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Last month the planetary power shifted to the eastern, independent sector of your chart. This is the way it will be for the next five months or so. Hopefully you’ve made note of the conditions that need changing in your life; you are now in a position to make these changes. Your happiness and success is up to you. Your way is best these days. If others don’t go along with your plans, you can go it alone.

Career is still very powerful and happy, but less active than last month. There is good success – sudden elevation -on the 1st and 2nd. A new career peak is reached.

This month the focus is on friendships, groups and group activities. This is both fun and financially profitable as well. Online kinds of businesses seem profitable (sometimes you don’t actually have to have an online business, but financial opportunity comes from the net). You need to be up to date in the latest technology, and are probably spending on these things now. Professional investors should look at property, agriculture, copper and high-tech companies for profit opportunities until the 21st. After the 21st investors should look at telecommunications, transport and media. Non-investors need to do better marketing and promotion of their products or services. After the 20th your financial planet is in the 12th house, thus your financial intuition becomes important – and very sharp. With the financial planet in the 12th house you are in a period (short term) for going more deeply into the spiritual sources of supply – for understanding the spiritual dimensions of wealth. In truth, no matter how rich we are, until these things are understood there is no real financial freedom. This is a period for more charitable giving. As you give, you also receive by the karmic law.

Health is much improved this month. If you got through last month with your health intact, give yourself a nice pat on the back. Probably you will go through the rest of the year with good health, too – you are a super-hero. Still, mind your energy. Love seems much improved as well. There is much more harmony with your beloved and with friends than last month.


Continue to pay more attention to health until the 21st. Many short-term planets are making stressful aspects. Reread our discussion in the yearly report. Also pay more attention to your heart.

The power in your 4th house is the main headline: 40 per cent (and sometimes 50 per cent) of the planets are either there or moving through there. Also, 70 per cent (sometimes 80 per cent) of the planets are below the horizon of the chart. You are in the ‘night-time’ of your year – the midnight hour. Career, though important, can be downplayed now. Keep your focus on home and family. Work on your career through meditative means. This will be more important than any overt moves that you might make. Nature works from within to without. Now is the time to be in the ‘within’.

There is an important shift of the planetary power from the East to the West this month. Your period of personal independence is over; now it’s time to cultivate and hone your social skills. It can be fun to have your way, but after a while this can be boring. It can be just as much fun to let others have their way (so long as it isn’t destructive). It’s nice to get into your car and drive to your desired destination, but sometimes it is nice to get into a friend’s car and let him or her choose the destination – it is educational and breaks the boredom. Sometimes the greatest freedom we can achieve is freedom from ourselves. This focus on others broadens our horizons. So the cosmos is now arranging these things for you. You will need to focus on others whether you want to or not.

The 4th house is much more than just home and family. This is the mundane interpretation. Our real home is our ‘feeling and emotional’ nature. This is where a person lives spiritually. Thus this is a time for dealing with emotional issues of the past. The cosmos will so arrange things that you will almost be forced into it. You will become more nostalgic. Old friends and perhaps old loves will come back into your life and bring up old memories. Old memories can come up in dreams as well. This is so you can look at these things from your ‘here-now’, present perspective, digest them and put them into context.

Our past experiences contain spiritual ‘nutrition’. Left undigested, unresolved, we don’t get the nutrition. They putrefy and can be the cause of many emotional and physical ailments. Yes, it may seem that ‘outwardly’ you are not achieving anything by digesting your experiences, but in reality you are. You are setting the stage for future growth.

On the 21st, as the Sun moves into your 5th house, you enter another yearly personal pleasure peak. A time for fun and leisure. A time to explore the ‘rapture’ side of life (and yes, it is very rapturous). In spite of some financial disagreement with your spouse, partner or current love (which seems short term), love is happy and honeymoonish. There is sort of a carefree attitude about it. If an existing relationship is troubled, try a second honeymoon now. Have more fun with the beloved. Schedule fun activities together. This is a time to re-ignite the original romantic feelings. Singletons find love in the usual places this month: parties, resorts, casinos and places of entertainment.


Another very prosperous month. Some 50 per cent of the planets are either in or moving through your money house. Your yearly financial peak continues.

