases and let go off of some of your passions and pleasures if you need to have a strong financial standing for the year. The year-end would bless you with good financial inflow readying you for a financial make-over for the year after.

Health horoscope 2018 for Aquarius
Aquarius natives would be loaded with immense energy levels to keep them going for the entire period ahead. However, diet and exercising needs to be consistent to avoid troubles later on through the year. Avoid high fat foods as your digestive system likely to be on the bad side this period. Give your body and mind good exercises and tone them up. Stay away from sedentary lifestyle as this would have serious consequences on your general health this year. Take a sport, go on an adventure trip, give mental exercises for your mind, in this way you would see a better yourself at the year-end, Aquarius. Let not stress and strain control your impulses for the period ahead.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
Domestic relationships would be quite harmonious for the year 2018 for Aquarius people. A more balanced approach would be seen in the relationship with family members for the period ahead. Ongoing ties would be retained and there would be new additions to the family by way of marriage and birth of babies. Such auspicious events would bring joy and happiness at home. Do not give in for disagreements and avoid disputes and quarrels of all sorts for the year. Be kind and gentle and try to win over people and their relationship by your subtle demeanor. However, keep your personality intact. Patience would pay off if not in small installments at the least.

Retrograde Effect
There would be a marked change in the life of Aquarius natives in year 2018. You would be highly ambitious and show high amounts of energy and willpower. However, be sure that luck and fortune are not on your side for the period and only hard work shall see you through the year.

Though initially things look as if they are out of track, they would fall into place as the year moves on. Just face hindrances head-on. And be noted that finances might come in from different sources, but then do not over-indulge for the time period. Do save for the rainy days ahead. Also, the personal and professional road ahead might be quite bumpy. But then ensure that the relationships that come en-route would help you reach your desired destination. Do keep your emotions under check. Much career growth predicted for the second half of the year though.

Jupiter retrograding between March and July 2018 advises you to be a bit cautious in the financial front. Avoid indulgences of sorts and keep saving. Saturn also retrogrades between April to September. And this advises Aquarius natives to be quite vigilant. Be wary of relationship issues around. Natives are advised to take help of elders or authorities when in trouble to stem over the tide of defeat and keep everything stable.

Highlights and Focus Areas
You are now emotional and more sensitive towards your job, health and daily routine. Pleasing fallout comes to you, as you realize that you can concentrate better on the many activities that are clamoring for your attention.

Money/finances are now your primary concern. You will need funds/investment for your own projects/people. Cash flow, liquid assets, even property and joint-funds will have to be handled.

You are not as outgoing, preferring to analyze and sort out your life’s circumstances. You realize that this way gets better results. Always remember that you can only solve life’s problems if you meet them head-on.

There is freshness in your love relationships. Your feelings are stirred and you now feel more intimate to your beloved. Romance inspires you to lovingly recognize the weaknesses in your partner, and to not only not hold this or use this against them, but to instead make adjustments and compensations in your own consciousness to allow these character weaknesses to be developed over time.

Domestic life takes over your attention as you might tend to be insecure and anxious towards your dependents including your girlfriend/boyfriend and even children.




In the year 2018, Aries natives would be able to finalize certain important decisions in life. Things that are no longer relevant can be pruned out. You become more mature and a lot refined this year. The planets Saturn and Jupiter would be acting in your favour to start things that are more suitable for you in the long run. Through the course of the year, some sacrifices are expected on your side in terms of your personal life. Seize opportunities as they come your way. Change and more change are in store for Aries people in this period.

Career horoscope 2018 for Aries
Career would be a more satisfying area for most of the Aries guys this year. Of course, you would have your due share of trials, and hindrances but then you would have the guts to stand them through. New avenues of growth are likely in your career sector this year. Communication and survival are the keys. Jupiter would help you to hone up your skills and improve your creativity. Those involved in professions related to the fields of arts, manufacturing and sales would get a good boost this period. The relationship with authorities and peers in your workplace would be more cordial and genuine. Expect promotions and pay hikes for the year-end.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Aries
Aries natives would tread a very clear path during 2018 in their love life. There would be a better understanding of your partner or spouse. For some of you it would be the end of the road to a long unhappy relationship while for others it would be a sweet beginning. If you are already into a relationship, now through the year, the sentiments and passion attached to your partner would increase. Now you would be able to control your emotions and keep it under check. Between March and June, some of you guys might tie the knot or enter new phase in the relationship.

However, do not be carried away by false promises. Relationships would be quite intense, but then be responsible and take decisions based on your conscience. Some of the past pains and bad-emotions disappear and you would be set free.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Aries
Aries people would be on the road to financial success in this year. Of course, hindrances come your way by way of losses and debts, however you would be able to tackle them with ease. Your sense of optimism would be quite high and hence you would be able to sail smoothly even through a financial storm. Take steps to re-design your budget to make it tally with your wallet. At the end of the year, your debts and negative finances would have gone off for the better. Find different ways to garner finances so as to reach a stable financial situation. From November, Aries guys would be able to steer clear through their financial path undeterred.

Health horoscope 2018 for Aries
The general health and well-being of Aries fellows would be excellent all through the year. Though Uranus makes you fragile and prone to health issues, Jupiter comes in handy and protects you from any major health complications. There would be quite a boost to your energy levels if you venture out on adventure and nature treks. Listen to your inner soul and rejuvenate your soul and body periodically. Some restraint need to be practiced when it comes to indulgences in food and exercising habits. Do not be too excessive. Meditation and other forms of mild work-outs can be taken up to relieve stress and strain from life.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
In the year 2018, Aries people would grow well in their family life. Their socializing skills improve a lot. However, some of you might be quite vulnerable among family members, hence make sure that you are stable. Do not be sensitive and act cautiously. This would be a period when auspicious events might take place for some of the natives. Hence the year would be packed with lots of shopping, travel and what not with family. Make merry. Make amends with family members if you have grouses with them. Do not hold onto them.

Retrograde Effect on Aries
During year 2018, the planets Saturn and Jupiter would bless Aries natives abundantly. Saturn ruling hard work and Jupiter standing for luck work hand in hand for you and you ought to strike a balance between these two. There would be a phenomenal growth in your professional front this year and your finances also set to increase many fold. However, peace might elude you in the home-side during the period. The first quarter of 2018 would be much demanding and tiresome though. Beware of accidents in travel too.

