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An eventful and exciting month. There will be many changes and disruptions in the world this month, but you are relatively unscathed. Jupiter makes a major move from your 10th house to your 11th house, we have two eclipses -always harbingers of change – and the planetary power is about to shift from the upper to the lower half of your horoscope.

You have just come off a very successful career period. Most likely, major goals have been attained or progress made towards them. (Some goals are so large that they can only happen over time.) You are ready to shift your focus to your social life – friendships – and to home, family and emotional concerns.
Your company or industry seems very fast paced, always shifting, always changing – even day to day. You never know what to expect. Policies shift, rules change, bosses change, job descriptions and goals change. Every time you think you have things mastered and under control – there is another change of direction or policy. Your job is to learn to handle career instability with faith and equanimity.

Your 12th house of spirituality is strong all month, but especially until the 21st. It is a time for more prayer, meditation and spiritual-type studies. You are more in the ‘mood’ for these things and thus more easily ‘reachable’ by the invisible world. A real spiritual breakthrough is one of the most joyous things that can ever happen. What is wonderful about this is that it brings not only pleasure, but also positive change. You are never the same person after an experience like this as you were before. If you feel a greater desire for solitude this month, don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong with you – it is perfectly natural with these kinds of aspects.

As mentioned, there are two eclipses this month. The solar eclipse of June 1 occurs in your 12th house of spirituality and brings changes in your practice, teachers or methodology. There are shake-ups and dramatic events in charitable or spiritual organizations you are involved with. There are also dramatic financial changes – things you’ve needed to put into effect for a while, but which you’ve neglected. Now you are forced into it.

The lunar eclipse of June 15 occurs in your 6th house. Thus there are job changes or changes in the conditions at work. Those who employ others could see staff turnover now. If you haven’t been careful in dietary matters, this eclipse could bring a detox of the body (and next month there could be another). There are changes in your diet, doctors or health regimes. (Keep in mind that your health planet changes signs this month as well.) There could be health scares, but health looks good this period, and these will probably be just scares.



The focus you gave to your family last month will be paying off now. Jupiter’s move into your 4th house on June 4 shows happiness with the family – happiness at home. You have good harmony with family members now (and if not, you have a good opportunity to create it now). There is good family support, and it works both ways. You are friendly with family – these are not just ‘ties of blood’ – obligations -but real friendship.

Friends are coming to stay with you, and over the next six months you will be installing high-tech gadgetry in the home.

Many of last month’s trends – such as the need and ability to digest and resolve your past – are projects you will be involved with for the rest of the year ahead.

Last month on the 21st you entered a yearly personal pleasure peak, and this continues in the month ahead. It’s party time now. A time to become ‘like a child’ – not childish but innocent and happy. Children find happiness in the simplest of things – they don’t need nights out on the town to enjoy themselves. Amusements can be constructed from crayons, twine, marbles, box tops. The child’s world is a world of play – this is how it learns and grows. And so it is for you in the month ahead. In leisure, inspired ideas and the solutions to many problems come your way.

Health is much improved this month. It will get even better after the 21st as Mars leaves its stressful aspect to you. You have all the energy you need to achieve any goal.

There are two eclipses this period. Both are basically benign to you – but they shake up the world at large. The solar eclipse of June 1 occurs in your llth house and brings drama in the lives of friends. Friendships (as well as love relationships) get a thorough testing. There are shake-ups in trade or professional organizations that you belong to. Be more patient with both friends and your current love.

The lunar eclipse of June 15 occurs in your 5th house. This shows drama in the lives of children (or those who play this role in your life). Sometimes it shows a pregnancy or new birth. (Aquarians of appropriate age are very fertile now.) Sometimes this presages a disruptive kind of birth -such as the birth of triplets or quadruplets. Every lunar eclipse (and this one is the first this year) brings job changes, changes in conditions at work, changes in the physical workspace – and this one is no different. Employers tend to have employee turnover under these aspects. There are changes coming in your health regime, diet and with therapists. Whatever isn’t changed now will get changed next month when a solar eclipse happens in your 6th house.

There is a great focus on health this month – especially after the 21st. But health seems good, so these things probably have to do with maintenance or prevention. Job-seekers meet with good success. So even if the eclipse brings a change of jobs, it is not a tragedy.