Money seems to come from a variety or sources and in a variety of ways. You are, like last month, lucky in speculations. Your personal creativity is marketable and a big factor in earnings. You spend more now, but earn more as well. Partners, friends, your current love are very supportive. Social connections are profitable. (May 10-13 seems very profitable.) You might be spending on children, but they can also contribute to earnings – perhaps through motivating you or giving you ideas. You are spending on leisure activities, but can also earn through these things. And, with Mercury entering into your money house from the 16th onwards, you earn through good sales, marketing and good use of the media. Also this shows that, while you are very lucky this month, you are also earning the old-fashioned way, through hard work.

Perhaps the most important factor in your financial success these days is Mars, your ruling planet, entering your money house on the 11th. This shows your personal interest in financial matters. This interest drives your financial success – ‘where the heart is, there is your treasure’.

Like last month (and since late January) you are spending on yourself, dressing expensively, cultivating an image and persona of wealth. In some cases this is being done through metaphysical understanding – there is a conscious desire to draw wealth unto you – and taking on the image of wealth is a powerful way to do this. But in many cases this is showing that your personal appearance is a major factor in earnings – and so you need to dress expensively.

A foreign trip is likely on the 1st or the 2nd. The opportunity will certainly be there. You meet with a teacher – a mentor. In some cases this is a guru type. Important educational opportunities come. Students enjoy success in school. Speculations are fortunate during this period, too.

Health is good. You can make it even better through vigorous physical exercise and head and face massage (until the 16th). After the 16th enhance your health through neck massage. Cranial sacral therapy is good all month. Those on the spiritual path will get good results from chanting -mantra therapy – after the 16th. Your body responds very well to sound. Before the 16th, health is about physical fitness, good muscle tone, the ability to lift X amount of $ or run X amount of miles. But afterwards you are more focused on financial health than physical health.

On the 21st the Sun enters your 3rd house. Thus it is time to expand your mind and to catch up on all the letters and e-mails you owe. Good for taking courses, teaching or writing.

A business partnership or joint venture is likely after the 16th – you may or may not do this, but the opportunity is there. (The horoscope never takes away our free will.)


Health still needs watching, but is much improved over last month. Overall energy is much stronger. If you got through last month with good health, this month will be a breeze.

Happily, your 6th house of health becomes powerful on the 21st, so you are more on the case, more attentive, than you have been these past few months. Your health planet is still in Aries until the 16th. Thus health is enhanced in the ways described last month. Pay more attention to your head, face and scalp. Heat therapies are still powerful. After the 16th, pay more attention to your neck and throat. Regular neck massage will be very powerful. See to it that the cervical vertebrae are kept in correct alignment. The heart is important all year – but especially after the 21st. Detox regimes are also good during that period (after the 21st).

Your 5th house was strong last month, and is strong this month as well. You are in a yearly personal pleasure peak. This ability to have fun, to see the ‘light side’ of things, has powerful healing qualities. It will be quite educational. No matter what you are going through, face it with a smile. Laugh about it. There is nothing and no one in the universe that can rob you of your joy – unless you allow it. All kinds of circumstance can manifest (due to temporary stress and karmic momentums) but you have to look these conditions in the eye, so to speak, and tell them ‘I choose to be happy’. Then you will discover one of the great inner truths: happiness is not dependent on some outer condition or circumstance butmerelya spiritual choice that you make. Happily, with a strong 5th house it will be easier to understand this.

I had a client, an advanced spiritual person, who was facing very serious spinal surgery. She elected to do this at a very dangerous astrological time (the day of a solar eclipse). She decided to face this being happy rather than fearful or sad. She made wisecracks, thought of one-liners, joked with the doctors and nurses and saw the humour in every detail of her ordeal. She passed through safely and was healed. Hopefully, none of you is facing this, but whatever your situation, you can turn it around with joy and humour.

Last month the planets made an important shift to the West from the East. So for the next five to six months you are cultivating your social skills. Personal independence is weakened – not as punishment but so you can develop these skills in a better way. Life is not all about you. You are important, to be sure, but there is a larger context to life: other people. People skills are just as important as your personal abilities and merit, as you will learn in the coming months.

Children prosper from the 10th to the 13th. For you there is luck in speculations and inspired creativity. A move or expensive item for the home comes on the 1st or 2nd. A parent or parent figure prospers as well.


The ‘bucket’ pattern that we saw last month is again in effect from the 1st to the 6th and from the 20th to the 31st. Saturn is the handle of this ‘bucket’. Again this highlights the earning power of your spouse or partner – this seems to have more importance than the actual aspects are showing. It is your partner’s earning power that seems to be lifting up your life. Happily, your partner’s finances look much better this month, but still caution and homework are necessary. This pattern also highlights your need and ability to reinvent yourself and to transform. This ability – to give birth to the new, to resurrect yourself – lifts you out of your present problems.