Between March and July 2018, Jupiter would be in retrograde and this might tamper with your finances. Unexpected expenditure might haunt you and also expect some troubles from foreign land. Saturn retrograde between April and September would bring about major career changes for Aries guys. There might be the need for a financial revamp on your part. Stay away from new ventures as Saturn retrogrades. Between May and November 2018, Mars, your ruler would be exalted and this influences your career prospects. But then be cautious of your moves and double-check anything that comes across.

Highlights and Focus Areas
Your personal equation with your work will undergo a transformation and could lead to prosperity and growth.

2018 is a transformational year for your partners/spouse/significant others too. It could be sudden and unexpected.

Overseas connections or travel, or perhaps both, could also materialize.

Expect an emotional connect with in-laws esp. brothers & sisters, if you’re married. An important and eventful year for them.

Problems and health concerns with father or father-like figures such as bosses and authority.

Unexpected gains, inheritance and loans & borrowings will be the key financial themes.



The year 2018 would bring to fore the hidden talents and resources of Capricorn natives. The planets would be more favorable for you to develop and grow in life. You would gain much authority and power during the period ahead. There would be brightness and a sense of joy and happiness in life. Goodness is just around the corner, but practical difficulties cannot be just ruled out. Your practicality would come in handy to come out and excel in your professional and personal life this year, Cap.

Career horoscope 2018 for Capricorn
Capricorn natives would have myriad opportunities to excel in their career field this year. Indeed, you would have much freedom to explore professional possibilities, would be getting the help of peers and higher-ups as well now. Also, there would be circumstances that might lead to professional hindrances, stay calm, work hard and be modest in your relationships at the work place to come out successful. The middle of the year points to some delays and hindrances in your career side. Give in your best this time and you would come out unscathed. Team work would pay off well for Capricorn natives this year. The end of the year gives possibilities for relocation or a change of course if willing. Your practicality and managerial skills would help you to climb yet another rung in the professional ladder this year on.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Capricorn
The love life of Capricorn guys would be just great this year, that many of you would be able to find true love in their lives. Come out of your dreams and step into the reality of life now, Cap. Modesty and simplicity would help to get into the good books of potential partners in life. Do not splurge on your partner, instead you are advised to live and love within your means. In this way, future troubles can be sidelined. Share your feelings, your likes and dislikes to your partner. Then you would be able to dispel the mystery and enigma surrounding you. The single ones would find the period ripe for dating resulting in true committed partnership for life. Your sensuality and romantic mood would be lifted to a new high as the year progresses on. Those married or already into a relationship would find the year a good time to get to know more about their partner in a better light. Maintain your sense of privacy though through the year ahead, Cap.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Capricorn
Capricorn natives would be able to sail smooth in their financial side this year. Avoid impulsive spending and preserve and save for the future. Plan your financial spending and prioritize your financial outflow for the year. Though indulgences of sorts may attract you, be bold to give up some extravaganza in life for your financial betterment in future. The middle of the year particularly calls for some expenditure related to loved ones which cannot be compromised. However, keep your financial measures strict and to the mark so that you do not burn your fingers enroute. The year is favorable for you to make investments in landed property and real estates. The year-end might call for some financial spending related to adventure, travel and recreation, go ahead and splurge yourself, as the period is good for the same.

Health horoscope 2018 for Capricorn
For the year 2018, Capricorn people would see an increased level of energy and vitality. However, make sure that your energy levels are directed through proper channels. Stay alert and focus on your tasks at hand. A good time to take up a sport and let go off of some bad habits that have been haunting you for quite some time now. Follow a strict diet plan and do not look for a cozy period. Indulgences and excesses of sorts are to be avoided for the year ahead. Take care of your mental health as well as you are in for some stress and strain this period resulting in some nervous breakdowns if not attended to properly. Go in for a detox program occasionally and cut down on carbs, fats and high-calorie foodstuffs for the year. This would see a healthier and sportier you around the year -end.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
The family life of Capricorn guys this year would be quite rich with a wide variety of events and circumstances lined up for the period. You would command healthy relationships with family members now. Follow your heart and this would help you to avoid troubles in relationships at home. Social life would be at its best if you know how to control your emotions. Else your imperfections would come to the fore marring domestic welfare and happiness in the long run. Periodically update and change your approach to certain relationships at home. This would bring peace and joy at home at the expense of quite nothing.

Retrograde Effect
This would be quite a successful year for Capricorn natives. You would be able to perform well in the career and financial aspects of your life. However, this period asks for hard work and commitment on your part. During the Jupiter retrograde period of March to July 2018, there would delays and hindrances in your life. Lay low and be patient for the period. Rahu or the Moon’s node likely to cause some relationship issues for Capricorn guys in 2018. Look out for positive energy around in order for tranquility to prevail in your love life or marriage.

Saturn would be retrograding between April and September this year. Though there would be some initial hiccups during the period in your career front, things shall look better once Saturn goes Direct. The single ones would be able to find true love and romance in their lives. However, those already in a relationship or married would find the going a bit tough thanks to Saturn being retrograde.

Highlights and Focus Areas
Success follows you everywhere in year 2018 but avoid being big headed or it can curb your best side. Use the energy bestowed on you to reap large gains.

Your definition of success is personal growth together with dedication towards family. For this you need to manage poise between your own comfort and health and caring for your loved ones. Your attention is driven towards household and parental issues this year.

Lack of commitment could possibly lead to separations, break-ups and divorces, so pay attention to the relationship.




Year 2018 would be a period of high energy -levels in almost all areas of life for Gemini guys. There would be a complete revamp or renovation of you both, physically and mentally. New opportunities would come your way. Seize them with their horns and plunge in. Rewards are just around the corner. There would not be much trouble in getting favours in personal and professional life. This would be a time when your true nature would come to the fore. Beware of false promises and responsibilities this year.