You are just coming off a yearly financial peak and now more is happening. Jupiter enters your money house on the 5th, bringing new financial opportunity and expansion. Jupiter is always a good luck planet, but in your chart he is even more so – for he is lord of the 9th house – one of the most benevolent houses in the horoscope. So the focus on finance is still very strong. Earnings are positive. They can come from foreigners, foreign countries or companies or through investments in foreign countries. This is a good period to take courses that will benefit your financial life. You are spending on higher education and can also earn from this field. Investors should look at ‘for profit’ universities for opportunities.

The planetary power is now mostly in your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests. Still a good period (actually even better) to do the things mentioned last month.

Health is still excellent overall, but after the 21st becomes more delicate. You have two long-term planets stressing you out (Pluto and Saturn) and now the short-term planets join in (the Sun and Mercury). Rest and relax more. Pace yourself. Enhance your health by paying more attention to your lungs, small intestine, arms and shoulders until the 16th and to your stomach (and breasts if you are female) after the 16th. Be more careful in dietary matters after the 16th.

There are many other significant changes happening this month as well. The planets will start to shift from the eastern sector, where they have been so far this year, into the western, social sector. This month is just the beginning; next month the western sector will be stronger than the eastern. But you are feeling the psychological shift even now.

Also we have two eclipses this month – and these always bring change and upheaval. There is a solar eclipse on June 1 and a lunar eclipse on June 15. These eclipses are basically benign to you, but it won’t hurt to take a reduced schedule anyway.

The solar eclipse of June 1 takes place in your 3rd house. This will test your car, computers, phone equipment and communication systems. If there are problems with these things, you will find out about them now so you can correct them. The eclipse also brings drama in the lives of neighbours and siblings. Students (below university age) perhaps even change schools, or the school itself undergoes changes – perhaps in leadership or in the rules. Every solar eclipse tends to affect your children (or those who are like children to you). It brings drama into their lives, and perhaps changes in your relationship with them.

The lunar eclipse of the 15th occurs in your 9th house. Again, students are affected – but this time those at university or postgraduate level. Perhaps they change their focus of study or the university they’re attending, or have to deal with upheavals. The 9th house deals with a person’s ‘personal religion’ – their philosophy of life, their world view. So these things – your beliefs, your view of the world, your faith – get tested. And this is good. It gives you a chance to correct and modify them. These modifications will affect every area of your life – and if they are good modifications, it will improve every area of your life.



Whenever there is an eclipse period, there are changes and disruptions in the world. This month we have two, and there will be another next month. Three eclipses in a one-month period is a rarity,sothe.summer: season is turbulent. Just read the newspapers now and you’ll see what we’re talking about.
In addition to the eclipses, Jupiter is making a major move outof your 4th house and into your 5th house, where it will remain for the rest of the year. Jupiter in your 5th house for a long time relates to our discussion of last month. This is a time to ‘lighten up’ – to see the humour in things, to not take things so seriously, no matter how dire they seem. You are taking a cosmic course in ‘happiness’.

This month your 6th house of health becomes even stronger than last month – and this is good. There is an intense focus on health and healing, and this is as it should be. The work you do now will stand you in good stead for later in the month (and for next month) when health is again very delicate.
It seems you are exploring many kinds of healing modalities this month. Exercise and emotional healing become important after the 27th. From the 9th onwards you are exploring ‘laughter therapy’. Detox is still powerful until the 21st. The mind-body connection in health is always important to you, but after the 2nd, even more so. Right thinking, the right speech, the correct use of your intellectual faculties are all important these days. A creative hobby – a way to release blocked-up creative energies – is therapeutic these days, too.

Health needs more watching after the 21st. While the planetary stress is not as strong as it was in March and April, it is still strong. If you got through March and April, you will get through this period, too. And you will emerge stronger and wiser than before. March and April were ‘character-building’ periods, and so is this period after the 21st. You find out what you are made of.

The solar eclipse of the 1st occurs in your 12th house and brings changes in your spiritual attitudes and practice. There are shake-ups in charitable or spiritual organizations you belong to. People often change teachers, teachings and methods under this kind of eclipse.

The lunar eclipse of June 15 occurs in your 6th house and will bring dramatic changes to your healing regime and practice. Probably you will discover new modalities and use them. It also shows job changes or changes in the conditions at work. Those who employ others can see employee turnover now. Every lunar eclipse tests your relationships -your marriage or current love relationship – and this one is no different. So be more patient with your beloved right now.