The power in the East is still very strong, and soon to approach its maximum. Continue to create the conditions of your life according to your liking. Continue to focus on personal initiative. The opinions of others are always worthy of respect, but your own way is the best way right now.

Love has been exciting and basically good for many months. If there have been problems, they came from either leaping into relationships too quickly or from an inability to sustain romantic ardour over the long term. Passions are hot at the beginning, but then tend to cool off. Passion seems to rule in love – even though you Geminis are eminently logical. Not so logical in love these days. You are learning the difference between the head and the heart. So intense is your passion that even if your family objects to a relationship, you go ahead – and probably there have been many elopements among Geminis this year. This kind of feeling is especially dominant on the 1st and 2nd. You will brook no interference in love. Love also seems happy from the 10th to the 13th as Venus travels with your love planet. If you are unattached, these aspects bring significant meetings. If you are attached, they bring more romance into the relationship.

Finances are still status quo. Earning power should be stronger from the 3rd to the 17th than at other times – this is when your financial planet is in her waxing mode. If possible, make investments or savings deposits during these periods, as they will tend to grow (which is what you want). Pay off debt at other times (from the 1st to the 3rd and from the 17th onwards). These are the things you want to see ‘shrink’. Job-seekers have good success this month – the aspects were good late last month as well.

Health is good this month. If you want to enhance it further, review the health section of the yearly report.

Be careful communicating with superiors (also parents, parent figures and government representatives) from the 20th to the 22nd. Make sure you say what you mean and also that you have understood what is being said to you. There is a tendency to confusion and non-disclosure during this period. A little extra care now will save time and heartache later on.


You had many philosophical insights last month; now you will be applying them to the real world – your career. Last month was ‘classroom work’ – this month is ‘lab work’ -seeing how your knowledge works in practice.

Your 10th house of career is very powerful this month -40 to 50 per cent of the planets are either there or moving through there. You have a lot of help – a lot of support – for career goals. Even family seems supportive. Your success helps them. Again we see elevation and promotion. Honour and appreciation. Most of you are not likely to become household names this month, but your fame, on your level, is expanded now. Though you might feel that you’ve hit the top, your career is only going to become more successful next month. Along with this worldly success comes a deeper appreciation and yearning for your ‘true spiritual mission’ -and you will make progress in this area now. There is work that only you can do – work that you contracted to do before you were born – and now is the time to do it (if you understand what it is) or to find out what it is.

The planets shift this month from the western (social) sector, where they have been since the beginning of the year, to the eastern sector. Your season of ‘people-pleasing’ and dependency is ending. From now on – for the next five to six months – you have the power to create conditions as you desire them to be. You don’t need to adapt as much as you used to. You can have your way (so long as it isn’t destructive). Hopefully over the past six months you’ve seen clearly what needs changing. Now you can implement those changes.

Health is more delicate until the 21st. Rest and relax more and enhance your health in the ways described in the yearly report. Events have been frenetic recently, so a nice rest – a slow-down – would be good.

Though your 9th house is not as strong as last month, travel figures this month – probably related to business. There is a happy journey (this could be a pleasure jaunt) on the 1st and 2nd. There is luck in speculations then, too. A happy (non-serious) love opportunity comes to singles. Children are successful.
Finances are good all month. Until the 16th your financial planet is in your 9th house, indicating financial expansion. After the 16th it is in your 10th house showing the financial favour of ‘higher ups’ – bosses, authorities, parents and parent figures. Your good professional reputation is very important then – guard it. Pay rises are likely. Sometimes this happens very openly, but sometimes the pay rise happens in a more covert way – an increase in benefits or perks. It is not an outright pay rise, but has the same effect. Financial judgement is more sound, less speculative, after the 16th. This is another good time to initiate savings or investment programs.


Well, you got through the past two months. Perhaps you didn’t achieve all the outer goals that you wanted. Perhaps you watched as others went to the heights of success while you plodded on like a tortoise. But if you have your health and sanity, you should rejoice, give thanks and pat yourself on the back. You are a success. The heavenly measurements are different from those of Earth. There, your trials and difficulties are clearly understood and factored into the equation. They don’t compare the progress of a car going downhill with one going up a steep hill. Naturally, the progress of the one going up a steep hill will be slower.