Career horoscope 2018 for Gemini
In this year, the combined effects of Jupiter and Saturn would help you to prove your mettle in your career field. This would be a good period to widen your horizon in terms of business ventures. A new phase of life awaits you this period in your professional arena. Do not be content with your present achievements, instead aim for the Moon. There might be some cold-shoulder approach from colleagues this year. Be wary of their moves and try to earn the goodwill of authorities in your workplace. There would be a slow but steady progress in your career field this year. Temperance need to be had when it comes to work. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Take some time off. Teamwork pays off now during this period for Gemini guys.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Gemini
The love life of Gemini natives would be full of vigour and flavour this year. Jupiter’s position would help improve you emotionally and you would be more enthusiastic in your love life. The single ones would be able to up-scale their level of attraction to cope with the opposite sex. Your social life expands now just in time to improve your love life as well. Do not fear to show yourself as you are to potential partners. Do not make-up or fake things. There would be much passion, pleasure and sensual moves in your love area this year. However, some of you might hold a grudge against their partners in the sense that your emotions or feeling are not being retaliated or paid-back. Then there are those Gemini guys who would be caught between two parallel relationships just to end the year on a bad note. To avoid further complication, it is better to prune your relationships periodically, Gemini. The year-end might see some separations, reconciliations and twists and turns in your love area.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Gemini
The financial standing of Gemini guys would be a great question this year. Though much of your desires would be satisfied personally, the long-term projects that you had in your mind might take a beating. Though your hands would be full you would not be able to relish your finances whole-heartedly this year. Calm down occasionally and take stock of your budget for the period. As the year moves on, you work hard, put in more effort and there would be more inflow. Make some changes for your financial spending and steer away from unwanted expenditure for the period. Avoid loans and debts and try to live within your means. This would keep you away from bankruptcy in the coming years.

Health horoscope 2018 for Gemini
For most of the year, your general health and energy levels would be at its best. This would help you to perform well in your career field. Your sense of responsiveness and dynamism would also reach new height through the year. Be prepared for a hectic and intense period of your life around the middle part of the year. This would bring weakness to mind and body for some of your Gemini guys. Go in for some sport or recreational activities to bolster you. Try to strike a good balance between your physical and mental make-up always and you would be in the road to merry-land around the year-end.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
There would be peace and harmony in your family life this year, Gemini. However, do expect some changes in the beliefs and traditions of your family. There might be occasional rifts with family members. You need to avoid holding onto sentiments and emotions, instead serve your family in a more diplomatic way. During the course of the period try not to burn some steps as well.

Retrograde Effect
Gemini natives would be full of positive energy in year 2018. Much luck and fortune shall come for you; however, delays and hindrances are also on the path. Your social life would be quite active for the period. Jupiter retrograding between March and July 2018 would give mixed feelings for Gemini people. You would be sitting on the fence when it comes to important decisions regarding life. Mars’s exaltation in May to November would give you much strength to combat enemies and other divisive forces. Be cautious when driving and handling heavy equipment.

Occasional hindrances cannot be ruled out though for the period. However, patience and firmness shall pay you richly. Finances would be satisfactory if you are on track. Love life would be quite good with the single ones meeting the love of their life in the workplace. Year 2018 would bring about a sense of relief and stability in Gemini guys’ life unlike the previous few years.

Highlights and Focus Areas
Home takes precedence over your work life as you feel extremely protective about your dependents especially children and younger siblings during 2018. Transformational and significant year for kids and siblings.

Challenges to father or father-figure/mentor — perturbed finances and health.

Cash flow, liquid assets, even property and joint-funds will have to be handled skillfully.

Resist unwanted/unrequited temptations during this year with drinks, drugs, and sex.

There could be visits to hospitals, medical expenses and in worst cases sudden and shocking disturbances through partners, superiors and clients.



For the year 2018, Leo natives would find their materialistic and mundane side coming to the fore. Some of you might be giving up their indulgent habits of long. Jupiter and Saturn would help you to hog the limelight all through this year. There would be radical changes in your personal and professional life now through this year. You would be able to do more things this year than ever before, but then keep your sensitivity under check as it might hamper your growth.

Career horoscope 2018 for Leo
The career life of Leo natives would go through several ups and downs in the year ahead. Through you would not be able to deal with this, your short-term goals would be met. Plan your career future and work towards it and do not mind the present-day hardships. Refine, re-define and re-work your professional work ethics to get your projects completed in time. Go to the bottom of things in order to maintain a conducive relationship with your peers and authorities in work place. The first half of the year might be quite laborious. While the second half might bring about a sense of stability and optimism in your professional side.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Leo
The love life of Leo natives would be quite phenomenal this year. The single ones and those already in a relationship would witness major changes in their love life. Saturn and Jupiter around would further improve your sensual and sensitive side. Though your love area might be painful at times, the rewards would be long-lasting. Do try to change the mode of your expressions of love as it might further your prospects in bringing potential partners into your fold. Compromise needs to be made at times with your partner to bring in enough romance in your life. Do not let communication gaps to be develop between you and your partner. There would be innumerable romantic encounters in your life this period, Leo, it is up to you to pick the choice.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Leo
The financial situation of Leo guys would improve a lot this year. Though there might be some constraints for your inflow, you would be able to get your desires and wishes fulfilled. The year calls for pruning stagnant finances, liquidation and en-cashing of your investments. Do not take hasty decisions, instead act on a calm note. Be prepared for unforeseen expenditure that might arise all through this year. Make wise decisions and try to detach yourself from unwanted financial indulgences that might eat your savings. Review your budget periodically if the situation warrants the same. Do not fall prey to the emotional turbulences caused by your near ones in the financial side. Save some for the coming years, so that your financial future is taken care of.

Health horoscope 2018 for Leo
Your general health would be quite average this year, all Leos. Though you might command good health, there would be occasional bouts of weaknesses in body and soul. Follow the nature trail to win back your spirits. An organized diet and exercising regiment would go a long way in improving your overall well-being. Do not physically exert yourself too much. The middle part of 2018 might cause some stress and strain in your well-being. Beware of the complications and stay alert and calm. You need to relax because your physical and mental make-up need periodic rejuvenation to keep you fit as a fiddle all through the year.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
For the year ahead, your morality and sense of responsibility in the family front would be put to test. However, you need to sustain yourself armored with the effects of Jupiter and Saturn through the year. Be receptive to the advice of those in the family. Joy and happiness would then follow suit. Elders and children in the family side may need your solace and guidance during this period. Your energy levels would be quite high this year to support your family and friends through their trials in life. Be wary of your emotions making hasty and improper actions in the family side this period.