A very eventful month, Gemini. Many, many changes going on now. First off we have two eclipses this period – and both are strong on you. Take a reduced schedule. Eclipses always shake things up. Their purpose is to explode and shatter obstructions to the Divine Plan of your life (and the world at large).

Sometimes if the obstructions are very large and strong – and beyond your personal strength to deal with -dramatic methods are necessary. These come from the eclipses.

This month the planets make a shift from the upper half of your horoscope (career and outer activities) to the lower half (home, family and emotional issues). This represents an important psychological shift for you. The Sun is setting in your year. Night is falling. It is time to engage in the activities of night, rather than the activities of day. Time to regroup and replenish your forces so that when the Sun rises again, you will be fit, energized and ready to leap into action. Your career planet, Neptune, starts to retrograde on the 3rd as well. Focus more on the home, family and emotional life now – inner activities – and downplay the career. Career issues need time to resolve, you probably can’t resolve them by the ‘might of your right hand’. Shift your focus to your family.

Last but not least, your love planet makes an important move – from Aries into Taurus, from your llth house into your 12th. This is another psychological shift in love. If you have been going to bars and clubs in search of love, you are wasting your time. Love finds you in spiritual environments – at prayer meetings, meditation seminars, spiritual lectures or as you involve yourself in causes that you believe in. You are now more cautious in love than you have been this past year. Love is more stable now. Passion is wonderful, but you crave stability, safety, security. You need to be with someone who is on the same spiritual path as you – or who, at least, shares your spiritual values. Spirituality and idealism are important to you, but you also want a good provider. Not so easy to find. If you are patient, you will. There is more to say here, and we will discuss it next month.

The solar eclipse of June 1 occurs in your own sign and will initiate a redefinition of your image, your personal appearance (how you want others to see you) and self-concept. Perhaps others are defining you in their way – and this is not pleasant. If you don’t define yourself, for yourself, you will be helpless against this. If you haven’t been careful in dietary matters this eclipse could bring a detox of the body (this is not sickness, but sometimes it can appear that way).

The lunar eclipse of June 15 occurs in your 7th house of love. If you combine this with the shift of your love planet, we get a sense of ‘testing love’ – the testing of the marriage or current relationship. This testing causes some shifts in love attitudes.

Every lunar eclipse brings financial changes, and this one is no different. In a way it is good that your financial planet gets eclipsed twice a year – it forces you to adjust to financial realities, to change your thinking and strategy.

Health is basically good, but take a reduced schedule during the eclipse periods – a few days before and after.



Though your 10th house is not as strong as last month, career is still the major headline in the month ahead. Jupiter moves into your 10th house on June 5 and begins to cross the midheaven of your chart. This is a classic indicator of outward success and achievement. Your career horizons are enlarged – you see that you can go further than you ever believed possible. Happy job or career opportunities come to you. There is advancement, either within your present company or with a different one. You are a hot property now.

Perhaps the most important part of this new Jupiter transit is that you will enjoy your career. It seems like fun. It is said that when you find work that you love, you will never work a day in your life. This is the situation now.

Those of you in the creative arts (and many, many Leos are) have a spectacular month and year ahead.

In spite of all the career excitement, your main interest now is friendships, groups and group activities. The fruits of career success bring being able to mix with a new class of people, making the right friends and connections, joining the right clubs and groups. This is what is happening now.

The 11th house rules ‘fondest hopes and wishes’, and these are being fulfilled this month.

We have two eclipses this month. The first is a solar eclipse on the 1st – which seems stronger than the other, a lunar eclipse on the 15th.

The solar eclipse of the 1st occurs in your llth house. Thus friendships – old friendships – are being tested now. You have friends this month and in plentiful supply, but your new career circumstances test your old friendships. You are changing your social circle. Your success makes it necessary to change your image, appearance and self-concept – to project a new and better image to others. (There is another solar eclipse next month – so whatever you don’t do now will have to be done next month.) Parents or parent figures are forced to make dramatic financial changes. Perhaps they need repairs to their home. Emotions are volatile. Take a reduced schedule during this eclipse period.

The lunar eclipse of June 15 occurs in your 5th house and shows dramatic events in the lives of children or those who play this role in your life – who are like children to you. Again parents or parent figures are forced to make some dramatic financial changes. Your personal creativity gets re-defined. A love affair gets tested. Your spiritual life changes – either your practice, methodology or teachers. There are shake-ups in charitable institutions to which you are allied.



