September 2017 – Astrological Forecasts

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Still Busy, But Better!

While many of your friends and family will be experiencing a major downturn in activity, astrologically, you Cancer, will have another busy month.
Even though four months ago you started with a calm and peaceful May, it has been nothing but frenetic craziness since. June and July were active and things were in motion, but August was just pothole after pothole that you have had to avoid to not let little problems become big issues. If you prepared well, you surely have been putting off major decisions and waiting to jump back into life. Even though September is going to be just as active, the good news is that most of that activity is very positive!

Mercury turns direct in Leo on September 5th, and this is your unofficial re-emergence. All of those tasks and decisions that you have been putting off you can start again. If you didn’t deal well with the retrograde, this is the time for you to put out those fires and get your life back in perfect working order. Now is also the time to make those important decisions. You have been putting off pulling the trigger on these things, but now with your mind clear and thoughts uncluttered, go ahead and start taking control of your life again.

Mercury will be involved with finances until September 9th, wherein it will turn into Virgo. This is going to last until September 29th. During this time, your networking and communication skills are finely honed, and in a reversal of last month, you are now a problem solving and communications machine. Your ideas will flow fast, quick, and efficiently. Time to get everything humming again.

Getting back to September 5th, Mars will enter Virgo, and will be there until October 22nd. During this time where Mars and Mercury are traveling in tandem, you are a productivity marvel. This is a time to make to-do lists, and you will truly enjoy checking things off of the list one at a time. You will actually find joy in this process of day to day problem solving. Embrace it. Even get ahead on chores and projects that you are working on. Sometimes work and projects that you don’t enjoy suddenly bring you a wonderful sense of satisfaction.

On the 6th there is a full moon in Pisces, close to Neptune. This is a very interesting full moon for you, Cancer, as you will find yourself daydreaming, and full of self-reflection. You might want to schedule around this date so that you can be alone in your thoughts, somewhere with little distraction.
It is also a full moon that should bring some projects, r major plans to completion, or moving past a major hurdle.

Venus joins Mars and Mercury in Virgo on September 19th. This is going to last through October 14th, and it is going to be a major boost to your communications and networking with others. This means that you will be actively expanding your relationships with others, and might well find a new romantic partner through a co-worker, friend or family member. During this time from the 19th through October 14th, your ability to put down your thoughts and feelings will be greatly enhanced. If a work or personal project develops where you can write or network with others through social media or email, definitely go full force into it. You will find at ease on the keyboard, and the ideas will flow freely and effectively.

There is a new moon in Virgo on the 20th, and this is on top of your other planetary friends moving in your favor. Again, your communications part of your life is enhanced. Around this date you will find new opportunities to expand your network. When new moons come around, and this one is in alignment with other planets… look for new possibilities. Because this deals with communications, be on the lookout for new opportunities, new projects, new friendships, or relationships. Your connections to other people will be strongly affected, but in a positive way. It is up to you to keep your eyes, ears, heart, and mind open.

On September 29th, Mercury enters Libra, and that will last until October 17th. This is just another way that Mercury is having an influence on your life, but so much of that lately has been positive. This particular movement is going to deal with your home life. That could mean your literal domicile, or your living arrangements. It is going to be an increase in activity. Your home could become a hub of activity, so be prepared, open and willing to entertain around the 29th through mid-October. You are conflicted between fixed commitments and a desire to be free. You have plenty of energy but must learn how to keep it under control. Learn to heed your inner voice, be guided rather than driven. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.


It’s Getting Better!

For months on end, things have either been quite calm, busy like crazy, or just downright nasty. Before we reached the summer, we had a quiet and calm May. It was peaceful, but if you read the horoscope, you knew that a hectic summer was ahead. June and July were very, very frenetic. However, you couldn’t really define them as particularly negative nor positive. They were simply busy. August was another story altogether. It featured two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. This was not your month. We hope that you took the time and effort to properly prepare for the retrograde. Hopefully, you only have some small fires to put out. Best case scenario, you simply put everything on hold and weathered the storm. Regardless, you are about to have a major pivot in your life. September is going to be a very different time. It all starts around September 5th.

Mercury turns direct in Leo on September 5th, and everything starts to turn around. Mercury will then enter Virgo on the 9th. You feel energized and focused. Your mind becomes uncluttered, and your thoughts become clear and efficient. Whereas other signs may just experience this increased clarity, for you Aquarius, it could mean an almost over the top insightfulness that might rub others the wrong way. You will do the same to yourself, being overly self-critical. Don’t be too worried, as you always rectify this with some calming techniques and meditation. In any event, you are going to really get some things accomplished! This will last until September 29th. Back on the 5th, Mars will enter Virgo and will be there until October 22. It will be in tandem with Mercury for part of this transit, and it will give you a tremendous boost to your attitude and effort. You will furthermore be much more communicative, and not just in how much more you communicate, but in how much more effective you will express yourself.

There is a full moon in Pisces on the 6th, and this is going to shine the light on your finances. There might be major news about an investment or a project that brings in income. A big transaction might be occurring as well. The full moon will have a powerful effect on your subconscious and your creative impulses as well. If you have the time and are able to, set aside some alone time where you can go somewhere serene to contemplate life’s mysteries.
Venus transits Virgo from September 19th through October 14th. It will also be in transit with Mars for part of this time. Your expressiveness is at an all-time high. You might find yourself being dramatically romantic, or craving starting a new creative passion that you have set aside for too long. Also during this transit, you will find that people are receptive to you in all walks of life. You are simply more persuasive. This is not because you are trying to con anyone, you are just able to express yourself in an honest, thoughtful, kind, and considerate manner. Take some time to take advantage of your enhanced communication skills. If you have a business deal that you have been trying to close, now is the time to put an extra effort into it. Perhaps you have been trying to secure some financing? Maybe you have an amorous target that you have been trying to convince to have a date? Now is the time.

