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Neptune, your financial planet, makes a major move out of your sign and into Pisces on the 5th. This is a positive for finance. It reinforces the trends that we have been seeing for many years. Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets, moves into the most spiritual sign in the zodiac. You are still (as you have been for many years) going deeper into the spiritual sources – the spiritual dimensions – of wealth. You have gone very far in this department, but there is always more. Continue to read all you can on this subject. No matter how much outer wealth people have, they are not truly financially free until they understand the spiritual source of wealth.

Your financial intuition has been outstanding for many years, and gets even better now. By now you have learned to trust it.
But the real headline is the power in your 3rd house. It was strong last month, but now even stronger. Consider this: 60 to 70 per cent of the zodiacal powers will either be there or move through there this month. Wow! The trends of last month are even stronger. More communication and high-tech equipment comes your way. There is more local -domestic – travel this month. You seem all over the place. There are a plethora of courses, lectures and seminars to attend, on almost any subject you desire. Students are very into their studies, and are successful. If you have an Aquarian child, you don’t need to force him or her to do homework. This child is on the case.

Reread our discussion of last month, as it applies now. Overstimulation of the mind and speech is the main danger. Learning to still the mind – always a challenge in spiritual work – is a lot more difficult now. But if you manage it you will have achieved something great.

When your love planet entered Aries on the 20th of last month you became a ‘love at first sight’ kind of person. You jumped into relationships, romances and friendships very quickly. When intuition was on, things worked out. By the 20th, this rashness in love will be over; you become more conservative and patient. It’s fun to take the leap every now and then, but when you’re wrong, there is a price to pay. Caution lets love develop as it will. Until the 20th, love, for singles, is still in the neighbourhood or in educational settings. Mental and intellectual compatibility is as important as physical magnetism for you right now. After the 20th you want more stability in love. You want someone with family values. You want emotional support and emotional intimacy. This is how you feel loved and this is how you show it. Love opportunities are still close to home, but come through family and family connections.
Health is still good, but becomes more delicate after the 20th. Nothing really wrong, only energy is not as high as it has been since the beginning of the year. Rest more. A good night’s sleep will cure many ills.

Siblings (and those who play this role in your life) need to be more mindful when they drive and avoid risky activities from the 3rd to the 13th. They should avoid conflicts and confrontations as well. You should be more mindful driving during this period as well – but it seems stronger on them than on you.



Late last month the planetary power made an important shift form the upper to the lower half of your horoscope. This month the shift is increased further – 70 to 80 per cent of the planets will be below the horizon of your chart. Your career planet is still retrograde and will be retrograde for a few more months. So, it is time to focus more on the home and family. You are entering (astrologically speaking) the ‘night time’ of your year. Outer success continues to be important, but now it is time to feel good and to get into emotional harmony. This is a time to work on your career by the methods of night – through dreaming and visualization -rather than by overt, outer methods. This works out very well for you, as with your career planet retrograde not much is happening there, anyway. Most career issues will need time to resolve themselves.

The planets are also mostly in the East and this month, in their maximum eastern position. Your 7th house of love is strong, but nowhere near as powerful as your 1st house (70 per cent of the planets are either there or moving through there this month – a huge percentage!). So, your personal pleasure peak continues apace. You are enjoying all the pleasures of the flesh. Always independent, now you are even more so – and your challenge will be to avoid ‘running over’ others like a bulldozer. This is certainly a time to have things your way, and the cosmos is co-operating with you, but you can have your way without needless aggression or insensitivity. Now you have the power to create conditions as you desire them to be. You don’t need to adapt or to ‘people please’ – if others don’t go along with you, you can go it alone if need be. So create your own paradise now. Create wisely. Later, you will have to live with your creation and it won’t be so easy to change things.