So consider yourself successful now. There is more good news: Delicate though health is, you will not face conditions as difficult as you have in the past two months. There are more trials in the year ahead, but none as intense as what you’ve just come through. If you got through that, you can get through anything.

Last month on the 20th your 8th house got strong, and it is still strong for the entire month ahead. When the 8th house is strong we are forced to deal with the ‘underworld’ of life – the part of life that most people tend to ignore. The person confronts death in various ways – usually on a psychological level. (No one dies even a millisecond before their allotted time.) Sometimes there are near-death experiences with this transit. Generally people attend more funerals. There is a need to cope with – to come to terms with -death. The purpose is to lose the fear of it. So many of our true hopes and aspirations are blocked by the fear of death. People fear success, or the achievement of their heart’s desire, because somehow it ‘seems dangerous’ – one could die in the process. So, learning to deal with death will help us to live our lives in the now and in a better way.

The 8th house not only deals with death, but with its corollary – resurrection. And, after what you’ve been through, resurrection is in order. This is something to study this month and then to apply to your life. We see resurrection, renewal all around us all the time. Nature is doing this all the time. One day ‘dies’ at midnight and instantly a new day is ‘born’. The old year dies on December 31 and instantly a new year is born. In the winter the foliage dies, but is reborn in the spring. Let us not mourn the dead but, when confronted with death, let us look for the resurrection and renewal that must follow. Life never dies. Only what is born, dies.

On a more mundane level, this is a month to get involved in detox regimes of all kinds. A time for getting rid of all the effete, useless material that clutters our lives – whether it be in the body, in the home, in finances or on the mental and emotional level. Old, destructive emotional and mental patterns should die -just as viruses or destructive bacteria in the body should. This is the death that gives new life.

Finances may have been difficult but your spouse, partner or current love is picking up the slack. He or she is well into a yearly financial peak. He or she should be more generous with you. This is also a sexually active month but, considering your energy levels, be careful of over-indulgence.


Money-making, while fun (especially when things are going so right), does get boring after a while. No one can sustain such interest for too long. And this is what is happening now. The focus is shifting from money to intellectual interests. This began on the 20th of last month, but gets stronger now. Financial goals (at least the short-term ones) have been attained. You feel confident about the future, and now you can – and should – focus on intellectual development. The pleasures of the mind call to you. The mental body demands its due. Some people have insatiable cravings for sweets, or rich foods – you have insatiable cravings for knowledge and information. You are spending more on education – courses, lectures, seminars and the like – and can also earn from these things. For some of you this could be a good business opportunity or interesting investment.

On the llth your financial planet moves into Taurus, your 3rd house. Thus, communication, sales, marketing, PR and good use of the media are important financially. Probably you are spending more on these activities as well. Good to invest in decent communications equipment as well. It will pay off down the road. Those who invest in the markets should explore copper, telecommunications, transport and media companies.

Mars makes a conjunction with Jupiter on the 1st and 2nd. This brings financial windfalls and luck in speculations. You have had the financial favour of authority figures all year, but now it is stronger. A pay rise could happen. Your good professional reputation leads to a happy referral. Venus makes a conjunction with Jupiter (in your money house) from the 10th to the 13th. This brings financial windfalls and luck in speculations. A sibling, or someone who plays this role in your life, enjoys a career coup then. There is happy communication with bosses, parents, parent figures and the government. If you have issues with the government there is good news. This is also a happy aspect for love and romance.

Health is good but becomes more delicate after the 21st. There doesn’t seem to be anything seriously wrong – as the long-term planets are leaving you alone – but it is not one of your better health periods. Rest and relax more, and keep your focus on the important things in life. You can enhance health by paying more attention to your heart (always important for you), neck and throat (until the 21st), and lungs, arms and shoulders after the 21st. Regular neck, arm and shoulder massage will strengthen these on an ‘energetic’ level.

You have been in a frenetic period since the beginning of the year. Much has happened. Now, after the 21st, it is good to digest these things. Not only the recent past (though this is a good place to start) but the distant past as well.

The lower half of your chart has been dominant since March. You can safely downplay the career and focus more on your family, domestic situation, living quarters and your emotional life.


There are happy social opportunities from the 10th to the 13th – this seems to be more to do with friendship than romance. This period also brings good fortune for job-seekers.

After last month’s binge, more focus on health is in order.