Retrograde Effect
Year 2018 would be a wonderful period devoid of stress and strain for Leo natives. All worries and anxieties that have been haunting you for quite sometime, now subside. Beware of enemies and also this is not a good time for you to confront them, hence lay low. Those in business and services would get positive returns for the year. Between March and July 2018 Jupiter would be retrograding in your home of Leo. This might bring about many travels and relocations for some. Mars is exalted from May to November when property deals would materialize. Also, marital harmony is predicted for the period. Rahu favours overseas travels and residence for some Leo guys.

The downside is that health issues might haunt you. Financial inflow might be limited around the end of the year. Also, relationship with siblings might take a beating this year. Patience would be the keyword to survival this year though.

Highlights and Focus Areas
Money/finances are now your primary concern. Cash flow, liquid assets, even property and joint-funds or family funds will have to be handled.

There could be issues related to parental (or father’s) property requiring you to take legal counsel and paperwork. Similar are indications for teachers, bosses and authority.

Your need for communication, short trips, and visits increases during year 2018.

Definition of work may undergo a metamorphosis leading to a much softer attitude.

Good time for forging new partnerships, going into a new rental contract, expanding business and driving sales.
Singles can expect good news on romantic fronts. Couples can expect arrival of a baby.



The year 2018 would help the Libra natives to focus more on their own self rather than catering to the needs of those around. Though you are advised to stick to your entourage, be focused on your ideals in life. Relationship with others would take a new meaning for the year ahead. There would be a good number of opportunities to forge ahead in your life this period. Do understand the reality surrounding you and strengthen your foundation in personal relationships and professional links this season.

Career horoscope 2018 for Libra
in year 2018, your career field would bring about major changes like never before. Many more responsibilities and positions come for your shoulders. There would be many long term positive developments in your professional side. Your energy levels would be simply superb to put your career growth in the right perspective. A good time, especially for honing your skills. Also give importance to your personal interests or hobbies, some of them might fetch you name and fame. Try to strike a good balance between your professional and personal life this year, else you might land in trouble on either side. There would be an irresistible urge in you to build a better professional future. Do not hesitate to ask for favors, or pay-hikes or transfers and shifts. Ask and it shall be given unto you!! Some peers and authorities might annoy you through the year. Do not bother to pay heed to their whims. Count only on yourself and your hard work. Optimism and your sense of survival would help you to fight any hindrances and come out successful in your career field this year.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Libra
During the year 2018, Libra natives would be able to have a better understanding of their partners in life, that love would take a new meaning. Jupiter would help you to grow a more meaningful relationship with your partner this year. Intense passion and romance would be encountered enroute. There would be some hope to change your existing relationships that are quite thick-skinned for now. You need to spread out your wings and expand your love horizon. However, Libra natives are advised against taking impulsive actions in the love side for the year ahead. Indeed, things develop and disappear in your love-front swiftly and beautifully. Partner would be more satisfying than ever and he or she would take total control of situations. Letting go off of some bad relationships would pave way for total happiness and commitment for existing ones. Take steps to positively develop your love relationships this year.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Libra
Management of your budget would be the key to your financial stability and survival for year 2018. You would turn out more reasonable in spending, though savings would be a bit tricky for the year ahead. But then Saturn would help you to better manage your finances, without much effort. Save for the rainy days ahead, much like the proverbial ant. Do indulge if you feel like around the year-end. Some expenditure related to friends and relatives might come un-informed. Be prepared to tackle the same. This is a good time to invest or buy a car or a new home. Stay clear from making small-budget allocations for now. Your investments would help to yield fruits in the coming year, Libra.

Health horoscope 2018 for Libra
Your energy levels for the year 2018 would be simply superb, Libras. The first quarter of the year would be devoid of fatigue and other health issues. Your energy reserves would be ample to keep you going for long periods. Around the start of the second quarter however things shall begin to show a decline in general health for some of you. But by then most of your major tasks have been done and hence would be a good time to take a break. Your mental health also needs a rejuvenation of sorts. The last quarter of year 2018 can be used to hone up your hobby skills and the like to improve your spirits. then your moral health would improve a lot resulting in overall well-being.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
This year, your true nature need to be brought to the fore to maintain goodness in your family life. BE cautious about the influence of those around you. Let your expressions be subtle and make sure that your values are given priority by others. Communications might take a beating this year, in your family life. Maintain your civility and let socializing become the norm for overall happiness at home. Lend a listening ear to your family and try to strike a better balance at home. Do not hesitate to appreciate the good works of others at home. Let bygones be bygones, do not let emotions rule the roost in the family side for now. In general, domestic welfare/happiness are assured for Libra guys on the home front, though periodic bouts of misunderstandings cannot be ruled out.

Retrograde Effect
Happiness and peace are on the cards for Libra natives in year 2018. There would be a better balance in your life now. Career performance would be quite good and also your social circle expands during the period. However occasional hitches cannot be ruled out. Do not entrust anyone without double-checking. The retrograde motion of Jupiter from March to April 2018 would bring about many career hitches. There would be options for a change of field or relocation for some Libra guys. Gains can be expected from paternal links and government sources this time.

The retrograde of Saturn lasts between April and September in 2018 and this would bring about worries and anxieties. Not a good time for taking major life-decisions. Mars in exaltation between May and November in 2018 would be a time when natives are advised to strike a good balance between personal and professional matters. Jupiter enters your home in October 2018, when things start to look up. Then your career performance improves, and a sense of positivity would prevail. Though mixed trends are forecast, the financial front looks quite good out from here.

Highlights and Focus Areas
Wealth is not the only factor that you attract during year 2018 but also the reputation that your proficiency in work gets you.

Your inner strength is peaking, so it’s a good time to learn new ideas, philosophies, travel in thirst of knowledge, spend time with teachers and heal problems and diseases.

Interpersonal relationships make for pleasant times, stimulating conversations, socializing, wining and dining.

You may have to scout around for new resources and may discover a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Cash flow, liquid assets, even property and joint-funds will have to be handled.

Important year for kids and dependents. Couples can expect good news.