Health, like last month, is super – and the same problem we saw last month is in effect now. Your problem is too much energy. It is up to you to channel this energy wisely towards constructive ends – not in daredevil stunts or violent, discordant behaviour. (Be especially careful of this from the 3rd to the 5th.) You can achieve any goal you set for yourself now.

When we said you were having your way, this was not an exaggeration. Everything is coming to you that you need or desire. Love pursues you; all you have to do is show up. Not only that, but your current love is going way out of his or her way to please you. The same is true in finances. Career might be on hold, but the financial picture is bright. Expensive personal items are coming to you – and your birthday ‘loot’ this year is far above that of previous years. On the 20th the Sun moves into your money house, initiating a yearly financial peak. You seem very lucky in speculations these days.

Your health planet went retrograde late last month (the 30th) and will be retrograde until the 23rd. Health is good, as mentioned, but avoid making drastic changes to your diet or health regime. Study things more. You will know the right thing to do after the 23rd.


You are in one of the most successful periods of your life (for many of you) but also one of the most vulnerable health periods. If you plan your days better and focus only on essentials you can have both health and success. But if you get caught up in the whirl of events (and they are exciting) there will probably be a price to pay.

Enhance your health in the ways described in the yearly report. Pay special attention to your heart (avoid worry and anxiety) and to your head, face and scalp. If the pace of events threatens to sweep you away, schedule regular massages or reflexology treatments. Have people pray for you. Make sure you get enough exercise, too.

Career is the main headline this month. Some 60 to 70 per cent of the planets are either in or moving through your 10th house of career this month. It’s as if 70 per cent of the vast universe is conspiring to make you successful. No need to tell you to focus here, you almost can’t help it.

Career changes and changes in your corporate hierarchy and industry have been happening with regularity for months now, and we see more in the month ahead. Mars, your career planet, is travelling with Uranus from the 3rd to the 5th and then makes a stressful aspect with Pluto from the 9th and the 13th. Yes, people at the top are vulnerable now. Bosses, parent figures, elders should be more mindful, avoid conflicts and risky activities, and drive more defensively.

Be more patient with your beloved. Your focus on career is probably making him or her feel neglected.

Finances continue to be excellent. Until the 20th the trends are as described last month. Money comes from pay rises, from the favour of bosses, parents and authority figures, from your good professional reputation. Rashness and speculation can be overdone. You earn freely and spend freely. After the 20th you are more conservative and down to earth. You are a better investor. Your financial judgement is sound. You are more patient about attaining wealth. Friends are helping you financially; you have their favour.

The retrograde of Mercury, until the 24th, happens in your 10th house. This suggests a need to be more careful about how you communicate to superiors, elders and parents (or parent figures). Don’t take good communication for granted. Make sure they get your true meaning and that you understand what they are really saying. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A bit more care now can save much heartache later on. This holds true in your dealings with the government as well.


Again, like last month, the major headline is health. Some 80 to 90 per cent of the planets are in stressful alignment right now. This is no joke. With your 6th house of health basically empty (only the Moon visits there on the 7th, 8th and 9th) the danger here is that you won’t pay attention -though you should. You will need to force yourself to pay attention, though you don’t feel like it. It should be your number-one priority. Older Capricorns should be monitoring their blood pressure regularly and avoiding activities that stress the heart. The basic health safeguard is the maintenance of high energy levels. Your aura must be kept strong -this is your spiritual immune system. When the aura weakens – due to low energy or low-quality thoughts and feelings – the person becomes more vulnerable to all kinds of opportunistic invaders.

Enhance health by paying more attention to your head, face and scalp. Regular scalp massage will not only help your head but will energize the entire body. Regular facials will be good too. Heat therapies are powerful this month. Hot-water bottles or heated stones placed on problem areas of the body will be good. The therapy where stones are heated and placed between the toes of the feet – to send energy along the meridians – would be good now, too. Warmer climates are better than cold ones these days. Hot and spicy foods – foods that heat up the system – jalapenos, curry, cayenne pepper, onions and garlic – are good now. Lily of the valley and honeysuckle are healing aromas. Fire ceremonies and candle-lighting ceremonies are healing. Anything that connects you to metaphysical fire will have a healing, uplifting effect.