There is a new moon in Virgo on the 20th, and this is a very interesting date for you. You are feeling quite adventurous and your romantic side is exceedingly heightened. Plan ahead for times like these if you have a romantic partner. New moons are loaded with adventure. Since romance can be wonderful, plan a night out or a weekend away with that someone special. Mars and Venus are lending a helping hand. The new moon will also provide for you being an excellent presenter or public speaker. If something calls for a volunteer to lead a team, it is a great day for that.

Mercury enters Libra on the 29th and you really seem to see things from different points of view. It is an unusual change of pace for you, and you find it is to your liking. You are able to see other people’s points of view, and can be sympathetic to drastically different viewpoints. This transit lasts until October 17th, and is one that we all need more of. The more that you find that you can walk in other people’s shoes, the more your worldview will change.
Negative times like that of August paint us into a corner and we start to only concentrate on self-preservation. When you have the vision to see the world like others see it, it only will increase your gratefulness of the world we live in. You are most fulfilled when enjoying the company of others. Laughter and comedy on your part serves to clear the air and provide a common basis for communication when dealing with others. Discover the joys of inner peace, live and let live. You might have to drop your guard to let someone important to you in.


Romantic, Productive, and Creative!

September is a bookend to May, surrounding the busy astrological months of June, July, and August. May was a serene time, that allowed you to prepare for the hectic summer, and September again will bring you back to a calm, quiet state.

August was full of activity- two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. You have survived, and now get ready for a time of substantial creativity!
On September 5th, a wonderful event occurs for you- Mercury turns direct into Leo. You very well might have had some delays the last few weeks in regard to dealing with anything creative, romantic, or even with children. Relax now, those delays and impediments will be removed, and you can get moving again.
That “stuck” feeling you have had during retrogrades and other astrological events is often dealing with you focusing on issues, projects, and relationships as a “whole”. With Mercury turning direct into Leo, your perspective and approach will change. You now start to see that you need to deal with things step by step. Yes, it is important to have a good overview, but all marathons are begun with a first step, and that is how you should be problem-solving.

Mercury enters Virgo on September 9th, and this transit will last until September 29th when Mercury enters Libra. What does this mean for you, Aries? It means that if you didn’t properly prepare for last month’s Mercury retrograde, that now is the time to remedy any chaos that ensued. Always take heed before a retrograde so you won’t be making any major decisions or taking any rash actions during that time. However, sometimes there are things that occur that are beyond your control. So, while Virgo is in Virgo through the 29th, regroup and fix things that went wrong in August. Be proactive- take the first step to fix a gripe that you might have with friends or family. Make peace with a co-worker over an issue that you now can see was trivial. If there were some financial problems in August, it is now time to get on top of them. Moreover, if you properly put off major decisions regarding money or your career, now is the time that you will see clearly and you can make logical, rational decisions. From the 9th until the 29th, you are simply in a better state of mind and just seem to clearly and efficiently solve problems. Take advantage of this window of sublime clarity.

Venus continues through Leo until the 19th and even though you may think things are going well with your creative and romantic life, you are not quite in high gear yet. This is a special time of the year, and things are going to heat up.
Yes, for the start of the month you have a feeling of satisfaction and contentment with whatever your current romantic situation is. You also feel that you might have found your groove with creative endeavors, whether at work or at home. You feel good about things, and don’t feel an overwhelming urge to make major changes or start any new creative projects.

But hold your horses, on the 19th, Venus joins Mercury and Mars in Virgo. While you might have felt that you were in a stable, pleasant state with your romantic and creative life, things get decidedly revved up. Work or community projects might demand more out of your artistically, and you are loving the opportunity. A new romance might also appear out of nowhere, most likely from your work environment. If you are currently involved, this could very well be a ramping up of your relationship. Not necessarily taking the relationship to a next level, but rather an increase in your passion and desire.
There is an attraction to you during this time, and people are drawn to you. This is why you might find a new romantic partner, or simply your existing partner might take a greater interest in you… like a new crush from an old flame. You could be finally recognized for your hard work in your career or other projects that you put a lot of time and effort in.

Back to September 6th, there is a full moon in Pisces. This will be another boon to your creative side, but more so with thoughts and feelings. Internally, you will be quite intuitive and reflective, but it won’t specifically help you with any creative or romantic aspects of your life. In fact, you might see the light shining upon an old issue that you now can address.

On September 20th, there is a new moon in Virgo, and this is adding a Mercury, Mars, and Venus influence. This lineup will allow you to become a model of efficiency, logic, decisiveness, and prudence. Quite simply, you are a master at getting things done. You see large issues broken down into their parts, and are able to handle details beautifully. There is enjoyment in the handling of minutia, and making to-do lists and checking them off one at a time will bring you a twisted sense of satisfaction. These astrological events don’t occur that often, so take advantage. Start lining up projects to get done during this time and dive into the joy of being a productivity machine.

September can be a blissful month of creativity, romance, and productivity if you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities!
The balance and harmony in your life will continue as long as you stay the path. You know of a practical solution that will really make a difference, but up to now, have been hesitant to share your thoughts. Now is the time for action. Be more forgiving with family members. Try to understand what makes others act the way they do.