Pisces natives would be entering an important phase in their life this year. Some of your burning desires or ambitions would now take wings. The planets would be helping you to make certain radical changes to your lifestyle, career and future personal life. Do channel your energy properly to get the best rewards in life through the course of this year. Don’t let your emotions wander freely, instead let your creativity and other personal assets do the talking.

Career horoscope 2018 for Pisces
The year might call for much commitment and hard work from Pisces guys if they need to excel in their career life. But then only after the first quarter your efforts would start yielding good results. Do not diversify your professional activities this year. Focus on a project or two and channel your energy for the same. However, your enthusiasm would be just great for great professional achievements this year by way of good pay hike, promotions, overseas travels and the like. Around the middle of the year, there might be a need for a change of course for some Pisces people. But then sticking to your present profile might do more good than the former. Get into the good books of your authorities and peers this period, if you need to take a de-tour later on in life. Do not be impulsive, take small bold steps where the fall would not harm you much in case you encounter some.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Pisces
The love life of Pisces natives would be quite hap-hazard this year. Your level of sentimentality and emotions would be at its peak now. You would take to several areas of your dreams and fears that practicality might be out of question. Relationships would take a new route for now, however stick to your family values and traditions. Certain adjustments would be called for in this time for cordial relationship with your spouse of partner. The single ones would have many positive encounters. But then do not act hastily, weigh the pros and cons before venturing into a new area of friendship or love. In case misunderstandings or difference of opinions arise with your partner, talk to him or her your heart and dispel all negativity that surrounds you both. Passion and romance would be in the air all through the period. it is up to you to make full use of the same for your relationships to thrive. This would be a period, when you would find the fullest satisfactions in your love, sex and marital life.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Pisces
The financial life of Pisces would be completely different from the previous years for Pisces guys. Now you would be more sensitive to the monetary needs around you, that your spending and indulgences would be careful and well-mediated. But then you need to yield to some temptations as well and there would be times when you ought to monetarily indulge to win hearts over in personal and professional sides. This would be a good time to invest in real estate and other land deals. However, be careful to see the finer details before venturing into any high-value purchases for the period. Do make a good balanced approach for your financial moves for now. Do not drive against the wind as you might have harsher environment out there. Past period investments might fetch good returns for some Pisces people this year.

Health horoscope 2018 for Pisces
Pisces guys are advised to stick to their work-outs and diet habits to have a better energy level all through 2018. You would be loaded with activities all-round the year, that this stored up energy gets expended easily. Natives are advised to take periodic rests and breaks to avoid nervous and physical break-downs. Your metabolism would be at its peak. Do take care to eat freshly available foodstuff and stay away from processed ones for the period. Some Pisces people are likely to develop certain deficiencies through the course of the year. Meditation, yoga and pilgrimages can be taken up for mental health rejuvenation. Your sense of optimism would help you to come over trials in life. The end of the year might bring minor health issues and general fatigue that need to be given proper attention at the earliest to avoid serious after-effects.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
For the year 2018, Pisces natives are advised to speak it out when it concerns matters pertaining to family and other domestic areas. Impulsive decisions would not work for now. Stay positive and take time to solve rifts and misunderstandings in relationships at home. Some voluntary actions need to be taken if you want your family structure to stay intact in times of strong winds around. Weigh your words before you communicate as problems lurk around.

Retrograde Effect
Year 2018 would bring about much spiritual inclination for Pisces guys. Your emotions would be under check and occult studies would be favourable for you through the period. Financial prospects would be quite good when compared to the previous years. Your ambitions soar as also your energy levels in particular. Not a good period for love and relationships, however status quo would be maintained. Career hitches loom around. Relocation on the cards for some Pisces natives during year 2018.

When Jupiter retrogrades between March and July 2018, you would be backtracking on the professional front, hence be cautious a bit. Stay away from new ventures. Then when Jupiter transits to the house of Scorpio in October 2018, betterment can be expected on the career field. Saturn would be hindering you if you have a fast pace in life. It would help you to avoid hasty and impatient decisions. Then when Saturn retrogrades from April to September 2018, you ought to re-evaluate your plans. A good time for introspection on all fronts. Mars would bring about some luck and fortune for Pisces natives during year 2018. Your sense of determination and commitment would be boosted by the transit of Mars. Use your brains rather than your brawn to work up during this time. A fairly good year is promised for Pisces people for 2018.

Highlights and Focus Areas
You may feel an emotional need for material security during 2018. You are likely to review your domestic finances, monthly budget, sources of income and expenses.

You may feel more hunger to make money than usual, and a desire to be extravagant. You may feel like spending money on this and that. The range will be from housekeeping money to vehicles to funding for projects and ventures.

You’re virtually willing to go out on a limb to do things for those who matter to you — siblings, children and dependents. It makes the domestic scene comfortable, happy, relaxed, and there is mutual give and take with the people you care for.

This is a time to revive your sense of security. Family and personal matters take priority over worldly affairs just now. A willingness to listen to others will surely help a major chunk of your problems right now.


The year 2018 would see the Sagittarians with a new level of energy that had not been seen for a few years now. The frustrations and troubles you had experienced in the past years now disappear. The planetary positions are favorable for you to feel better and do better in life. The future though not sure looks brighter, earlier it looked sort of bleak. There would be overall progress in all walks of your life. Keep going, there is light at the end of the tunnel, Sag.

Career horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius
The career prospects of the Sagittarius people look good for the year 2018. It is one of the best periods in your entire life to forge ahead in style in the professional side. Bring your creativity to the fore and handle professional commitments with ease and dignity. Action speaks louder than words, let your performance do the talking for you towards authorities and higher-ups this period. Success comes all over you this year, do not be weighed down by your laurels though. A good time to build bridges in professional relationships and try to mend fences if any. Your sensitivity however might come in way of your growth and development. Do not get carried away by false promises this year. But then be ready to lend a helping hand to those in need in your work place.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius
During the year 2018, some important details relevant to your love life might come to the fore. This would pave way for a brighter and happier love life. There would be a sense of maturity regarding your emotional side. Do not be impulsive in your move towards your partner this year. Weigh the pros and cons before making major love decisions. Especially impulses of the mind and heart would be difficult to be curbed this period. Stay away from irresistible offers in love and marriage. Take steps according to your conscience and let no one dictate your life and its moves. A good time for growth and harmony in love life if you are more than willing to express your true feelings to your partner or spouse. In this way much clouds can be dispersed positively. Some of you Sagittarians might feel that the search for an ideal partner is taking so long. Keep searching. Certain vital encounters would make a drastic change in your love life this year. Do not forget the past, live in the present and plan for the future, with your partner by your side. The year is a good time to rediscover your partner and his or her passions, dreams and ideals in life.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius
The year ahead predicts many unavoidable expenditures for Sagittarius guys. Despite all your efforts to save and curb spending, these expenses come for nowhere. Find your true peace in times of financial deficit. Stay clear of outstanding bills, loans and other costs for the year ahead. Plan your finances and cook a budget that suits your purse. A good time to stay away from legal wrangling too. Stick to your financial commitments come what may. In this way, you might stay away from financial hap hazards for the year ahead. Put in all your might to save, try to improve your financial standing this year.