Events going on in the home are making for volatile emotions. Maintaining emotional poise will be a major challenge. If you are a mediator, you will have the tools to do this (and even then it will be a challenge).

The home needs to be made more safe. Electrical wiring and circuits should be checked. Smoke detectors should be in good working order. Dangerous items should be kept out of the reach of children. You and family members should be more mindful at home.
Parents or parent figures should be more mindful when driving and should avoid risky, stressful activities. If something doesn’t need to be done, better to reschedule for another time. Parents should also avoid conflicts or confrontations.

Right now, money, love, career are not that important. Do what you can each day to further your goals and then let go – don’t give it more thought.

The important thing now is to get through the month with your health and sanity intact. Everything else will just fall into place.


Until the 10th your horoscope resembles a ‘bucket’, with Saturn as the handle. This makes Saturn very prominent in your horoscope during this period. As lord of the 8th house, this indicates that the earnings of your spouse or partner or investors lift up your life. Your ability to borrow, to access outside money, is the handle that lifts up your life.

Last month the planetary power shifted from the western, social sector to the eastern sector. You are entering a period of greater personal independence – developing personal skills and personal initiative. Up until now success depended on whom you knew; now it’s about who you are and what you can do. Other people are always important, but less so these days. Look at your conditions of life and boldly create them as you desire them to be. The cosmos will back you up.

Your 11th house of friends is still very powerful, and so you are very active here. Be more patient with friends from the 5th to the 15th. Avoid conflicts and confrontations. Friends in turn also need to be this way. And they should be more mindful when driving. They should be avoiding risky activities during this period.

Finances are basically status quo. But they should be better and stronger from the 3rd to the 18th than at other times – the period when the Moon waxes.

Your spouse or partner is focused on finance, but there are challenges and difficulties during this period. Your partner needs to be reviewing his or her financial life in a sober way. This is not the time to make dramatic financial changes.

Neptune, the most spiritual of all the planets, moves into your 10th house of career on the 5th. This brings idealism to the career – a need to have a career that is truly and actually meaningful. It initiates a period where you think beyond mere success, to your spiritual mission in life. Psychics, astrologers, ministers and spiritual channels can be very helpful these days.

On the 20th, the Sun enters your 12th house of spirituality. Thus it is a good period for spiritual studies, for meditation, for making spiritual breakthroughs and gaining insight and understanding. Those of you of a more ‘activist’ nature would enjoy getting involved in charities or causes that you believe in.

Health is now much improved. You have all the energy you need to achieve any goal you desire. The 9th to the 15th can bring some scares or changes in the health regime, but overall health still looks good.

Love is pretty much as we described last month.


Your 9th house was powerful last month (after the 20th) and becomes more powerful in the month ahead. This is the main headline now. Some 60 to 70 per cent of the planets are either there or moving through there this month. This is a huge percentage. Since the 9th house is considered a fortunate house, this is a month of happiness and good fortune. A month where mental and intellectual horizons are expanded. A month where ‘the sky’s the limit’.

There will be travel opportunities. There will be happy educational opportunities. Students should be successful (especially those at university or graduate level). If you are involved in legal issues, these seem fortunate now – push ahead boldly. (Keep in mind that the strength of your case is always the main consideration, but even with a weak case, you are likely to get best-case scenarios this period.)

This is a month for religious, philosophical and theological breakthroughs – for deeper insights and understanding. This tendency is why the Hindus consider this house to be the most fortunate in the horoscope. When our world view is enlarged, it affects every other area of life – it changes the way we respond and react to events.