It Was A Very Cool Month!

Now you can get back to moving things forward in all aspects of your life! You have survived an August full of two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde.
Did you make sure to be prepared and not allow little issues to get blown out of proportion? Did you remember to put off making major decisions until after the retrograde? Don’t fret if you let the retrograde get the best of you, it happens. The summer has been not exactly working in your favor. May was pleasant enough, but June and July were so hectic, that you felt like you were on a hamster wheel just trying to keep things normal. The midsummer was not necessarily negative or positive, but very busy. Now, Capricorn, September is here and the pain that was August is behind you. The pivot back to productivity begins, in effect, on September 5th.

Mercury turns direct in Leo on September 5th. For a few days, you begin to feel things turning around. This is your pivot back to a normal progression of things. You start to become more productive, and your mind becomes more clear and balanced.

Now on September 9th, Mercury enters Virgo, and things really start to get moving. So many things were on hold, even if you tried to move them forward during the retrograde. It was like a bad dream. But now the planets are moving in ways that are working to your benefit. Projects with work and at home that you were about to give up on are now back on. The engine of your life is back in gear and it is rejuvenating. It is almost strange how much you start to enjoy many of the day to day tasks, as accomplishing these little tasks are working toward larger goals and you can see it. As things get moving again, you might even want to do a little reinventing of yourself. At least maybe splurge on a new outfit or go to the spa. You deserve it, as you have been powering against negative forces for some time. This particular transit goes until September 29th, when Mercury enters Libra. At this point, your focus will change directly to your career and moving it forward. During this time, which lasts until October 17th, you will be an excellent communicator at work. This could be an enhancement to your work network, or you could help your career by resolving conflicts at your workplace.

Going back to the start of the month on the 5th, Mars enters Virgo. Now you will have those planets moving in tandem, and this will last until October 22. This is a supercharging to the renewed focus that you have. Not only do you start to see things much clearer and able to express yourself better, but Mars adds a large amount of energy for your efforts. It is wonderful enough that your mind is becoming uncluttered and that you are now thinking clearly. But with Mars helping out, it is good planetary movement on steroids! This is about your enthusiasm and your effort. Not only will this affect your work, but this renewed energy will be a shot in the arm to how you feel about your overall wellbeing. If you have been letting an exercise regime peter off, or getting back into bad eating habits, this boost of energy should help you get motivated to start exercising and eating better. Start a totally new way to get in shape, and explore a new diet.

On September 6th, there is a full moon in Pisces. This is a very specific event for you, Capricorn. Your relationships with those that live around you, or perhaps with close family members will have a light shined upon them. Is there a lingering issue that is bubbling beneath the surface?
Unquestionably, this full moon could mark the completion of some project you are working on around your house, or perhaps you have been working on something with your brother or sister. Whatever it is, it is itching to be resolved or completed. Also during this full moon your artistic side will be running at a very high level. Always be ready to dive into something creative that you enjoy, and a full moon such as this one in September is a perfect opportunity to take a break from the daily grind and to let out your creative side.
Venus transits Virgo from September 19th until October 14th. Your mind is in need of expansion, and you should find ways to create more stimuli for your brain. A trip to the museum, or taking in a lecture could be very well received, and if you have the means and the opportunity, even a trip to an exotic location that you have never been could warrant a visit. This transit will also create an enhancement to your creative and romantic side, so take the time during these few weeks to put the focus on a loved one, or even just spending quiet time alone working on some personal passion.

Mercury enters Libra on the 29th, and as mentioned before, is going to be a great benefit for your career. After a very positive month in September, you will be off and running, keeping that momentum going, heading into October. You have a loving, romantic nature and an intimate relationship means a great deal to you. Beware of any entanglements that don’t suit your emotional needs. Practice acceptance of that which you cannot change, and make an effort to turn your thoughts to more constructive matters. You have charm and a warm heart, which brings you many friends. But with your friendly personality, you must be more conscious of the company you keep.


Explore and Relax!

September is going to be a complete change of pace for you, Gemini, after three months of tumultuous astrological events. Four months ago, things seemed quite peaceful and calm, as May lent itself to quiet and tranquility. But then, June, July, and especially August have been very busy and eventful. Last month you had two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. Don’t fret, September is going to be smooth sailing. Hopefully, you had planned well for the retrograde, and put off making important decisions, and avoided conflict as much as possible. You will now have the ability to fix any problems that happened during the retrograde, or simply now make the important decisions that you have been putting off.

Mercury turns direct in Leo on September 5th. Circle this date, as it means it is the end of the nonsense of the previous month. If you have the means and the time to take a trip, this is a wonderful time for a “reboot” vacation. It could even be a simple as a weekend getaway or a day trip to a relaxing point of interest. The point is, if you can, try to take a little time to totally change your environment, it will be just like rebooting your computer to fix a problem… and it will work.

Mars will be entering Virgo on the 5th, and will stay there until October 22nd. This will bring in a major element of family and friends. You have been in neutral for a long time, but now is the time to plan projects, trips, or events with your family and friends.
Have you been putting off a home improvement project or some work around the yard? While Mars is with Virgo through the 22nd of October, it is the perfect time to get things done. Things will move smoothly, and you won’t be stuck if little problems arise. If you have some things to sell around the house (or the house itself!) this transit is a perfect time to unload some old items or make a change in your living arrangements.