Health horoscope 2018 for Sagittarius
Sagittarius guys would be full of energy for the year 2018, that adventure would be taken in good stride. However certain turmoil in your life might take a heavy toll on your general health and nervous strength. Find ways to replenish your energy levels, by attending cultural shows and other recreational activities. There would be much demands from friends and family that your general health would not be attended to properly this season. After mid-year, natives are advised to pay heed to their diet and exercising regimen to stay fit through their lives. An increased level of activity is called for now. Stay away from being idle, be mobile always and give yourself a moral boost for the year ahead.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
The year ahead would bring about much excitement in your family life. However, stay clear from those members who try to influence or dominate you through the year. It is best to avoid such relationships in life this period. Do yield to only those who respect you and pay heed to your words. Communication with members of the family might bring about some misunderstandings, be wary. The relationship arena seems to be a little clear now for the year ahead. Your emotional level also deepens a bit and your listening skills would be honed for the period ahead.

Retrograde Effect
Saturn in your native home makes you more serious about life than your usual care-free self, Sagittarius this year. Your social and charity works would get a good boost during this period. When Saturn is retrograde between April to September 2018, there would be a sort of confusion prevailing around you that makes decision –making quite hard. This period would call for a re-evaluation of your future plans. Stay within your boundaries as trouble lurks outside. However, career and financial standing would be quite stable for the period. Year 2018 holds good promises on the home-front. Many of you would be buying your dream house this year. The Jupiter retrograde movement between March and July 2018 however advises you to be quite cautious with your moves.
Between April and September 2018, there might be some delays and hindrances in life owing to Saturn retrograde. Do not think about relocating or changing your job this period. After October when Jupiter transits, there would be major changes for Sagittarius people. If you are aspiring for foreign residence or career then the last quarter of year 2018 would be conducive. Stay positive and keep working hard…

Highlights and Focus Areas
Self-transformation is the mantra and the extra pep is all that you need to keep going.
Beware of promised funds as they may fail to materialize and keep your alternatives ready in case the need be. Money/finances are now your primary concern. Cash flow, liquid assets, even property and joint-funds will have to be handled.

You turn focus inwards – religion, spiritual pursuits and higher learning – this helps you build inner strength and unflappable spirit.

Good health and fitness is essential now. You may have to make several visits to the hospitals and health care centers.

Family and friends can make relationship hell if you don’t set proper boundaries.



The year 2018 would bring about a great sense of serenity and subtleness for Scorpio natives. There would be much fun, laughter and happiness in life like never this period. You would have much inner peace; a sense of freedom prevails around you. Saturn would help you to lead a life of low-profile now. It would also bring about radical changes in your life, from which there would be no returning back. Unexpected events are forecast for Scorpio guys for the year ahead. Face it in style.

Career horoscope 2018 for Scorpio
Scorpio people would be able to venture far ahead in their professional life this year. This would be a good time to put your ideas to paper, and start new ventures that seem off-hook. Dare to dream big and do not be deceived by those around. Reveal your true inner self and committed nature to your peers and authorities. In this way, you would be able to connect with them in a more sensible way. Do not complain, instead use the limited resources to climb up the corporate ladder. Do not fall prey for false friends and financial frauds. You would have an enormous amount of time and resources to prove your mettle in the career front this year. Around the second half of the year, there would be a question regarding your future course of action in the professional arena. Be consistent with your performance that the year-end would bless you with promotions and pay-hikes.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Scorpio
There would be stark contrasts in the love life of Scorpio natives during year 2018. Stay away from impulsive acts as this might move you far away from your partner. Be elastic and try to accommodate his or her feelings. This year there would be much warmth in your love life. The single ones would have a positive development to meet and settle down with ideal partners for life. Solitude might kill some of you secretive Scorpios this year. Hence it is best to hang out with a compatible partner for the period. A good time to pass your emotions and feelings onto your partner or spouse. You would feel retaliated in a positive sense. You would be taken to a new arena where you get to see your partner in a new perspective this period, if you are honest enough. Your partner would have a better you for companionship. A good time to strengthen the bonds with partner, resulting in more intimate relationships and conjugal bliss for the committed ones.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Scorpio
The year 2018 would be a time when Scorpio natives are asked to take stock of their financial backing and security in life. During the start of the year, take some financial resolutions and stick to them all through the period, this would help you to stem the tide of financial degradation. Keep your purses tight and stay away from impulsive spending for the year. There would not be much troubles, however you are encouraged to save and avoid over-spending for family and friends. The middle of the year might call in for a huge financial spending, be prepared for the same. Keep your financial priorities straight and adhere to the policies you made earlier. A healthy financial period is forecast for most Scorpions if they keep their money under strict environment. The first half of the year would be a good time to make investments.

Health horoscope 2018 for Scorpio
Scorpio natives would command good health and cheer all through the first quarter of the year 2018. You would be able to put in more effort on the personal and professional front this time. The planets around would boost your Retrograde Effect morale. Your physical and mental sides would be at their best this year. However, as the year moves on, it is good to cut down your works, else there might be nervous breakdowns due to the stress and strain involved. Do preserve your internal energy resources for periods of low immunity levels. Take occasional times off from work to soother your inner nerves. But then natives are advised not to stay idle but to pursue some recreational endeavors as an empty mind would be a devil’s workshop!!