When the 9th house is strong, we all become students and teachers. We are students to those above us and teachers to those beneath us (in understanding). No one loves the night life more than Leo. But this is a period where a juicy philosophical or religious discussion will hold more allure than the cabaret. Where the coming of a guru is more exciting than the latest rock star. This phase will pass, to be sure, but for now this is how you feel.

This enlargement of your perspective and mental horizons prepares you for the yearly career peak that begins on the 20th. A period of great success. The Sun crosses your midheaven from the 20th onwards. Thus you are on top, in charge, the king (or queen) – honoured, appreciated, sitting on your throne. Your social status is also elevated now.

Health is good, but the main danger – ironically – is too much of a good thing. You have so much energy and confidence that you are on the go non-stop. Burnout is the main danger. After the 20th you need to rest and relax more.

Love is still good this month, but be more patient with your beloved from the 3rd to the 5th. Be more careful driving, and avoid confrontations and risky activities from the 9th to the 13th. This goes for family members as well.



Health and love are still the main headlines this month. If anything, health is more delicate than last month, so review our discussion from then. This month Neptune, your health planet, changes sighs. On the 5th he moves into Pisces, his own sign and house. This is a positive.

Neptune is more powerful on your behalf when he is in his own sign and house. In addition to what we wrote last month, get more involved with spiritual healing. Pray for your own health and, if possible, have others pray for you. You respond very well to this. Also, schedule regular visits with a health professional. Personally I prefer a masseuse, reflexologist, kinesiology’s, acupuncturist or acupressure’s – these are therapies that add energy to the whole body – something you really need now. But there are many other ways to make the body stronger.

You have the kind of chart where there is a party every night – perhaps a few of them. Singles are dating every night. There is so much opportunity now7 that you might be confused as to whom to choose. Almost every type is available. The menu is huge, there is beauty, there is athletic ability, there is money, education, intellect. Each of the people you meet has his or her own charms and virtues. The unattached might want to try them all.
Finances are a bit stressed these days. The social life is taking up so much time that mere money-making does not interest you. But you will have to force yourself to pay more attention. Again, take constructive, positive steps when you can, and refuse to worry. The problems are short term.

Happily, with the 8th house strong after the 20th, your spouse, partner or current love is in a yearly financial peak and will take up the slack. Friends seem more supportive after the 20th as well. The important thing now is to get through the month with your health and sanity intact. Keep your focus on that. In all your socializing, keep your health interests in focus.



On the 20th of last month you entered a yearly financial peak. This month it becomes even stronger. Finance is the main headline of the month ahead. Some 70 per cent of the planets are either in your money house or moving through there this month. Your interest in money, in wealth, in possessions, seems all-consuming these days. And this powerful interest leads to success – it enables you to overcome all the various challenges that inevitably arise in this ‘material’ world.

With so much action happening in the money house there is no ‘one way’ that you will earn. It comes from many sources and many kinds of people. It is ‘as if 70 per cent of the cosmos – the powers that control everything – have conspired to make you rich. Money seems to come from everywhere. Someone who has owed you money for a long time – and you have forgotten about it – suddenly decides to pay you back. New and lucrative work projects come to you. You can inherit money or be remembered in someone’s will. Insurance claims are paid. Royalties are earned – and probably larger than usual. There is great access to outside capital – either borrowing or outside investors. Parents, parent figures, bosses, your current love and family members hold you in their financial favour. Pay rises are likely (and these can sometimes be covert, as in an increase in benefits). Your financial confidence is strong. You make quick decisions and they work out. There is luck in speculation, but be more careful from the 9th to the 13th. A sudden expense could come as well. But no matter, you have the wherewithal to cover these things. On the 3rd-5th there is a sudden windfall or opportunity. Unexpected money comes to you.

Uranus entered your money house on the 12th of last month, thus you are experimenting financially. (For the past seven years you have been experimenting with your body, now it is with finances.) You are ‘making wealth’ happen rather than just drifting along.
Health is excellent this month. You can enhance it further by paying more attention to your head, face and scalp (until the 20th) and to your neck and throat thereafter. Good mental health is important after the 20th. Strive for intellectual purity – correct information and correct knowledge. Give the mental body its due.