There is a full moon in Pisces on the 6th, and this is directly and strongly having an influence on your work or other major projects you are working on. It is a time of completion and fulfillment. If you have been working on something important at work, it could be done around this date.
Also, you will be transitioning to your next big work idea or project. It is around this date where your mind will be clear… it doesn’t mean that you will be starting right away, but the ideas will be flowing!

Venus transits Virgo between September 19th and October 14th. Venus and Mars are now traveling in tandem, and that means a huge, powerful connection in your romantic life. If you are currently single, this is a prime time to make yourself available and get out there and socialize. People are strongly drawn to you and your romantic side is boiling over. If you currently have a romantic partner, you will have a very strong desire to ramp things up during this time. From the 19th until October 14th, it is also a time to resolve any family issues that have been brewing beneath the surface. The reason you will want to deal with these things now is that you have an enhanced sense of understanding when dealing with little problems and details, and you don’t let them stress you out. You see the big picture and are especially adept at problem-solving. Your communication skills will be filled with patience, thoughtfulness, and wisdom. So during this time when planets are working in your favor, not only use it to enhance your creative and romantic side, but also to put out fires and remedy family tensions.

There is a new moon on September 20th in Virgo. This is a pretty magical date that you will want to be aware of. Not only do you now have Mars, Venus and Mercury in Virgo, you also have a new moon. This new moon is going to deal with your home situation and new opportunities. The planets are in your favor, so allow the new moon to shine the light on new possibilities. This could be a literal opportunity, actually affecting your house or other living arrangements. Or it could mean a major change to your home life. Whatever it is, keep your eyes, ears, heart, and mind open to any new opportunities around this date.


Your Value Is Up There!

If you thought that the very busy astrological months of June, July and August were going to let up, well Leo, not quite yet. September is another very busy month with the stars, but the good news is that things are looking very good for you in regards to money. May was a quiet and tranquil month that you knew was just the quiet before the storm. June and July were busy, but astrologically, they just lent to a very active life. August was just full of possible turmoil, featuring two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. Now that August is over, and you “survived” the retrograde, September is going to be a major change of direction- for the better. You may soon get a peaceful month, but you will surely welcome an active month with things moving in your favor.

September 5th is the true pivot point from the negativity of August into the positive planetary influence of September. This is when Mercury turns direct in your sign. Your mind is now becoming uncluttered and more focused. Decision making becomes much easier, and you find pleasure in working through the details of any project.

On September 9th, through the 29th, Mercury transits Virgo and then moves into Libra. During this time, your financial area becomes front and center. You work hard and effectively to sort out any issues and to really start moving your career and your money in the right direction. There could be some new sources of income on the horizon, and you will be able to effectively analyze what opportunities are right and wrong for you. It is a 180 change from the fuzziness of last month, where it hard to make heads or tails for what is right for your wallet.

Mars joins Mercury in Virgo on September 5th, and this is another aspect of this month of positive forces for your finances. In this instance, it is going to give you a major boost of energy and will power to get the work done to help your money grow. This move is going to last until October 22nd. The remarkable increase in energy and desire is not only going to help your finances, it is good for your overall well-being. If you have let your exercise routine and health go a bit, it is a great time to get back into it.You will be strongly motivated to make very positive choices all around, not only with money, but with your overall well-being.

There is a full moon in Pisces on the 6th, near Neptune. This is going to be a little wrinkle in all of the positive momentum you have going in regards to finances. There is the possibility of some misunderstanding regarding money you share with someone close, or a partnership. It is a good day to try to be as open and honest with people as possible. The full moon is also a strong influence on your creative life. You might want to take this day off dealing with money and just take a mental vacation where you work on a creative/artistic project.

Venus transits Virgo from September 19th through October 4th. We are back to your finances again, and that is the theme of the month.
It is a strong transit for you, and you may be able to find some new revenue sources. This same energy will be a push to find new romance. In both instances, however, you need to be careful. It is a sort of unbridled momentum that could have you moving too fast toward a new financial opportunity or diving into a new romantic relationship, where you might want to take a step back to review first. Your other senses are very well in tune during this because of other planetary events, so you will just need to not allow the prospects of a new business venture or an exciting new romantic partner to be clouded by the excitement of “newness”.

There is a new moon in Virgo on September 20th. And guess what, this is going to deal with your finances again, this time dealing with a specific new opportunity. A new moon is all about shining the light on things in your life that are already there. The new aspect of it simply illuminates, so things seem new. With you, Leo, this month has been all about finances, so there very well might have been an opportunity sitting right in front of you that you haven’t been able to see. The new moon is going to show you the opportunity if your mind and heart are open to it.

On September 29th, Mercury enters Libra. This time it is all about your communication and networking skills. This is going to last up until October 17th. When this begins, you will find that you are the master negotiator, and you will be putting in your two cents whenever you can. For the most part, you will be received well. Your ideas are clear and thoughtful, more so than usual. It is a great time to expand your social media reach and to get in contact with old friends. Take people up on social invitations, as you will find that you love meeting new people and growing your overall network of friends.

Power and money are tremendous temptations to you, so proceed with care. Sooner or later you must learn the value of sharing responsibilities and duties, why not start now. Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be. Sooner or later, if you are posing, you will forget the pose, and then what do you have?


Back In The Right Direction!

To review, the last four months have been very interesting, to say the least. May started off nice enough. A peaceful and uneventful time astrologically, but you knew that busy times were coming soon. June and July were very hectic, as summer months can be. They weren’t necessarily overly negative or positive, but just very eventful. August, on the other hand, was something less than ideal. With two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, August was just ripe for chaos. Ideally, you planned well and left any big decisions to be dealt with until after the retrograde was over. You might have some little fires to put out, but don’t fret- September is going to be a very positive month for you!