Health is much improved this month, but don’t rest on your laurels just yet. It still needs watching. Overall energy is much improved over the past few months. Continue your spiritual therapies and pay attention to your feet. If there have been health problems you are hearing good and heartening news this month.

Many changes are happening this month, both personal and on a global level. On the 4th, Jupiter makes a major move out of your 7th house and into your 8th (keep in mind last month’s discussion about the 8th house and what it calls for). Then we have two eclipses – and these shake up the world. Humans have all kinds of plans and projects that come from a purely human, mortal, ego place. Often these have nothing to do with the larger plan of the cosmos.

Thus the office of the eclipse is to shatter these things so that the true plan can be made manifest.

The solar eclipse on the 1st occurs in your 9th house of religion, philosophy and foreign travel. For students this brings changes in educational plans – changes of school, changes of study, changes in the administration of their university or school. Perhaps there is a disappointing rejection from one university (which you thought was your dream and ideal) but in a little while there is acceptance to somewhere even better. Avoid foreign trips during this period – a few days before and after the eclipse.

Perhaps the most important thing that this eclipse does is test your personal religion, your personal philosophy of life, your world view – it brings on a ‘crisis of faith’. Old beliefs that are false will get shattered or modified. True faith will survive and get even stronger.

Friendships – as with every solar eclipse – get tested. The lunar eclipse of June 15 occurs in your 3rd house. This brings dramatic events in the lives of parents, parent figures, siblings and those who are like siblings to you. There are dramas in your neighbourhood – perhaps major construction or other kinds of shake-ups. Long-time neighbours can move and new ones come in. Cars and communication equipment get tested. And this is a period for more mindfulness when driving (a few days before and after the eclipse). There are also career changes happening – sometimes people change career direction, or because of shake-ups in their company or industry, find their career path has changed.

Your 9th house is very strong this month, so in a way it is good that the solar eclipse is testing your belief systems. You are in a period where you can redefine these things in a better way. These challenges will bring new religious and philosophical breakthroughs. On the 21st the Sun crosses your midheaven and you enter a yearly career peak. But there are still bumps on the road. Your plans can be changed by dramatic events.



Health is much more delicate now than last month. Between 40 and 50 per cent of the short-term planets will make stressful aspects on you. Not only that, but there are two strong eclipses on you this month. Take it easy until the 21st, but especially around the eclipse periods.

You can enhance your health by paying more attention to your lungs, arms and shoulders (until the 21st) and to your stomach and breasts (if you are female) after then. Diet is important after the 21st as well. Though there are many short-term challenges this month – things that irritate and annoy – good humour, a smile, a loose non-attached attitude to life will also improve your health. A creative hobby would be therapeutic after the 21st as well.

The solar eclipse of the 1st occurs in your 4th house (a very powerful house this month). Thus it brings family crisis. Long-simmering issues that have been swept under the rug can no longer be held down and they come up for resolution. Be more patient with family members and parent figures during this period.

Probably there are dramatic events happening in their lives. If there are flaws in your home, this is when you find out about them and thus can make corrections. (True, it’s inconvenient, but if these problems were allowed to fester, it would be even more inconvenient later on.) The solar eclipse can affect the health and health regimes – so refer to our earlier discussion. Job changes are also likely. This can be within the same company or with other companies.
We see job and career changes happening around the lunar eclipse of the 15th as well This one occurs in your 10th house of career. Aside from job or career change, it shows upheavals in the hierarchy – the upper management of your company – or the industry that you are involved in. It brings more drama in the lives of parents, parent figures or bosses. This eclipse brings dramatic events in the lives of children (or those who play this role in your life).

Home, family and emotional issues are a major interest this month. Your 4th house is very strong. So, as mentioned, you are digesting your past as well. In a certain sense the solar eclipse of the 1st will help you in this process. It will ‘force up’ old traumas that are still active, or unresolved in the consciousness, so that you can come to terms with them. When these memories come up, try not to ‘identify’ with them. Just observe them in a detached way. The act of observation will often transform them. If, however, they are too strong, an outside therapist who is more impersonal can help you resolve them. You will benefit from a therapist’s ‘neutral’ perspective. It will be easier to see these things in a more impersonal way.

We need not be prisoners of the past. The universe is fresh and new at every moment. In your higher consciousness it is always a new day, a new now. The higher consciousness is not bound by the past no matter how bad it was.