Neptune makes a major move into your sign on the 5th. Basically this is a positive transit, as Neptune is your ruling planet. However, it does sensitize the body, so drugs and alcohol should be avoided. If you feel an ache or a pain somewhere, first check where it’s coming from – you could be sitting next to someone with a physical problem and just be picking up his or her energy.



Your personal pleasure peak, which began on the 20th of last month, gets even stronger and more intense this month. Between 60 and 70 per cent of the planets are either in or moving through your 5th house. The danger here is overdoing a good thing. Yes, we should enjoy life, but life is more than just the ‘pursuit of pleasure’. And often when we overindulge in physical pleasures, there is a price to be paid afterwards. There is a price tag on everything – usually hidden – but it is there. One of the problems here is that you will get so lost in pleasure and leisure that you overstress your finances. In some cases this shows over-spending on the children, to a point of discomfort.

This power in the 5th house is really the main headline of the coming month. Those of you involved in the creative arts will have a banner month – a super-creative month. The ideas and projects flow like water. Even those of you not involved in professional creativity, will be more creative than usual. Sagittarians of appropriate age are more fertile than usual – this has been a trend since January 22, but even more so this month.

The unattached are doing a lot of dating and party-going. But with the love planet still retrograde until the 23rd, no important love decisions (one way or the other) should be made.

With Uranus in your 5th house there is a lot of unconventional fun happening. It’s as ifyouare testing the limits of Pleasure these days. Try to avoid the daredevil stunts from the 3rd to the 5th and from the 9th to the 13th.
Health is excellent now. You have superabundant energy. You are finding that joy itself – the feeling of happiness – is the great healer and energizer.

Your speculative urges are very strong. Many of you will be allured by the casino and gaming table. But with your financial planet stressed this month, don’t overdo it. Wager with what you can afford. Gaming should be fun, not put a stress on you or your family.
On the 20th the party still continues, but less so. The Sun moves into your 6th house and you are more in the mood for work. Job-seekers should have good success. There are opportunities in foreign countries or with foreign companies – foreigners in general seem helpful in your job search.



On the 27th of last month, Venus entered Pisces – her most exalted position, but also her most sensitive position. It is precisely this exquisite sensitivity that allows her to be ‘exalted’. Thus, when love is going well, when you are in synch with your partner, you experience the highest vibrations of love. Nuances that few mortals ever experience. But if there is discord in your relationship, it can be quite painful – much more so than usual. You need to be careful to come from love, and not pain, these days. When the sensitivities are so strong, even the smallest things can hurt – a facial expression, a rolling of the eyes, a tone of voice. Often the other person is unaware of what he or she did and is mystified by your reaction. A time to practise forgiveness and go on.

Love is not very serious these days. Your love planet is in the 5th house and you want to party. Love is another form of entertainment. The person who can show you a good time is the one you are allured to. However, often love begins as ‘fun and games’ and ends up being much more. But the tendency now is to think of love as one long honeymoon and you don’t have the patience to handle the tough times.

After the 21st your love planet moves into Aries. You become a love-at-first-sight kind of person. You throw caution to the winds. You leap into relationships quickly -perhaps too quickly.

On February 3 the planetary power shifted from the independent East to the social West. And now, after the 20th, they begin to move to their maximum western position. So, since early February you have been in a social period -you’ve needed others. It has been more difficult to ‘go it alone’ than before. And this tendency is even stronger now. Personal inability has spiritual value. We stop relying on our ‘strong right arm’ and have to rely on higher forces to help us. It is a time when we learn the power of grace. We cannot control other people (not for long, anyway) but we can maintain the harmony with them so that they are more willing to assist us to our good. Undue self-assertion these days will break this harmony and delay your attainment.