The month really starts to take shape on September 5th, when Mercury turns direct in Leo. This is going to last until September 29th, when it will turn into your sign! Mercury’s movement will have a few stages for you in September. Let’s start with the time from September 5th until the 19th. You will experience a rebooting of your social life and your networking should increase dramatically. This is primarily due to the fact that your communication skills are back on track. Your mind is less cluttered with nonsense, and you find that you can effectively express your viewpoints in a thoughtful and cohesive manner.
Mercury will join Venus until the 19th. Watch out for a romance to come out of nowhere, and maybe it has been in front of you the whole time.

Also on the 19th, Mars enters Virgo, lasting until October 22nd. This is going to create quite a configuration of planets for you. Your spiritual and emotional side will take a very prominent role in your daily thought process. It is a time of wonderful, deep reflection. However, during this time from the 19th until October 22nd, it is not your standard time of introverted self-reflection. You will have a deep desire to share your thoughts and emotions with like-minded people. You may very well be setting a foundation for your next stage of spiritual development during this time. Really embrace this time of contemplation. By the time late October comes around, you will feel like a new soul, reaching the next stage of your enlightenment.
Back to September 6th, and there are some other events occurring.

There is a full moon joining Neptune in Pisces. Interestingly enough, it deals with your day to day work and life tasks. There is a sense of completion of some work that you are quite passionate about. Your spiritual side here is enhanced, and that will serve you well later for the previously mentioned planetary movements.

Venus will transit Virgo from September 19th through October 14th. It is a romantic/creative surge that might need to be bridled a bit. Your creative and romantic energies sort of take over. You could find yourself involved in a new, exciting romance, or fully immersed in a creative project, where you sort of separate yourself from others while you complete. These Venus transits mean exciting new possibilities, but also aren’t always properly balanced with prudent decision making. Take the time to take a step back and make sure that your romantic and creative side isn’t taking over too much!

There is a new moon in Virgo on September 20th, and this is a very important date for you. It is a calling for you to give to others. Do you have a charity or a community group that is close to your heart? This new moon is a time where you can renew your soul by the simple giving of yourself to others. You may not want to even mention that you are donating your time or energy to others, as this will enhance what you get in return, spiritually. Give without any recognition or fanfare, and your spirit will be rewarded. If you embrace the new moon as an opportunity to give back, you will find that it suits you, and it could become a regular activity that you find greatly rewarding.

Mercury enters Libra on the 29th. It is late in the month, but it is a wonderful cap to an eventful month. This move will bring you amazing clarity and peace of mind. You will be overcome with self-confidence, but not arrogance. September marked a 180-degree change from August and it will continue on through October. With Mercury in Libra, you complete a total turn around this month, and have momentum heading into the fall with many aspects of your life heading in a positive direction. With your perceptive mind, you respond quickly to problems and enjoy solving them. Remain open to compromise. The line between failure and success is so fine that we scarcely know when we pass it. It is so fine that we are often on the line and do not know it. All problems become smaller if we don’t dodge them but confront them.


A Gold Star Month!

September is a return to not only normalcy, but also for moving forward in many positive ways, Pisces!
Several months ago, May was a placid and relaxing time, but you knew that you were in for an eventful summer. June and July were very hectic, astrologically. They were neither good nor bad, necessarily, but very busy. August was a totally different story. With two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, you were basically just trying to tread water and not get into any trouble. Hopefully, you planned well for the retrograde, and didn’t make any major decisions or overreact to any little issues that emerged. The good news is that September is here, and you are in for a wonderful, positive, and productive month. Things start to get heated up on the 5th.

Mercury turns direct in Leo on the 5th (where it was before the retrograde), and you begin to feel a weight off of your back. A light is shining now on your life, starting with your work and major projects that you undertake. Your mind is far less cluttered, and you start to develop a sense of clarity and purpose. On the same date, Mars enters Virgo, and will be there until October 22nd. For about four days you are simply happy with the sudden pivot in your attitude and effort, and start to re-emerge as a productive, content person.

Now, on September 9th, Mercury returns to Virgo, and is now traveling with Mercury, and will be doing so through the 29th. This is a supercharging of your enthusiasm and a tremendous boost to your morale. Also boosted is the effectiveness and overall happiness with all of your partnerships in life. Through this transit, lasting the bulk of September, your networking and communication skills are running at an all-time high. You are able to see the big picture… the whole field, as they say. But you are not overwhelmed by the totality of projects or tasks ahead of you. You find that you prepare very well, and that you tackle tasks one at a time, without stressing about all of the work ahead of you.

On September 7th, there is a full moon in Pisces, with Neptune participating. It is a brilliantly illuminating full moon, that is going to light up your thoughts, dreams, emotions, and spiritual subconscious. This is a time to daydream, to set goals, and to deepen your connection to the greater universe.
With a full moon in your sign, you might want to make some time around this date to spend alone, particularly with some change of scenery. Is there a park with a natural area you can walk around? Perhaps go alone to a museum or other destination where you can have time to not be distracted and to dive deeper into your imagination.