Extremes seem to follow extremes. Where last month was all about the pursuit of pleasure, this month is about the pursuit of productivity – of work. This is a good month to handle all those pesky details of life that must get done: the bookkeeping, filing, studying the caloric value of the foods you eat and things of this nature.

As you tie up all your loose ends at work, you will be ready for your yearly social peak which begins on the 21st.

Last month the emphasis was on love affairs, non-serious, non-committed love. But after the 21st you become more serious about love. You look for commitment. You may or may not get married, but you look for ‘marriage material’ in a lover. You ask yourself, what would it be like to spend the rest of my life with this person?

Your love planet is moving forward this month, so your social judgement is good and there is clarity about love. Until the 16th there is still the ‘fun aspect’ of love, but this changes as your love planet moves into the 6th house. Thus social and romantic opportunities happen at work or with co-workers. They can also happen with people involved in your health or as you pursue your health goals. An office romance now (between co-workers, not necessarily superiors) wouldn’t be a surprise. Healers and health professionals are very alluring during this period, too.

A foreigner, mentor or religious person enters your love sphere on the 21st. This person seems like someone of ‘substance’, highly educated and refined. You seem harmonious with this person.

Troubled relationships can be treated in a number of ways. Working together as a team, serving each other in practical ways, would help cement things. Foreign travel -to some exotic location – would also be good. Attending university seminars or taking courses together as a couple would be good, too. And of course attending religious services together, praying together. There is a need to strengthen the connection of the ‘upper bodies’ this period -to get on the same page philosophically.


The main headline this month is love. May not only brings flowers, but love bouquets, wedding rings or serious relationships. You are well into a yearly social peak and it will last all month.

Your 7th house is very strong now. Some 50 percent of the planets are either there, or moving through there. This is a huge percentage. All Scorpios are going out more, attending weddings, parties and other kinds of social gatherings. Love is active and basically happy. For the unattached this is a period for meeting a special someone. I especially like the 10th to the 13th for this, but it can happen before or after as well. (After the 16th is another powerful love period as Venus makes fabulous aspects to Pluto, your ruling planet.)

Good though this month is, it is only the prelude for next month. This month the menu, for the unattached, is huge. Many possibilities, many opportunities.

There are the rich and the powerful, the intellectuals, writers and teachers -the wordsmiths, the athletes, health professionals and more. The cosmos is ensuring that you get exposed to many types of people. Next month you will be more able to narrow the selection.

The 7th house is not just about romantic love. It rules partnerships of all kinds. So there are business partnerships, joint ventures, mergers, a pooling of resources. The opportunities are there. (Again I like the 10th to the 13th for this, but it can happen before or after as well.)

Your tastes in love shift this month as well. Until the 16th you like people who ‘do’ for you – who serve your practical interests. This is how you feel loved and this is how you show love. Practical service – this is love in action. Not just flowery talk. Like last month, you are still a bit headstrong in love. You leap before you look. No one can argue with you. If authority figures oppose your choice, you are ready to elope if need be. But after the 16th you become more conservative. The niceties of romance become important. Romance has to be beautiful, in beautiful settings, with beautiful love talk.

Finance is good. Last month seems to have been an especially active financial period as Jupiter received much stimulation. This shows enhanced, increased earning power. This trend continues in the month ahead, but is a little toned down. For the past few months you have been the ‘speculator’, the risk-taker in finance, and this seems to have worked out for you. This is soon to change, however. Get it out of your system now. Next month brings a whole new attitude and approach to finances.

Health is still delicate, but there is nothing seriously wrong. (Your personal chart, cast just for your date and time of birth, could modify what we say here.) Rest and relax more. Pay more attention to your head, scalp and face until the llth and to your neck and throat afterwards. Regular neck, head and face massage will do wonders for you.


This month the planets make an important shift: they move from the upper (career) half of your horoscope to the lower (home and family) half. By the end of the month there will be more planets in the lower half than the upper half. You have had some very powerful career months, now it’s time to take a breather and focus on your family and your emotional life. When we are driven by the need for outer success, we tend to do whatever needs to be done regardless of how we feel. Thus there is a tendency to lose emotional harmony. If this continues for a long time, it can lead to all kinds of health, domestic and spiritual problems. Happily, the universe doesn’t allow this to go on for too long, and almost forces us sometimes to shift our attention. The sun is setting on your year. Night is falling. Night is for sleeping, dreaming, visualization and ‘inner kinds’ of activities. It is for re-grouping your forces so that when the next sunrise comes, you will leap into your outer activities renewed and refreshed. So welcome this lull; it is for your ultimate good.