On the 20th, as the Sun enters your 7th house, you enter a yearly social peak. Venus will be travelling with Jupiter after the 21st (this aspect will be more exact next month) and this shows that romance is in the air. A business partnership, too.

Health is good this month, but becomes more delicate after the 20th. There is nothing seriously wrong with you, you just need more rest and relaxation. You have been working ultra-hard this period and probably overdoing it.



For a down-to-earth Taurus, the month ahead is unique. Your 12th house, which was very strong last month, gets even stronger. The planets are having a convention in your 12th house: 70 per cent of them are either there or moving through there in the month ahead. Taurus tends to focus on the world of the five senses. But this month you are very unworldly, to say the least. There is no way for you to deny the reality of the invisible worlds now. Even family members are involved in spiritual issues.

Everything we wrote of last month is still in effect, only stronger. This spiritual focus is very positive now, for various reasons. It will bring breakthroughs in your career and finance. There will be breakthroughs in spiritual healing and in ways to transform the body (especially after the 21st – but earlier, too).

With this much power in the 12th house, it is important to be on a spiritual path, otherwise this can lead to overindulgence in alcohol or drugs.

With all this inner guidance it is safe to create the conditions that you want in your life. You have the power and the wherewithal to do it. As always, build wisely. Ultimately we are responsible for our creations. The universe holds us responsible and we will have to live with what we create, good, bad or indifferent. Most of the problems we face are not the result of ‘bad luck’ – only the result of things that we ourselves have created.

Many of you will have your birthday this month. This is a good period to review the past year, atone for and correct mistakes and set new goals for the year ahead. Your birthday is your personal new year and should be treated like a ‘new year’.
Health is good this month and can be enhanced even further by paying more attention to your feet until the 21st, and to your head, face and scalp afterwards. Head and face massage is powerful after the 21st. You respond very well to spiritual therapies (other-worldly therapies) all month. The role that the spirit plays in health will be better understood.

Your financial intuition continues to be good – and it will get even better after the 23rd when Mercury starts to move forward again. Hold off on important financial decisions until after the 23rd.

Be more patient with your beloved from the 9th and 13th. Avoid confrontations or power struggles. Your beloved should be more careful driving and in general avoid risk-taking activities during this period.



The main headline this month is the enormous power in your 8th house. The 8th house was strong last month, but nothing like it is now. Some 70 per cent of the planets are either there or moving through there.

So this is, again, a sexually active month. No matter your age or stage in life, there is greater than usual sexual activity. The danger this month is over-indulgence – doing more than you really need. This depletes vital energy that is needed for other things. Indulge by all means, but in moderation.

This is a month where you have encounters with the dark angel of death. This doesn’t mean literally death, but more on a psychological level. Perhaps there are dreams of death. Or you read an article in the paper of a death which, it strikes you, could have befallen you. Perhaps you have a near-death experience. The dark angel is reminding you that life on earth is fragile and short, and that you need to be doing the really important things now. Death can come into your consciousness in other ways, too – perhaps you are involved in estate issues, or you are named in someone’s will or appointed executor of a will. These issues all seem favourable.

If you are involved in tax, estate or insurance issues, this is the time to push them forward.
Your spouse, partner or current love is doing very well financially – even better than last month. He or she is more generous with you.

Dealing with issues of debt is also favourable now. Good to pay off some debt this month. If you can’t pay it off completely, this is a good month to refinance or make a structured plan for paying it off.

You have good access to outside money this month. If you have good ideas, there are investors out there willing to invest. Your borrowing power is increased. Again, as with sex, the danger is over-indulgence. You really need to discern sharply between constructive and destructive debt these days.

Also it is good to analyse your debt during this period. What percentage of your income goes to debt service (mortgage, car payments, credit cards, etc.)? If it is over 30 per cent, your debt load is too high and you need to address it. Health is good and detox regimes are still very favourable. Health will get even better after the 20th.



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