Family & lifestyle in 2018
This year, the planetary positions would be just great for Scorpio guys, that their domestic family life would be a lot sweeter, though occasional hindrances cannot be ruled out. Be wary when judging others around, as it might have serious repercussions in your relationships at home. Yield to obligations to family members, however step back when the demands are more for you to handle. It is not a rule to support everyone when your going is tough. Some failures are to be expected in the family domain during the year ahead, Scorpio.

Retrograde Effect
The energy levels of Scorpios would be quite intense in year 2018. Though a peaceful atmosphere would prevail, you are advised to be a bit stringent on a personal level. Your ruler Mars is exalted from March to November 2018. And this indicates that you are to avoid impulsive acts altogether. However, this exaltation boosts your energy and general morale and assures goodness in relationship with siblings. Some luck on the cards and your spiritual wishes would be fulfilled to a certain extent. Jupiter retrograding between March and July of 2018 would improve your chances of foreign travel. However, beware of major career moves and financial hardships that come your way. Saturn would help you to face the world with commitment and determination and justice would prevail around you.

In October, Jupiter transits to your native house and this implies trouble around. There might be hindrances in your professional front also you need to keep a check over your temper as troubles lurks around. Once Jupiter completes its retrograde movement in August, there might be marital discords for those already married. However, the single ones have good prospects of a happy marriage before the year-end. The whole year looks quite secure if only you can keep your emotions under check.

Highlights and Focus Areas
The heat under all romantic situations is turned up right now, bringing things to an exciting simmer. If you haven’t got anything cooking in the love department, now is definitely the time to start something.

Your definition of success is personal growth together with dedication towards family. For this you need to manage poise between your own comfort and health and caring for your loved ones. Your attention is driven towards household and parental issues during this year 2018.

Beware of promised funds as they may fail to materialize and keep your alternatives ready in case the need be. Cash flow, liquid assets, even property and joint-funds will have to be handled.

New partnerships and relationships may evolve now. They may be formal ones involving inking of deeds and legal work. Luck fills up sails of your endeavors and you stumble upon new avenues and directions.

Important year for children and expecting couples can start preparations.



There would be much peace and freedom for action in the lives of Taurus people this year. The climate would be quite ripe to rest and relax for you guys. As Pluto transits the house of Capricorn you would feel much lighter from a physical and mental point of view. Certain aspects of your life call you to step back in life, a wait and watch attitude would be best advised. Your sensitivity would be the forte for this year and gets you much closer to those around. However, make sure that you do not burn fences.

Career horoscope 2018 for Taurus
This year your career performance would be at its peak. You would be much influenced by outside weather in your career field that a sense of elasticity would prevail. Be stable with your ambitions and goals and your stubbornness would take you through. Your hands would be quite full all through the year in terms of workload. However, Taurus natives are advised to refrain from entering into any teamwork or co-operative deals. The following years would yield fruits if you put in all your might into this year. Around the year-end tangible results are to be expected in the career front.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Taurus
The love life of Taurus people would be in harmony for the year 2018. This would be a period of great tranquility and there would be rich experiences in your love life. For some of you love would be the top priority in life while for some Taurus, it would be a total waste of time and energy. Your sensitivity keeps your relationships alive and kicking. The middle of the year might bring prospective partners in your life. Let go of your past guilt and sins and have a sight on tomorrow. For those already in a relationship, this is a period when your ties would be strengthened to withstand the test of time and fate. This year you would feel a strong urge to please your partner more than ever. Go on and indulge. The planets of love are in your favour and harmony would prevail in your love area this year.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Taurus
For the year 2018, spending would be more for Taurus guys like never before. There would be a steady inflow of funds, however the outflow would be matching the same, leaving you with nothing to save. Some unavoidable expenses call on you un-informed and break your budget plans. But then make sure that you do not succumb to outside pressure in terms of your financial spending. The middle part of the year might bring in a large chunk of money flow. Plan your finances then and get rid of all bad loans and debits. Make smart moves to reduce unwanted expenses in life. Some Taurus people would be able to make high-value purchases like a house, a landed property or a luxury vehicle around the year-end.

Health horoscope 2018 for Taurus
The year 2018 starts on a good note for Taurus people that their health and energy levels would be quite good. This would be a good time to take up some sport, and give up unhealthy habits. These would have good long-term repercussion in your life. Around the second quarter of the year, there would be a drop in your energy levels and your morale would be put to test. Keep your emotions under check and see your health rebound after a couple of months. Relax and rejuvenate your spirits occasionally. Your mental side also needs constant harnessing that some spiritual pursuits can be taken up for the better. Let your confidence levels soar, and remove the stress and strain from your life. Do not carry trifles to your heart and tackle life’s chores with a sense of resilience.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
This year you would have the sole task of making truces in your family relationships. There would be much tension involved around you, that you need to make a positive move to keep things go smoothly. A tactful and diplomatic approach is called for in this time of test. Do make sure that your personal limits are left untouched. Your good intentions towards family would bring about a sense of trust and happiness all through the year.

Retrograde Effect
Though year 2018 would seem to be trouble free for Taurus guys, do not expect it to be a bed of roses either. Temper tantrums are in for some of you folks and relationships might get spoilt due to the same. Career would get a good boost during the year though. Steer away from any new ventures for the period, Taurus. The Jupiter retrograde between March-July 2018 advises you to avoid relocations and job switches. Also, you might get into trouble with authorities in profession, hence keep away from anything that earns you their wrath. But then Jupiter would bestow you with gains through inheritance.

Mars exalted between May and November of 2018 shall bring about constructive changes in Taurus guys’ life. Your finances would be good, and you stand to gain through spouses as well in this time frame. Overseas career opportunities abound, and loans and losses would vanish. The planets would help you to take risks in life through the year 2018. The middle of the year would bring goodness in your marital or love life. In general, the year seems to be quite a peaceful period of your life.

Highlights and Focus Areas
Be wise in the way you handle money as that will help you in the days to come. Try to put your expenses in line with your income and make a wise use of extra money that you have now.

Conflict is inevitable in workplace settings, and conflicts can arise between with bosses, partners and supervisors or with customers, suppliers and regulatory agencies. Legal matters and/or paper work takes the center stage as bulk of the time is spent on forging partnerships/tie-ups.

More meetings and more opportunities — both personal and professional — as key people enter your life. A new long-lasting love may enter in your life.