Health is more delicate this month, and two eclipses (both strong on you) complicate matters even more. Take it nice and easy this month – especially until the 21st and especially around the periods of the eclipses.

Happily, Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves into your 6th house of health on the 4th. Perfect timing, for this is a period where you should be more focused on health.

The solar eclipse of the 1st (the second eclipse this year) occurs in your 7th house – right in the midst of a yearly social peak. This will test current relationships or new meetings. In a marriage these kinds of eclipses bring up long-smoldering issues so they can be addressed. It seems to me that this eclipse will prevent the unattached from making a bad decision – there is a silver lining here. Perhaps you were thinking of getting involved with the wrong person, but the eclipse prevents it. Every solar eclipse brings crises of faith -tests religious and philosophical beliefs – and this one is no different. Students experience changes in educational plans or changes of the hierarchy at their institution. There is great unrest at your church, synagogue, ashram or mosque.

Try to avoid foreign travel during this period. Take a reduced schedule.

The lunar eclipse of the 15th occurs in your own sign and signals a re-definition of your image, personality and self-concept. You are forced to ‘re-define’ yourself. Generally this produces wardrobe and image changes. You will present a new and better image to others. Lunar eclipses always affect the income of your spouse, partner or current love, so there are dramatic changes going on there. If you are involved in estate, tax or insurance issues, there is dramatic forward movement – one way or the other. These issues start to come to a head.

The past five months have been a strong party period for you (some months more, some months less). By now you have got this out of your system and are ready for serious work. Jupiter’s move into your 6th house is a wonderful aspect for job-seekers – there are good jobs out there for you – regardless of what is happening in the ‘outer7 economic situation, you have good fortune here.

Health will improve after the 21st. In the meantime you can enhance your health by paying more attention to your neck and throat (regular neck massage is good). After the 9th, pay more attention to your lungs, arms and shoulders -good to massage your arms and shoulders regularly. Air purity becomes important after the 9th as well. Breathing exercises will enhance your health as well.

This month the planetary power shifts to the upper half of your horoscope. The activities of day are now going to be more important. Career will start to take priority over home and family, and this is as it should be. Hopefully you have attained your point of emotional harmony in the past five months; now, from this point, you are ready to succeed in the world.



A lot of change happening now – for you personally and for the world at large.

Last month the planetary power shifted from the lower half to the upper half of your chart. For the next five to six months, the upper (outer activities) half will be the dominant half. Day is dawning in your year. Now it is time to let go of or de-emphasize home and family and focus on your career goals. Now you serve your family best by being successful. True, you might miss a few football matches, graduation ceremonies or school plays, but you will bring more important gifts to those you love – success, prestige, honour and more providence.

Your financial planet makes a major move this month as well. It moves from Aries (where it has been since January 22) into Taurus on the 4th. It will be here for the rest of the year ahead. As mentioned, you are now becoming more conservative in finance. You are slower to make decisions, doing more homework, being more down to earth. (Property seems like a good field – either as a business or just buying or selling properties.) You are a more careful spender as well – for the past few months you have been very free about this. On the whole your financial judgement is improved.

The main change is that your financial planet is now in your 7th house of love, romance and partnerships. So business partnerships – if they haven’t happened yet – are still likely now and for the rest of the year.

This is also a wonderful love aspect for singles. It shows marriage, marriage opportunity or a relationship that is like a marriage. Marriage always involves a ‘pooling of resources’ – it is as much a financial move as a romantic one. And this is certainly true in your case.

This indicates a wealthy kind of marriage or a relationship with someone wealthy. This person could be involved in your financial life as well. Someone that you meet as you go about attaining your financial goals.

There are two eclipses this month as well. These will shake up the world, but you seem relatively unaffected.

The solar eclipse of June 1 occurs in your 8th house. For marrieds this shows dramatic financial changes for your spouse or partner. It can bring near-death experiences and encounters with death. But Scorpio is not as concerned about this as other signs are. This is one of Scorpio’s main interests. There are career changes as well. Dramas with parents, parent figures, bosses and authority figures. There could be a government crisis (national or local) where you live.

The lunar eclipse of the 15th occurs in your money house and shows that you, too, are making dramatic financial moves and changes (this reinforces the move of your financial planet, mentioned earlier). For students this brings educational changes. There are shake-ups in the religious institution you belong to as well. Every lunar eclipse tends to bring a ‘crisis of faith’, and this one is no different.