Venus joins Mercury and Mars in Virgo on September 19th. This is an absolutely extraordinary configuration. Venus will be here until October 14th, so this is an amazing time to deal with your romantic life. If you have a significant other in your life, make a concerted effort to spend quality time with this person. Plan a trip, or make plans to get out on the town where you can devote time to each other. Don’t let the doldrums of everyday life take over your romantic relationship, as this is the time to rekindle the flame. If you have no special romantic partner, well, get out there and mingle! You are quite the catch during this time. You find yourself especially thoughtful, considerate, passionate, and a great listener. In short, people will be drawn to the qualities that are being highlighted at this time.

On September 20th, there is a new moon in Virgo. Pay particular attention to this date. With many planets moving in your favor, this is a super boost to elements already in your favor. It is a time where you could take a romantic partnership to the next level. You will have a romantic partner at the forefront of your thoughts, so make sure that you are not separated on this date, if at all possible. The new moon is also very beneficial to you regarding any partnerships in your life. This could be work, or even with any projects that you are involved in. There could be an opportunity to start a new project, whether for work, or a passion project that involves a creative effort. It is important to keep you mind, hearth, eyes, and ears open around full and new moons. Many times, opportunities are right there in front of us but we don’t see them. This new moon will put the spotlight on them, but you need to be open to the possibilities.

Mercury transits Libra between September 29th and October 17th. Another positive transit at the end of a positive month. Look for possibilities dealing with finances or contracts that you share with others. There could be a new possibility for you and various partners in your life. Sensitive and deeply emotional, you’re more likely to be motivated by feelings and instinct rather than thoughts and ideas. Your super-romantic nature and fanciful view of the world means that a loving relationship is everything to you. Attractive, you have no difficulty finding friends and partners. Always ready for action and new adventures, you inspire others to join you in your experiences. Avoid giving the wrong impression.


Back In Focus!

Sagittarius, it has been a bumpy summer, especially in August, but change is on the way. If we go all the way back to May, things were looking peaceful and calm. Things were restful and you were focused. Then, June and July came along and life became hectic and frenetic. It wasn’t necessarily a specific negative or positive type of hectic, but was a busy month. August was another story altogether. With two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, you were putting out fires and trying to stay focused. But everything pivots at the beginning of September. The planets align much more in your favor. And everything gets started on the 5th.

Mercury turns direct in Leo on September 5th. Also, Mars enters Virgo on the same day. For a few days, things start becoming much more clear and focused. You find that your thoughts are less cluttered, and you are not getting stuck on little issues. This is the start of a total change from a busy and often negative past few months.

Move forward a few days and now on September 9th, Mercury enters Virgo. This will last until the 29th when Mercury will then enter Libra. From the 9th until the 29th you will get a lot of fulfillment out of work and even little day to day tasks will bring gratification. Your mind is clear and focused. Your work is efficient and you almost feel reborn in the joy you get in working on projects with others, and getting things done. Life is getting back on track and the retrograde is far behind you. Now, back to Mars entering Virgo on the 5th. With all of your new focus, clear thinking, and efficient work practices, this specific action is going to supercharge all of your efforts. Mars entering Virgo is that extra boost that you need to not only get back on track, but now you can reverse things from reacting to problems to now being proactive and getting ahead of things. You now have Mercury, Venus, and Mars all helping in your career part of your life. Take advantage and embrace the sense of renewal. These alignments don’t come along all the time.

Going back to September 6th, we have a full moon in Pisces. There is a newness to something related to your family life, or possibly a creative project. Neptune is closely related, so this could add a cloudy nature to what all this means, but just be aware and open to new opportunities here.

Venus joins Mercury in Virgo on the 19th. This is directly dealing with your professional life. This isn’t August… this is going to be a very positive transit! A possible promotion could be in the works, or you could be added to a new project that can be a boost for your career. The planets are moving in your favor, and for you, Sagittarius, this is mostly dealing with your career. In the past month, you have run into roadblocks, and when you have tried to move your career forward, you have been stuck in the mud. The retrograde is over, and now your attitude and effort are both running at exceptional levels. How you relate to your co-workers and others in your work life starts to greatly improve. You aren’t misunderstood, or falling over misplaced comments. Your networking skills are working smoothly, and everything is coming up roses with your career. This transit will go through October 14th, but is by no means the end of positive forces in your career.

A big day for you is September 20th. There is a new moon in Virgo, and once again, this is dealing with your career. The new moon will feature possibilities you didn’t realize were there for you. It is all about opportunities. You will need to keep your mind, heart, eyes and ears open for the new opportunities, but if you do, you might find a new income stream or advancement in your career.

On September 29th, Mercury enters Libra. This will go on until October 17th. This is a change of things from many of the other influences regarding your career. Now you will have a transit that is going to be a boost to your social life. You will find yourself invited to social events, and going out with friends. Embrace it and get out there and meet new friends and make new connections. Yes, you have had four months finally leading up to a month that you can really move forward. May was peaceful, but there were no real forces pushing for you to advance yourself romantically, career wise, or with your family. Now you have a month where you can truly focus on one aspect of your life and move it forward.

There are no retrogrades or eclipses in September, and the planets are moving in ways that will help you. It is up to you to see opportunities when they present themselves and make the most out of them. Your amazing perception of others suggests that your humor can be both insightful and cutting as well as very entertaining. People are drawn to your magnetic charm and your sense of humor holds their interest and keeps them entertained. Do not lose your spontaneity, but moderate it. Enjoy yourself when out in the world. Learn to take time off and relax.


A Month Of Serendipity!