There might be health concerns or losses to spouse, partners, clients, niece and nephews and even father or father-like figures such as bosses and superiors.

Expect the unexpected at home — kids may have new learnings interests or changes to their education.




For Virgo natives, the year 2018 would be quite hectic with a lot of activities lined up. There would be innumerable tasks to be done, some need a start, others a closing bell and the like. Keep your targets focused and pursue your goals in life, even if it means at high costs. Periodic precautionary measures and preventive steps would go a long way in protecting you from life’s harm through the year. As Saturn would be transiting your sign all along the year, your hands would be quite full and some of you might be in for depression or a break-down. Take care, life’s not always perfect folks.

Career horoscope 2018 for Virgo
This year, the career side of Virgo people would be more focused towards cordiality and relationship in the work place. Through the year, your performance would be indirectly linked to that of your peers and authorities and how well you get along with them. This would be a positive step if you would use the authoritative power given to you to garner more knowledge on your side of the wall. Teamwork would help you to meet your professional goals this year. Some Virgo guys are in for a transfer or relocation. Promotions and pay-hikes are also due for others. Those in the lower rungs of the corporate ladder would now be able to climb up, but beware not to burn the rungs you had climbed on.

Love and Marriage horoscope 2018 for Virgo
Virgo people would have the environment conducive for furthering their love relationships this year. The single Virgo guys would be able to find romance and love they had yearned for this in this period. Some erotic and sensual moments on the cards. Your emotions would be under control for most of the period that your love would be stronger than ever. The single ones have the chance of meeting the love of their life this time period. The levels of attraction would be just great to rope in potential partners for life. Relationships that are started after the first quarter of the year have more chances of surviving any negative trends later on. Try to strike a good balance between romance, fun and the practical side of life. Your material life would be doubly blessed as you stand a chance to gain from your partner during the year ahead. A sense of security would prevail in your love life and domestic life. Family would be a source of strength and support if your love feelings are channeled properly.

Finance horoscope 2018 for Virgo
There would be significant changes in the financial standing of Virgo natives. During the year, friends and relatives would be a good source of inspiration for you to make more money. Property deals would be able to fetch you good returns for the period. However, there would unexplained expenditure related to children and elder members in the family. Have some contingency plan to tide over this. Do not let your emotions rule your financial side. Be strict with your purse when it comes to indulgence and partying. This is because there is not much luck in store for you during the year. Those into business ventures would find the time more favorable for accumulation of finances. In general, the monetary status of Virgo guys would be quite satisfactory for the period though major revamps are ruled out.

Health horoscope 2018 for Virgo
As the year 2018 starts, Virgo natives would be fit as a fiddle. As it moves on take ample time to rest, relax and rejuvenate yourself. Do go in for short breaks and trips to charge yourself positively. Make sure a sense of optimism prevails around you this year. This would help you to tread ahead in style. After March 2018, however some health concerns are likely for Virgo guys. Your physical side would call for attention. Avoid too much exertion as well as too much rest. Strike a good balance in what you eat and what you do. Take a resolve to stop bad health habits that have been haunting you for quite a few years now. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to your health in general for the whole year ahead.

Family & lifestyle in 2018
The year 2018 calls for lot of attention in your family life. A good balance ought to be maintained between your personal and professional life for domestic welfare and happiness. Certain compromises are also called for in this time period. A quick and rather offensive decision needs to be taken during the year as to who stays in and who stays out of the family circle. Position yourself in the centre and try to strike good cordial with those in the family arena.

Retrograde Effect
Year 2018 would bring about major changes for Virgo people. You would be able to win over people and situations by your sheer wits and talks. But then domination and aggressiveness might work against your favor this period. Mars is Exalted between May and November 2018, when impulsive actions are to be avoided at all costs. Jupiter is retrograde from March to July. This would bring about many trials for you. Be cautious with your money matters and stick onto your commitments. Saturn also retrogrades between April and September when property deals might be delayed or hindered for quite some time. In general, Virgo natives would hog the limelight this year. Convert your weaknesses into strengths and then victory is yours for the asking. Business pursuits would fetch good returns however stay away from new ventures. Marital relationships shall remain strong all through 2018. Overall the year proves to be quite positive but for some hitches in career which can be avoided by a cautious approach.

Highlights and Focus Areas
Travel, communication, finances and reporting are all highlighted.

Could be an important year for siblings and dependents.

It’s time for introspection and to resolve internal conflicts, this may be possible only by meditating on the core issues and doing the balancing act between family and the dynamic world at large.

Try your best to be honest with yourself during 2018 about your goals and plans and weed out those unnecessary liabilities, loans and expenses.

Your workplace, profession, partnerships and domestic affairs seem to be very demanding, but you will be in a position to effectively handle them gracefully.

If you find your job choking or unfriendly atmosphere at workplace, it’s a call to move-on.


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Celebrity Testimonials

Natalie Imbruglia"Lee is amazing as all of her predictions came true at a time when I really needed it"
Natalie Imbruglia


Dannii Minogue"Lee was referred to me when I was at a cross-roads in my life. Her insights were so profound and her predictions guided me straight into the West End and beyond. Thank-you Lee"
Dannii Minogue


Chelsey Baker"My own personal readings with Lee are always met with sudden amazement at the accuracy of her psychic ability and every reading proved beneficial to my personal and corporate life, leaving me with a great sense of satisfaction. Lee not only saw into my future but her inspirational advice and ideas were always spot on."
Chelsey Baker
One of Britain’s leading female Entrepreneurs
Sarah Tucker"I've known Lee for nearly seven years now. I was interested but sceptical about tarot and all things clairvoyant until I met her, and I've always found her readings to be spot on. Her comments are intelligent, accessible and illuminating. She’s made me trust in my instincts and listen to them. They're never wrong, and neither in my experience is Lee."
Sarah Tucker
Award winning travel journalist
Arezoo Kaviani"I can honestly say that without Lee I would not have had the courage to set up my business on my own or achieve the success that has come from this decision. Lee empowered my choices and actions over the years by her uncannily accurate and specific insights that time and time again have proved to be precise and spot on. And when the "going" gets tough, I call Lee and I recommend you do the same."
Arezoo Kaviani
One of the UK's leading beauty therapists