Two eclipses not withstanding, the good times continue to roll for you. The world at large might be shaken up a bit (as generally happens during eclipse periods) but you seem unscathed. The solar eclipse of the 1st occurs in your money house and shows important and dramatic financial changes – but it seems to me that these will be good. You might have to make changes in your financial strategy because you have been thinking too small. Also, with more earnings, you need to change banks, brokers, financial planners and investments.

You are still very much in a yearly financial peak until tue 23rd. Jupiter’s move into your own sign on the 4th also signals prosperity. No matter what your actual financial worth is, you will live ‘as if you were rich. Your spouse or partner seems very generous with you. An inheritance, insurance or royalty payment can come as well. (This can happen in the next six months as well.) Seems very easy now to borrow or increase your line of credit. People seem willing to invest in you.

The lunar eclipse of the 15th occurs in your 8th house. This shows that your spouse, partner or current love is also making dramatic financial changes. Often this kind of eclipse will bring encounters with death – usually on a psychological level. You drive and narrowly escape a major accident, or someone close to you has a near-death kind of experience. Often people have dreams of death with these aspects. These are just ‘gentle reminders’ from on high that life is short and fragile and it’s time to get down to the important things of life. Also it forces you to overcome your fears of death – a major reason why many don’t fulfil their highest potential. Every lunar eclipse tests your car and communication equipment; this one is no different. Generally they will produce dramas in the lives of siblings (or those who are like siblings to you).

The solar eclipse of the 1st brings dramas in the home or with family members. Dirty laundry in the family relationship comes up for cleansing.

The social life seems more stressful this period – especially after the 21st. But the problems seem short term. Parents or parent figures are having a crisis in their marriage or current relationship. There are disagreements with friends from the 1st to the 3rd (seems about finances), from the 8th to the 10th and the 20th to the 22nd. Be more patient with them during these periods – don’t make matters worse than they need to be.

Health is good, but too much of the good life (which will continue for the rest of the year) can wreak carnage on your figure. Enjoy your life, but in moderation. You can enhance your health even further by paying more attention to the neck and throat (until the 9th), the lungs, arms and shoulders (from the 9th onwards). Good health has a strong cosmetic effect until the 9th – in fact it is the best cosmetic there is.



An eventful, fast-paced month, full of changes and, perhaps, crises. But the cosmos never gives you more than you can handle, and you will have the wherewithal to deal with what comes up.

The main headline is that there are two eclipses – both very strong on you. Health is delicate anyway until the 21st, so the need for more rest and more focus on health is even stronger. Take a reduced schedule during the eclipse periods – around the 1st and around the 15th. Those of you who are more sensitive have probably been feeling the effects of the solar eclipse even before the end of last month. Sometimes we feel the effects as much as two weeks beforehand and even a week afterwards. You will get a ‘cosmic announcement’ – a strange, weird event that happens – which will tell you when the eclipse period is in effect for you personally. Then you can act accordingly.

The solar eclipse of the 1st occurs in your 10th house and is announcing career changes, shake-ups in your corporate hierarchy or industry, changes in the rules and policies, and dramas with parent or parent figures. There are many changes and disruptions happening in the world at large as well – but this is how the eclipse is likely to affect you. Every solar eclipse affects your spiritual life, your spiritual practice, the path you are on and your attitudes. So these are undergoing change as well. These changes will definitely happen, for there is another solar eclipse next month as well.

The career changes seem basically happy. You are in a yearly career peak, so obstructions to your progress get removed (sometimes in dramatic ways). Doors, hitherto shut, will open up.

The lunar eclipse of the 15th occurs in your 4th house. This affects family members in general and parents or parent figures more particularly. There are dramatic events in their lives. Parents and parent figures will need to re-define their image, personal appearance and self-concept.

Work to make the home more safe during this period. Keep dangerous materials out of the reach of children. Be more mindful when you work around the house. If there are flaws in the home, now is the time you find out about them, so that you can make corrections. This eclipse will also test friendships and bring dramatic events in the lives of friends.

Your 9th house was powerful last month, and becomes powerful again this month. On the 4th Jupiter moves into this house. A very fortunate transit – especially for students. They have good fortune in their studies and with applications for university and graduate school. You will probably expand the home in the coming months – either through renovation or through a move. Foreign countries seem alluring as places to live.


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