Time to lick your wounds from any problems that arose during that crazy month of August, because September is looking fantastic for you, Scorpio. Everything is coming up roses, after an August filled with two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde. You are in a transition now that has been building for four whole months! May was so peaceful and tranquil, but you know that things were going to heat up in the summer. June and July were quite busy, but they weren’t really too negative nor positive one way or another. August, on the other hand, was set up for you to fail. If you planned for the retrograde well, and dealt with the eclipses in a positive way, you are going to quickly pivot into a month full of good luck for you! Just to keep in the back of your mind for the next few months- Jupiter will enter your sign on October 10th, and will be there until November 2018. This is going to bring you profound luck and good will. It could be a very magical time for you. But things start to turn around before that, in early September.

For all intents and purposes, things really get going on September 5th. Mercury turns direct in Leo on this day, staying there for the next four days. Mars also enters Virgo on the 5th, adding more energy to your new found positive attitude.
During these first four months of your “turnaround”, you will be primarily focused on your career. The retrograde might have caused some issues, and you are quick to get things back on the right track. You start to engage with bigger decisions. Your mind becomes much more focused and you actually find enjoyment in working through to-do lists and being proactive instead of reactive with your work.

On September 9th, Mercury enters Virgo. This is going to expand upon your new focus on work and will add a boost to your networking and communication abilities. You will find yourself collaborating more than usual, and find a lot of fulfillment out of working with others.

There is a full moon in Pisces on September 6th. This is going to bring to completion some aspect of your romantic or creative life. You have been on a creative or romantic journey and you find joy in this stage of it being complete. The full moon is not an “end” to this journey or endeavor that involves your creative or romantic side, but the completion of one stage of its development. You find that you are deeply in tune with your thoughts and feeling with this full moon, so you can take this date to quietly evaluate your life and goals, and regroup for the next stage of your life.

Venus joins Mercury and Mars in Virgo on September 19th. Now, this particular move will be a boost to your social life and networking. You will start to expand your group of close friends and could be meeting a lot of new people. You are quite communicative, and people are drawn to your openness and thoughtfulness. These planets are in tandem until September 29th, and up until then, you are all about getting yourself out there. Accept offers to parties and events, you will find that you enjoy them much more than you normally do. You very well might meet a new romantic interest through an existing friend.
These are great times to build your social networking friends and followers as well. Requests will be more often accepted, and you can build up your work and personal connections online. If you blog, your output could be greatly ramped up. You have a lot to communicate and the words just fly out of the keyboard. After the 29th, the focus will change a bit. This is going to be a change of focus more directed at your specific wants and desires. These can come in many forms. This can be with money, romance, friendship, or just fulfillment from projects. All in all, you have planetary movements that are going to keep you very busy in September. Come October, there are certain events that are going to set you up for a magical next year.

On September 20th, there is a new moon in Virgo, and will be along with Mercury, Venus and Mars. With all of the activity that is going on with your sign and these planets, this particular date will be all about a new opportunity. Your networking and communication skills are already being highlighted, and look for this area to be where a new project or connection will emerge.

From September 29th to October 17th Mercury moves through Libra. Now, some major events will happen in October, and things are set up quite well for you astrologically. This latest movement comes just in time, as it will bring you tranquility and peace of mind. You might find that you received more out of prayer and meditation than in the past, and that this is a good time for the events on the horizon! You understand the importance of making a good first impression, and know how necessary it is to always be prepared. There is overwhelming evidence that the higher the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will treat others with respect, kindness, and generosity. People who do not experience self-love have little or no capacity to love others.


Blissful Times!

Well, the crazy month that was August is done and over. Two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde is a lot for one month, but now you can immerse yourself in a month that will bring strong, positive energy for creativity and romance. Before the summer began, you had a May that was fairly tranquil, that allowed you to prepare for a summer that you knew was going to be very hectic. June, July, and August were very frenetic times, but Taurus, September will be much more like May and the positive, peaceful nature of this time astrologically, will be very welcome.

Mercury turns direct in Leo on September 5th, and this is truly the start of your resurgence from August’s chaos. These setbacks or just stagnations that dealt with your home life, important financial decisions, travel plans, etc., are now over and done with. For four days from the 5th until the 9th you can start to rebuild from any damage done to your life during last month’s retrograde. Or, perhaps you prepared well for the retrograde and now you can start initiating plans and important decisions that you have put off. Now is the time to get going again.

But things to stop on the 9th in terms of moving in the right direction. Now Mercury moves into Virgo and the transit lasts until the 29th. Things have turned from simply remedying and cleaning up to a full-on ramp up of your creative and romantic life. This isn’t just an improvement with being clear and calm with these aspects of your life, but you will have a marked increase in energy. You see the field clearly, manage details well, and appreciate people around you and how they improve your life. In contrast to the retrograde last month, from the 5th until the 29th of September, it is a wonderful time to be productive and to make decisions. Plan for this and have a few projects lined up to get accomplished. Also, embrace a romantic relationship, as you will have a strong desire to make plans that might involve travel or even weekend excursions.

Mercury will enter Libra on the 29th, and toward the end of the month you will find that you are much more willing to work with others on projects, and that will be an even greater enhancement to your productivity. Back to the 5th, where Mars enters Virgo, meaning that from the 9th to the 29th, Mars and Mercury will be together. This is like a super energy drink for your creative side, so be prepared and embrace it!

On September 6th, there will be a full moon in Pisces. For you, this means that you will be particularly good with networking. It is a good time to reach out to your extended friends and network connections on social media, write that long blog post you have been wanting to write, or even say yes to any social invitations you might receive. The full moon could also mean that it is a great time to dive into a new creative project with some friends or family members.