We see another alteration this month as well. You shift from ‘other worldliness’ – the abstract, supra-sensual dimensions of spirit – to hard-core, earthly reality. Your 1st house becomes very powerful – this began on the 20th of last month, but gets much stronger now. Now it is the pleasures of the senses that delight you. You are into a yearly personal pleasure peak. Your spiritual understanding will help you to enjoy these pleasures even more and won’t let you abuse them. There is something delightful about a good meal, prepared well, or a good body rub.

With your 1st house so powerful, health is good. Self-esteem is high. Regardless of what is happening in the outer world, you are a ‘somebody’ – a being – someone significant and important. This is a period for having your own way in life. The cosmos supports this. Your way is the best way for you. Create conditions as you desire them to be.

If there is a health problem, it comes from ‘too much of a good thing’. You have too much energy. And you might be prone to waste it on frivolous things. Mars enters your sign on the 11th and, while this gives you much physical energy and enhances musculature and athletic ability, it can also make you impatient and confrontational with other people.

This can lead to conflicts or even violence. So use Mars’ energy in a constructive way. Venus enters your sign on the 16th and this gives beauty and glamour to your image. You look and dress beautifully. You have a special sense of style these days – a special taste – thus it is good to buy clothing, jewellery or personal accessories during this period. Your financial planet also moves into your sign on the 16th. This tends to prosperity. Financial opportunities come to you. Money comes to you. You are spending on yourself, investing in yourself. You have an ‘image of wealth’ during this period. On the 21st the Sun enters your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. Family is very supportive financially. You are spending on the home and family, but can also earn from them. Job opportunities are also coming to you (if you are looking for them) after the 16th. Venus makes a beautiful aspect with Jupiter from the 10th to the 13th and this too should bring financial rewards (and job opportunities as well).

Love is much improved this month. More placid and calm. Singles have many love affair opportunities from the 16th onwards – they come to you. But these are not serious, long-term relationships.


Mercury, your personal and career planet, was retrograde last month until the 23rd. Though career was important, things might have seemed to go backwards instead of forwards. But now, there is clarity both about yourself and about where you want to goand what:you want to achieve. You are ready to enter your yearly career peak, which begins on the 21st.

On the 21st the Sun, your spiritual planet crosses your midheaven and enters your 10th house of career. This indicates various things. People involved in your spiritual life are helping your career. You will receive revelation (on a spiritual level) of what your true work in life is. If you already know what it is, you will receive information about your next steps. For those of you on the spiritual path, this shows that your spiritual practice is really your career now. On a more mundane level this shows that you can advance your career through charitable and altruistic kinds of activities. It’s good to be involved with these activities in any case, but now it seems to have practical consequences. You make important contacts. These activities look good on your CV.

Finances look good this month as well. Until the 10th it is about paying off debt, cutting waste and getting rid of possessions you don’t need. When you clear the decks of the unnecessary, you open the door for the cosmic largesse to enter in. As long as your world is cluttered with useless possessions, ‘there is no room in the inn’ for the new to come in. This is also a period where support from your partner or spouse is good, and where you can earn through creative kinds of financing. There is a nice windfall from the 10th to the 13th. It can happen through your spouse, partner or family members. It is a good financial aspect for a parent or parent figure as well. Still, you need to manage this extra income wisely. Saturn is in your money house all year.

On the 16th your financial planet enters the 9th house -another positive financial signal, as the 9th house is considered a very fortunate house. Earnings should increase again. There is travel related to business. There are financial opportunities in foreign lands, foreign companies or with foreigners in general. The metaphysical aspects of wealth are powerful – prayer, meditation, ‘speaking the word’ for what you want. Financial judgement is more sober and sound after the 16th as well. Purchases or investments are likely to be better than usual.

Health is good this month, but needs more watching after the 21st. You need to stay focused on the important things in your life and not waste energy on trivia.

Your 9th house is powerful all month, but especially until the 21st. Students (especially those at university or graduate level) should be successful. Legal matters will proceed better, faster and easier now. Happy travel and educational opportunities come. The horizons of the mind are enlarged this month, and this always (by the spiritual law) leads to expansion in other areas of life. A philosophical or religious breakthrough is a very joyous thing. It is not like eating a good meal or going out on the town, not a sense-based joy – but still joyous. There is a feeling of ‘ah’ that happens. You will be experiencing these kinds of joys this month (and in the future, too).


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