On September 19th, Venus is in Virgo, joining Mercury and Venus. This is going to last unit October 14th, and is an all-star lineup for all things creative and romantic. After an August of astrological land mines, you are past the negativity and this time is one of the most exciting of the entire year. Not only does this positively affect your romantic and creative side, but when these areas are affected, it also means a very positive time for how you deal with family and children. All of these areas are full of wonderful energies and now is the time, more so than any other time in the year, to be open to new experiences and to create and bring joy into the world. The four planets all together is a collaboration of forces that will make the time between September 19th and October 14th as one of the most opportunistic times of the year for you moving forward in your life. There is energy, creativity, clarity, openness, and the ability to quickly navigate through little issues. As you have been holding off making decisions or starting any new projects in August, now you have a window of time where you need to do the exact opposite. Dive into new projects. Start some new creative and artistic hobbies. You will feel a desire to dedicate yourself more to that special someone. Also, either your children, or other children in your life, will bring you special joy, as you see in them the wonder that we all lose sometimes to the day to day grind in life. Late September through mid-October is going to be perhaps the most creative and romantic time of the year for you, Taurus, so plan ahead and get ready for a blissful ride.

There is a new moon in Virgo on the 20th, and this is a special date to circle on your calendar. As per everything mentioned above, the new moon is going to enhance that with a very strong opportunity related to creativity and romance. Keep your eyes and ears open to the possibilities of newness around this date.

Mercury will enter Libra on the 29th, and your work-life is greatly benefiting from an increased desire, and ability to collaborate. Get involved with your co-workers, listen to their ideas, and respectfully submit yours. You will find that people around you will be especially open to your suggestions starting on this date. Focus on seizing opportunities, acting at just the right moment is the key to your success. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or appear foolish. You can succeed if nobody else believes it, but you will never succeed if you do not believe in yourself.


Glory and Excitement!

Of all the signs of the Zodiac, Virgo might have best September. It will still be as active and full of astrological events as the last few months, but now everything is lining up for you. Yes, May seems like years ago, when everything was peaceful and gloriously uneventful. June and July were full of astrological events, but the activity just generally kept you busy and wasn’t necessarily negative or positive. August was a real stinker of a month. There were two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, and you really needed to prepare for some bad energies. Hopefully, you prepared well for the retrograde, and for the most part you just put off making any major decisions. September is going to be a total change from that. Yes, it will still be very busy, but this time things are going your way. Things kick off around September 5th. Mercury turns direct in Leo on September 5th, and on the 9th will enter your sign. This will be in place until September 29th. Just regarding this action, you will be very, very well balanced mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This balance lends itself to a powerful clarity in your thoughts. Problems are easily handled, and you communicate extremely well with others. As others take to this, they will be drawn to you, and you, in essence, become a strong leader.

Also on the 5th, Mars enters your sign, and all of the balance and clarity becomes supercharged with a new-found exuberance and excitement. It is time to take a look at all of the unfinished projects or ideas that you have and start diving in.
If you have some new skills that you have wanted to master, or perhaps tackle a home improvement project that you have been putting off, now is the time. Get on the Internet and learn new skills, pick up a book about some specific skill you want to learn, or take a workshop. Your mind is a sponge, and you are enthusiastic about learning and tackling new challenges.

On the 6th, a full moon is in Pisces, and this is going to affect how you interact with your significant other or even perhaps a work partner. Neptune is playing a part, so there is a higher-end thinking process going on. With a romantic partner, this could be a great opportunity to make time to get away- a totally different environment where you can concentrate on each other. This also could affect your business partners. You might find a new way to collaborate, or a totally new idea could be proposed to enhance your partnership.

Venus enters your sign on September 19th and will be there until October 14th. This is a very important time for you, one of the most romantic and creative for the entire calendar year. Plan for these weeks and don’t allow the ho-hum of everyday life get into the possibility of expanding your romantic or creative life. Things have been hectic all year, and especially with August. Now, from the 19th until the 14th of October the planets have aligned for you to truly embrace your creative and romantic side. Have you had an idea for an artistic project that you have been putting off? Been thinking of starting a business based on a passion in your life? If you have a romantic partner, devote yourself to making them happy during this time. If you are single, be on the lookout. Keep your eyes, ears, heart, and mind open to the possibility of meeting someone wonderful. Really, until early next year the stars are set up wonderfully for you, Virgo. Your passions and desires will be met with open arms. Don’t let this glorious time pass you by.

There is a date that you need to very keenly aware of for September. That is the new moon in your sign on the 20th. With all of the positive movements going on for you, this new moon will be a focal point for you for the coming year. It is a date to make and set goals for yourself. Think of all of the positive things you want to accomplish, no matter how lofty, that are “out there.” This is your day to have total clarity on what is important to you.
The last few months have been very busy, and it has been difficult to move forward in a positive way. August was full of landmines, but now, Virgo, everything is going your way. The new moon on the 20th is the apex of a very positive month, with lots of wonderful things in store through the rest of the year. Make a day of it, and embrace the positive possibilities.

On the 29th, Mercury enters Libra. This is going to deal with your finances. You will find yourself very focused on money- how you are saving and where you are spending. It is a great time to take a big picture look at your income and decide if you need to make any major changes. The key to your success lies in your compassionate understanding of people and situations, and you are much appreciated by all. Seek harmony in your life. Make sure you take the time to be alone to reflect and connect to your deeper inspiration. Life may be hard, but it’s also wonderful.


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